The Day of the Lord
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What Does It Mean To Be Saved

1897-2017 Matthew 24; Genesis 6:3
The Beginning of Sorrows – Matthew 24:8
Dr. Allen M. Barber
December 28, 2001 (Some updates have been noted)

Part I:

2017/18 – Possible time for Armageddon; Jesus returns. Jewish Remnant Repent End of time-Times of Gentiles

2010/11 – Possible time for start of Tribulation – birth of 2nd baby End Time begins

2003/4 – Bush Invades Iraq Road Map Official; Presidential Elections; Road Map defies Joel 3:2

2001 – Attack on America; World wake-up call; begin Judgment

1977/8 – Sadat (Modern Pharaoh) visits Israel; end 30-year wars; Peace with Israel; Israel reaches

maturity as a nation

1967 – Recapture of Jerusalem Daniel 9:24-27

1948 – Birth of Israel – 4th bud Birth of first baby; Maturity process Latter Days begin – Ezekiel 36-37

1937 – Peel Commission – legal act to establish homeland for Jews 3rd bud; Hitler issues plan to exterminate the Jews

1917 – Balfour Declaration – legal to establish homeland for Jews 2nd bud

1897 - First Zionist Congress – “Law of First Mention;” First official act to return the Jews to the land of Israel; 1st bud. End time begins “Beginning of Sorrows”

4-3 B.C. Birth of Jesus; Last Days begin – Heb. 1:2

Part II:

Characterized By:


False Christ

False Prophets

False Teachers

Wars & Rumors of War

1914-1918 WWI

1939-1945 WWII

1950-1953 Korea

1965-1975 Vietnam

1999-Clinton Balkan War

2001-7 Afghanistan War;

Wars of Israel & Middle East

1948-Independence–Egypt involved

1956-Suez–Egypt involved

1967-Six Day-Egypt involved

1973-Yom Kippur-Egypt involved


1990/1-Gulf War I

2001-Arafat’s Intifada

2003 - present Gulf War II (Iraq and Afghanistan)

Future War of Psalms 83; Isaiah 17-Egypt not involved


Major increase since 1897

Seismograph invented 1897

Four-fold increase in last 20 yrs.


According to International Red Cross world hunger biggest global problem


World-wide flooding began in 1990’s; increase in frequency and intensity of storms – tornadoes, thunderstorms hurricanes; annual fires in U.S. West began 1990’s

Prophetic Numbers


#70-Prophecy Complete

#120-Global Judgment; Fulfillment of earth cycles

#50 Jubilee-Release of Debt Note; Glorified Bodies

Importance of the year 1897 and the 6th Sacred month - Elul

First Zionist Congress-August 29, 1897; Sacred Month Elul 1 - 6th Sacred Month

Rosh Chodesh -First or head of months

Elul means “return to Hashem – repentance”

Message of Elul – "to began and end something"

Note : If Rosh Chodesh falls on a Sabbath (7th day), then there is a 2-Day celebration and the following month is a 30-day month (Hebrew months alter between 29 and 30 day months). Elul is the preparation for the Month of Tishri (7th Sacred Month) and the last 3 High Feast Days of Israel – Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles. It is my opinion that the 7-Year Tribulation will begin and end in the Month of Elul (Last month on the Civil Calendar) in preparation for the Lord coming on the Day of the Lord to fulfill all three feasts and tabernacle (Be back on earth during the Feast of Tabernacles). This agrees with Matthew 24: 29-31 and Daniel 12:11- the 1290 days or an extra 30 days (1260) after the tribulation has ended. The 1335 days mentioned in Daniel 12:12 (45 more extra days) will be needed to judge the Sheep and Goat nations and set up the Lord’s throne in Jerusalem-this is the official time when the kingdom reign begins. This why no one can know the exact day of the Day of the Lord and the setting up of His kingdom for it all happens AFTER the tribulation is over. It is useless and lawless to try to figure out the exact day of the Lord’s return. Most date-setters have been the Pre-Trib people trying To figure out a date for the Rapture. That is utter nonsense!

Note: The three periods of testing (God does things in 3’s):

1897 – 1937 - 40 years

1937 - 1977 - 40 years

1977 – 2017 – 40 years

Israel and the world are in the final period of testing to bear “Spiritual Fruit” [Remember the teaching of the Cursed Fig Tree] in order to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth at the coming of Messiah Yeshua-Jesus. There has to be a preparation and purging to prepare the earth to receive the Messiah in order that the glory of God can fill the earth. The glory of the Lord cannot fill this earth because of the sin upon it. There has to be preparation and cleansing just like there was in the judgment of the flood when God destroyed every breathing thing except Noah and his family and established a new world with Noah. The same is about to happen with the present world and the tribulation and the posttrib Day of the Lord will be the preparation for the coming of the Lord and the establishing of the real New World Order not this false thing we are hearing today. The man-made New World Order is nothing less than Satan via the Antichrist trying to destroy the Old World Order of Judeo-Christianity. In addition, notice that from 1948 – 2017/18 there is a period of 70 years – “prophecy complete” and that it ends at the same time as the 120-year cycle of global judgment and the third period of testing. I may be wrong, but I do not believe it is a coincidence.

Even if what I see is off a few years, I loving warn you that the time is short to become overcomers and be ready when the Lord returns at the end of the posttribulation Day of the Lord. ONLY THE OVERCOMERS ARE GOING TO BE RESURRECTED AND RAPTURED AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION (THE FIRST RESURRECTION) AND RULE WITH JESUS IN HIS KINGDOM. Many carnal saints will be cast out into the outer darkness (not hell) and not take part in the millennial reign of Christ.

Contrary to what you have been taught by the simplistic doctrine of pretrib and shallow preachers, only the matured saints, the perfected ones who paid the price to walk and live in the Spirit and manifest Jesus in their lives will reign with Him in His kingdom on earth.