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25% Of Physicians Are Born Outside Of The U.S. Can Immigration Reform Solve Our Doctor Shortage?

"Healthcare is a critical part of the U.S. economy, providing jobs for millions of Americans and trillions of dollars in expenditures. However, growing health needs of baby boomers, coupled with acute shortages of health workers, are straining the sector. Unfortunately, labor force issues will be exacerbated in the coming years as retiring baby boomers strain the system and up to one-third of physicians retire because they fall into that same age category.

Currently, more than one-quarter of physicians and surgeons in the United States are foreign-born. In addition to physicians, roughly one-fifth of nurses and home health and psychiatric aides, and more than one-sixth of dentists, pharmacists and clinical technicians in the United States were foreign born in 2010. When foreign-born professionals account for 16% of all civilians employed in healthcare occupations and one-fourth of practicing physicians, the system really does depend on a functioning immigration system. There are simply not enough native-born healthcare workers to meet the growing demand--especially in the geographic areas with the greatest need".

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BWV Comment

If you have been to a doctor's office or hospital recently and for that matter most any medical related facility or service chances are high you were treated by a foreign born medical staff. I have an HMO medical insurance provider that requires a gatekeeper (My PCP) to make referrals for medical specialists such as a cardiologist, urologist, gastroenterologist, etc. 4 out of 5 times I am referred to a foreign born medical person, usually an Indian (India) or a Asian (Arabs/Iranians). In addition, I have noticed the referrals are usually females and seldom White males. To counter this discrimination, I have told my PCP's staff person in charge of referrals that I prefer an American born physician or other medical personnel. Some of the names of these Indian physicians I cannot pronounce and several have language deficiencies (they roll their "R's" and often to do understand thoroughly the English language).

This article wants you to believe the reason there is a growing percentage of foreign medical personnel in the United States is due to a shortage of American born doctors largely due to the burgeoning older baby boomers requiring increased medical services as well as older doctors retiring, particularly American born. That is partially right, but perhaps not the principal reason. Physicians and hospitals, especially the larger operations, can hire foreign born doctors and staff much cheaper than their American counterparts so it is a bottom-line issue. (Note: have you noticed that your medical bills have not gone down even though doctors and hospitals have cut costs via the immigration impact on the American medical profession?). If you think the medical profession is not raking in billions of dollars just look around and notice all the medical facilities with new ones springing up everywhere. There are large concentration of medical facilities covering vast numbers of acres (at least this is the situation in the Dallas metroplex). It takes lots of money to build these medical complexes not to mention the costs of real estate.  Some claim this is the reason medical costs are so high due to the investment in fixed assets - land, buildings and high tech equipment.

The truth is hospitals and doctors offices are overstaffed with layers of medical personnel. When I go to my PCP's office or any of my specialists, I first have to see an NP (nurse practitioner), then an MP (medical practitioner) before seeing my doctor. Many times I only see the MP, but don't know that I will not be seeing my doctor until I arrive for the appointment. If you are hospitalized, normally you receive medical bills from numerous medical staff attached to the hospital even if they just walk into your room and say hello, but do nothing for you.

Medical costs are out the gazoot in the United States and this is the underlying reason so many foreign born medical personnel have taken over our medical industry - they work for less money not that we don't have adequate American born medical staff.

Many highly trained qualified White American medical personnel, both male and female are being replaced by foreigners. This old crock about White exceptionalism in the United States is a total fabrication when Whitey has been and is being replaced by minorities at an accelerated rate and it is not just the medical profession, but corporate America as a whole. If you don't believe me then you are willingly blind.