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Dr. Allen M. Barber
January 27, 2008

Introduction - Faith Begins With Worship

In today's study, I will share the "Seven Laws That Govern the Life of Faith," taken from Manny Beasley's workbook, "Faith Workbook No. 2" because it is a revelation from a man who lived and breathed faith. In addition, I will share my own revelation of faith as it has grown over 38 years of ministry. I have not always walked in biblical faith. In fact, the first ten years of my ministry, I lived by borrowed or second-hand faith - what I read in books or gleaned from Bible teachings and sermons. Rhema faith was not taught in the denomination I belonged to or in the seminary I attended as a young minister. Therefore, my understanding of faith was primarily intellectual and emotional and not volitional (the will). Faith that is real genuine Bible faith is more a matter of the will than of the mind and emotions.  

In the last study, we learned the person who comes to God must believe that He is (sovereign Lord) and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. The Greek root word for "diligently seek Him" is zeteo and implies "worship." The implication is that seeking the Lord is to worship Him. God rewards the faith of those who believe Him and in an attitude of worshiping Him. Many try to live faith without worshiping the object of our faith - the Lord. Why worship anything you do not believe in?  The poor Islamic blind souls bow to Allah and pray to him five times a day because they worship him and believe he exists. While Allah is a false moon god, in the mind of the Islamists, he is a real as the ground they walk on. The believer in Jesus Christ must have the same deep abiding belief that Jesus is both Lord and God - as real as the person seeking Him - and ascribe all worship to Him.  The starting point of faith that is real is worship. Someone has defined worship as "worth-ship." We worship God because He is worthy of our worship. 

Any work for God must first begin with the "worship of God." The Old Testament saints were able to walk in faith because they worshiped God personally and corporately. May I just say that worship is not dependent on locale, that is, a "church building," No, worship begins first with the individual believer - at home when he or she lives. We do not come to Church to enter into worship even though technically we do worship with the corporate body. We bring worship with us and join with the other saints who also are already worshiping God. It is a misnomer that we come to a house of worship and "work into worship." I get amused as well as frustrated with all the attention on the so-called "Praise and Worship Service" whereby a youthful (in most cases) "Praise and Worship" leader is going to work us into a spirit of worship usually by electronic sounding Rock music. The "soul music," for that is what it is, as it excites the emotions not the spirit, does nothing to prepare the spirits to worship God.  Jesus said, "God is a spirit and they who worship must do so in spirit and truth." (John 4:23). The Holy Spirit wants to lift our spirits in worship of God and He doesn't need carnal manufactured soulish rock music to accomplish the task.  I'm all for singing accompanied by music, just not what I see in most Churches today whose youthful ministers do not have a clue to the realm of the Spirit. Loud rock music and lyrics repeated ad-nauseam, is a poor substitute for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The old hymns the Church threw out and replaced with rock and rap would do more to lift the spirits of the saints in worship than any rock lyric.

Much of what we call "faith works" in the body of Christ is more "dead works" than real faith because they do not originate from worship of God. James says, "Faith without works is dead." Well, the work of God starts with worship. Do I believe with all my being that the God I claim to worship is as real as the physical world I live in (actually more real because He made it) and therefore, I take the time to worship Him daily in prayer, reading the Bible, singing and making melody in my heart to God. God wants this individual worship from each of His saints. The problem is that too many saints wait until Sunday to "go and worship God."  All week they have lived in the world without once having read the Word and had any serious prayer except maybe say grace over the food. Then they expect to go to a corporate worship service and get all pumped-up by carnal rock music and call that worship. Let me just say, and this is going to shock many and make some mad, but the body of Christ does not create the spirit for your personal and private worship.  Either you are a worshiper of God 24/7 and you join with the other worshipers on Sunday to express body fellowship or you are not actually worshiping God in faith. If you have to be pumped-up on Sunday to enter into worship, then know that is not the kind of worship God calls "faith worship" because it originates from the soul and not the spirit. 

God says without faith it is impossible to please Him. Did you catch that? Let me repeat it in case you read it, but did not understand it. God says that if you do not have genuine abiding faith in Him evidenced by a daily continuous worship  of Him, then you are not pleasing Him for your attempts to worship Him are not real faith. Real faith will prompt you to worship God every day, even if it means getting up a little early before you go to work to pray and read the Word. I am an early riser and get up between 4:30 - 5:00 A.M. every day to spend the tithe of my day in the presence of the Lord and to prepare the articles for my website. By the way, I seldom go to bed before midnight. Four or five hours of sound sleep is all that I need. If my physical health did not depend on restful sleep, I would not sleep period, as there is so much to do. 

Well, this introduction is what God has taught me about faith; now let’s examine the "Seven Laws That Govern the life of Faith," and we will only discuss a couple in today's study as I want to cover each one in some detail rather than to give a general presentation. 

Spiritual Law Governs the Spiritual Realm

Before we look at the first law or principle, "The Law of Vital Relationship," are you aware that in the spiritual realm there are laws that govern how the Spirit works just as there are physical laws that govern the natural world. For example, the law of gravity that says whatever goes up must come down. If you throw a pencil into the air, I will fall back to the floor. You may throw a rock high into the sky or shoot a bullet a great distance, but it will eventually fall back to the ground. Only in special circumstances can one circumvent the law of gravity such as space vehicles. While modern aircraft operating on the principles of aerodynamics may temporarily overcome the law of gravity and fly at extreme heights, they must eventually return to earth. The same goes for spacecraft. Though they break out of the earth's atmosphere, when the spacecraft's power systems fail, they will eventually reenter earth's atmosphere and burn up; why, because the law of gravity is a universe concept and not restricted to planet earth. 

Romans 8:2 says the Spirit of life is a law as is sin and death. Both work according to spiritual and natural principles. Everything about the spiritual realm works according to divine spiritual principles and at the core of those principles is the law or principle of faith. This is easily seen in creation as recorded in Genesis 1-2. When God said that He made the heavenly luminaries to rule the day and night, they are still operating according to the same principle by which he made them - "Let there be lights in the firmament..." (Gen. 1"14-19). How is it that the same sun and moon we see every day (on clear days) is the very same sun and moon Adam saw over 6000 years ago? For the simple reason they are still obeying God's law of faith. God is faith and therefore, everything He says and does is based upon the spiritual law of faith. The things He creates continually obey His Word of faith. If God ever said to the luminaries, "Let no light come forth - then the world would be full of darkness. One day such will occur on the Day of the Lord for it is written on that day the sun will become black as sackcloth, the moon will turn red, and the stars will fall from heaven. Everything in the universe operates according to what God has said in creation pass. This is the essence of faith - what we speak today in faith determines what we are and what we become in the future. Here is a great truth so little understood today among the saints: Faith is not energy, emotion, or any type of effort. It is not even great intellectual thoughts. Faith is BELIEVING and not just any believing, but believing that God and His Word are TRUTH!  When we believe God and worship Him as God, we speak and act according to His spiritual principle of faith. 

This is why some believers get all worked up when someone teaches the "saying side of faith." Their opposition only proves they have no revelation of the kind of faith of which I speak. Their faith is all in their head and emotions. They know nothing about volitional faith. Volitional faith means that I chose by my own will to believe God and take Him at His Word - I doubt not. Faith that is not spoken out the mouth is not worth a grain of salt!  It is nothing more than presumption – I assume God is going to act on my behalf just because I have good thoughts – that is foolish!  Try having anything without saying it. Most everything we have in life comes by speaking it into existence. Every day we act upon our words, do we not?  

I believe when Jesus returns and we receive our glorified bodies (the overcomers) and enter into the kingdom, we shall be surprised at how simple the principle of faith was as well as astounded at how we missed such a simple truth. When the disciples asked Jesus for more faith, what did He tell them - "If your faith is as small as a grain of mustard seed (the smallest of the trees), then you shall say to this mountain, move over there and it would obey you." What would obey you - the mountain or the words spoken to the mountain? The mountain obeys the words spoken to it in faith. Therefore, the words you speak in faith obey you and the result is the mountain moves out of the way. Do you see this?  Again, this is the meaning of what Jesus said in Mark 11:23 - that when you believe your own words spoken in faith, the mountain will move (the Greek implies continual speaking, not a one-time thing). 

Faith then is a spiritual law and works every time in the spiritual realm with present results in the natural realm. The whole concept of faith has one objective - to bring the Lord glory by proving His Word is truth. The fact God's Word is the truth means that it will never fail and faith will not fail as it is based upon God Himself who is faith. When I speak a rhema word (faith words) out my mouth and the desired thing comes to pass, God gets the glory for His Word has once again proven true and I get the blessing of having the thing I trusted God for. Now once again, the rhema is based upon the revealed will of God as written in His Word. What good does it do for me to claim a big house or luxury car if God has not first willed it in His Word? I speak only what God has first spoken in my spirit and whatever He speaks will always agree with His Word. If I speak something I crave, but have no Word from God, it is not going to come to pass for it is "dead works!" 

James said this about faith - "You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures." (James 4:3).  

Do you worship God in faith for that is where the principle of faith begins in getting anything from God? He rewards only those who approach Him in faith. They approach Him in faith because they know Him and continually worship Him, which is the same as fellow-shipping with Him.

Well, we did not get to the first law that governs faith "The Law of Vital Relationship," although we touched on it, but this is enough for you to ponder for now. If you understand what I have written here and put it to practice, it will be more than sufficient for what we will discuss in the next study.

God bless.