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AFT Pulls Business From Wells Fargo Over Gun Maker Relationship

"The American Federation of Teachers has severed their ties to Wells Fargo because the banking giant refuses to bow to anti-gun pressure. The teacher’s group announced the move in a press release on Thursday".

Read the press release and the rest of the article...

Each and every time there is a shooting no matter who did the shooting and the circumstances, but particularly school shootings, the left-wing liberal dummy-cats shout and scream - "get those guns", "no one has a right to own a gun except the police and the military!" 

The next thing they do is to attack, demonize and fabricate lies about how guns are killing people then boycott gun and ammunition manufacturers and retail outlets that sell firearms, even several corporations have decided to be judge and jury on the sale of handguns, long guns, and high capacity magazines. 

LET ME BE VERY CLEAR IN THIS MATTER - I am a strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment and own several different kinds of firearms, and you know what, my guns have never killed a single human being BECAUSE GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE - PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! 

An untold number of people are killed every year with knives - both long and short ones. Are the liberals going to ban knives and would that include kitchen knives? An even larger number of people are killed in car accidents and many of them young people. Are cars to blame for those deaths?  In a few rare situations, mechanical problems related to manufacturing have caused fatalities. Are liberals going to ban cars. 

The far left liberal democrats and a few republicans have long sought to trash the 2nd Amendment by requiring a national gun registry of all gun owners. But that is not their ultimate goal. Their Utopian dream is to do away with the 2nd Amendment where no one can lawfully own a gun including shotguns and hunting rifles.

Hats off to Wells Fargo for standing firm against the PC crowd!  

I grew up in a family and culture that believed in the 2nd Amendment, thank God. I had a my first BB gun when I was 7 or 8 years old, then later a pellet-gun.  In my early teens I advanced to shotguns and hunting rifles and later in the Marine Corps fired expert on the rifle range - a good thing to have when when you are in combat.

What do we do in this country, and that would include the sentiment of all these cry-baby gun control morons?  We train our 18-20 year-olds how to use a gun in combat, then when they return home, we tell them they cannot buy a handgun or long rifle!  How dumb is that?  Or what about a dad who looks forward to hunting with his young son or young daughter that is under 21 years of age?  That is a travesty of justice and not right anyway you slice it.

These kids that are protesting on the streets, and oh yes, it is not just them, but a bunch of liberal rich guys that are pumping money into the effort, have not been told the truth about why the 2nd Amendment must be protected,  which gives every American the right to own a gun. If the 2nd Amendment could be repealed it would not be long before the First Amendment would have the same fate. Then what amendment would fall next? A shredded Constitution is no Constitution at all. Either all of it stays in tack or it becomes a worthless piece of paper.  The pro gun control group would love that but have no clue the stage would be set for a Hitler Nazi Germany where no one could have a gun except the Gestapo.

America, if you let these brainless sensationalists take away our right to own and bear arms, then you deserve all the global elitists plans to subjugate your humanity to absolute servitude.