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Are You Aware That Your Blood Pressure Med's May Actually Raise Your BP?

I was diagnosed with high BP in 2009 - probably had it before then but didn't know it. Since then I have taken BP meds too numerous to cite and suffered the side effects. Recently, I made the decision to stop taking BP med's, particularly after I read this article.  Since I have an enlarged thoracic aorta, it is essential that I control my BP within normal levels, but I have been on two medications for several years that have not helped my BP.   In fact, I a certified aroma therapists tested my BP meds and said they were actually raising my BP.

I am now taking a natural supplement  - L-Arginine Plus, and in addition, Doterra Oils for BP control. Furthermore, I am exercising daily (4 mile walk and jog).

The kidneys are the key in BP control, but the doctors do not go the extra mile to know about the effects of renin on BP (renin is produced by the kidneys). Increasing potassium and magnesium levels and decreasing sodium is the key to normal BP, but you will never hear this from your doctors.

I am not suggesting that you cease taking your BP meds, but talk to your doctor about your specific needs.  The decision to get off your BP meds should be between you and your doctor. .