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Does Isaiah 8:12 Debunk Conspiracies?

Isaiah 8:12 KJV

12  Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. 
13  Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. 

Some misguided online Bible teaching ministries are using Isaiah 8:12 to prove there is no such thing as conspiracies or that Christians should not get involved with them, that is, researching and exposing them.   As is usually the case, the problem is not with the Word of God, but with those who need a lesson in biblical hermeneutics - the methodology of interpreting the Scriptures, which is the literal grammatical historical approach.

The modern translations substitute the word conspiracy for the King James confederacy. However, the KJV is a better rendition of Kesher as Adam Clark's commentary suggests below: 

"Say ye not, A confederacy "Say ye not, It is holy"—‏קשר‎ kesher. Both the reading and the sense of this word are doubtful. The Septuagint manifestly reads ‏קשה‎ kashah; for they render it by σκληρον, hard. The Syriac and Chaldee render it ‏מרדא‎ merda, and ‏מרוד‎ merod, rebellion. How they came by this sense of the word, or what they read in their copies, is not so clear. But the worst of it is, that neither of these readings or renderings gives any clear sense in this place. For why should God forbid his faithful servants to say with the unbelieving Jews, It is hard; or, There is a rebellion; or, as our translators render it, a confederacy? And how can this be called "walking in the way of this people?" verse 11, which usually means, following their example, joining with them in religious worship. Or whatconfederacy do they mean? The union of the kingdoms of Syria and Israel against Judah? That was properly a league between two independent states, not an unlawful conspiracy of one part against another in the same state; this is the meaning of the word ‏קשר‎ kesher (Adam Clarke's Commentary).

I understand the Hebrew and Greek somewhat having studied it for going on 43 years and Adam Clark (a recognized Bible Scholar) and the KJV translators were correct in using the word confederacy for Kesher means aconnection or a confederacy.  The word does not imply an unlawful or evil conspiracy as Clark says as one part against another within the same state or nation. To use the word conspiracy is to make the text and context unclear.  The Northern Kingdom of Israel had joined with Syria against Judah, which was not something hidden but out in the open. It was a confederacy of nations, in this case two, that go up or oppose another third nation.  A conspiracy is a secret or hidden agenda to foment revolution behind the scenes whether a global consortium (collection of secret agencies) or within a particular nation state.  The world conspiracy that exist today has it tentacles in every major nation of the world with its agenturs secretly imbedded in the nation states to ultimately gain control for this is necessary for a New World Order governance to function.   

Isaiah 8:12 is not teaching us to deny or be afraid of conspiracies in whatever form. The Lord through Isaiah was telling Judah not to be afraid of the confederacy between Israel and Syria, but to fear Him only.  To teach this passage is to avoid the word conspiracy as some bad omen or curse and to deny the obvious - that they do exist is foolish and bad hermeneutics.  Those who reject the mountain of evidence that conspiracies exist will one day have to eat their own words when the Mystery of Iniquity comes out of the Shadows and is revealed for what it is - a Satanic conspiracy to control the sheeple and the nation states.  In fact, Paul said the Mystery of Iniquity coming out of the shadows is the benchmark of the end-time great apostasy, which is Satanic-led strong rebellion against the truth of the law of God (as used in a general sense and not referring only to the five books of the Torah - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy).  

The truth is the elitists have been openly calling for a New World Order beginning with Bush (41) and actually before him, but he was the first to address the UN and admonish the nation states to embrace it.  Why do you think there are so many secret societies if government alone is the pathway to a NWO?  Simple answer;  the global elitists know the people (sheeple) that live in free societies and embrace national sovereignty will not accept a mammoth centralized world government, so they must act in secret to move the nation states into their fold. They do this my enlisting key government leaders and administrators to become part of their clandestine organizations that plot and plan world strategy. The Bilderbergers is only one example. 

This acting in secret to foment radical change, that is, to transform the world from national sovereignty to the Marxist - Communist model is by its very nature a conspiracy.  

I recommend everyone read - The Unseen Hand: Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History by Ralph  Epperson.  It will open your eyes to the genesis and evolution of conspiracies.  Without knowing it, every person on the planet is affected by these secret societies that desire "control' of the sheeple.  Therefore, it necessitates that we are knowledgeable of their strategies and tactics.  While the Bible teaches a world government headed by the Antichrist must appear in the last days, it also says we are to resist evil in whatever form we find it.

Dr. Allen M. Barber