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From the time I can remember I learned to read (age 6 or 7), I have always loved reading books of all kinds - novels, history, war stories, animal kingdom, and later the Bible and biblical history. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to read.  When I was in high school I would go to the library to read books on my own not required reading.  Same thing in college. During my stateside tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, I would go to the library on weekends and read books instead of carousing, drinking and hell-raising in nearby Los Angeles.  A fellow Marine who also loved reading would join me. 

Not only did it enhance my understanding of world history, but greatly improved my vocabulary and mental acuity.  Nothing is more rewarding than to curl up before the fireplace with a good book or go to sleep at night reading books. I have a habit of reading three books at one time, which drives my wife nuts. I just finished reading "Fearless" and "Red Notice" at the same time, which brings me to the point of this topic.

(1) Fearless written by Eric Blehm is about the life history of Navy Seal Team Six, Adam Brown, who overcame great odds of drug addition in high school to become part of the elite Navy Seals. Eric Blehm brilliantly traces the life of Adam Brown from early childhood to High School through drug addition and how he can to become a devout Christian to his almost impossible acceptance into Seal training with 11 felonies hanging over his head. However, he was self-disciplined in regard to physical conditioning and became one of the elite of the elite in Navy Seal history. The young man was fearless from which the title originated.  

Adam Brown fell in love with Kelly Trippy a beautiful brunette while in college.  She later became his devoted wife that stuck with him through thick and thin including many Seal deployments that she never knew how it ended until she received a call from Adam via his cell phone. (I could not but think what it would have been like to have the opportunity to call home during the Vietnam War on a cellphone and talk to your wife, fiancee, or parents).  The Browns also had two children - a boy and a girl whom Adam kept in touch via Skype. 

March 17, 2010 on Operation Lake James, Navy Seal Team Six was dropped into a deep valley in Afghanistan to take out a Taliban leader who was responsible for many American deaths. After several hours of conversing over steep mountainous terrain, they arrived at their target only to discover the intelligence was inaccurate and the Taliban compound was occupied my many more personnel than thought.  When the firefight began, Navy Seal team Six was surrounded by a larger force than anticipated. During the battle, Adam Brown was severely wounded and died on the chopter taking him back to the rear medical facility.  It took his Seal buddies one hour to fight their way back to the helicopter LZ in which they took turns trying to keep Adam alive, but 8 bullet hole wounds in his left side, left arm pit and both legs was too much for him to overcome.  The last words he spoke alive was, "I am okay".

The final chapters of the book are about the respect his Seal buddies had for him, his funeral and Kelly and the kids grief over the loss of a loyal husband and father. By the way they killed the Taliban leader, which was the mission objective. Navy Seal Team Six is the one that later killed Osama Ben Laden. 

Adam Brown was a patriot, loving husband, father and devoted Christian and a fearless warrior. 

I highly recommend the book, but be ready to have a box of kleenix beside you.