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Further Insights on the Church and Israel:

Sometimes dialogue shared with the readers of my website is beneficial for all, so I am posting this dialogue with another reader and a dear brother in Christ regarding this controversial and confusing subject.  

[Yes, we need bold prophets warning America and the Church that God's wrath is going to be poured out on this ungodly nation unless we repent AS A NATION!  We have gone to far beyond the point of no return without judgment.  The nation is becoming more Sodomite every day with more states legalizing same sex unions (I will never call it marriage for it is not marriage rather it is fleshly lust in total disregard for the truth of the Word of God and I have Scripture to back me up on that).  I think that is why the Spirit of God would not let me walk away from the website.  

I looked at the link you gave me and immediately recognized several of the speakers - theologians having one thing in common - traditional dispensationalists.  A careful read of the New Testament does not promote such a doctrine, but instead promotes the Church as the centerpiece of God's divine plan for the ages. Paul called the Church a mystery in that the Jews never realized they would need to become one entity or one body with the Gentiles, which is the Lord's Church. Jesus said He would build HIS CHURCH not the kingdom of Israel.  Not one apostle preached the coming kingdom of Israel or the restored monarchy, but they preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church.  Paul gave his discourse in Romans 9-11 to prove that God is sovereign in dealing with nations and people. He was sovereign in rejecting faithless Israel and Judah, but spared the remnant of Judah.  He is also sovereign in choosing the believing Gentiles to be grafted into the Olive Tree (Jesus) along with believing Jews.  He also warned both Jews and Gentiles that if they remained in unbelief they would be cut out of the tree.  Traditional dispensationalists really butcher the text of Romans 11, but they have to in order to preserve Israel as the chosen people.  God certainly choose the Hebrews to bring His Word to the world as well as the Messiah, Lord and savior of the world and in that sense they were chosen. However, the testimony does not stop there. Christ made it very clear just as He rejected ancient Israel for perpetual disobedience (stubborn stiff-necked people), He also pronounced a curse upon the spiritual barren nation in Matthew 23 and said it would never bear any spiritual fruit and it has not. 

God has allowed the Fig Tree (See Jeremiah 24 - two kinds of Fig Trees) to appear again in the last days in order to fulfill prophecy in regard to Jacob - Joseph and Esau - Edom as both are merged into the modern day Israeli nation. He is going to allow the Antichrist and the Beast System to expose and purge out the rebellious unrepentant rebels from Judah once and for all.  The remnant will be delivered from the jaws of the Antichrist at Christ's Second Coming, that is, the survivors of the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord. The wrath of God (the bowls) will be directed to the Antichrist and his kingdom worldwide - those having the Mark of the Beast. It is not going to be directed at the nations or people that resisted the Antichrist and many will. He will not have a walk in the park.  As I explain in the Day of the Lord book, the phrase, "And all Israel shall be saved" (Romans 11:26) is from the Greek root word "sos" and the primary word - "zoe" which means to be made whole. However, the root "sos" means to deliver as to protect not necessarily to save (salvation). The Lord will first deliver the remnant from Antichrist then will appear to them as Messiah. It is then they repent and mourn not only for themselves, but for their stubborn hard-hearted forefathers that refused to believe the truth.  They will finally realize their nation put Jesus to death. However it was the sovereign will of God for them to do so. The Lord used their hard-hearts to accomplish the crucifixion of Jesus as well as to fulfill prophecy for the Passover Lamb - he had to be put to death by the Priesthood. 

The Lord will give this believing remnant their own piece of real estate inside the kingdom to fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant for perpetuity, but they are not part of the Bride of Christ - the Church that receives spiritual flesh in the First Resurrection.  All flesh will one day have to become spiritual in order to exist in the eternal state.  This is why Paul said we shall all appear before the Lord, but each "man" in his own order.  I don't think many understand what Jesus meant when He said that although John the Baptist was the greatest of all the prophets, yet those that inherit spiritual flesh in the coming Kingdom shall be greater than John. The Lord was telling those Jews their quest to have the physical earthly kingdom restored cannot hold a candle to the spiritual Messianic Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Why? Because resurrected and raptured glorified spiritual flesh is superior to nonspiritual flesh even though many in the kingdom will be just that  - saved but dwelling in an nonspiritual body of flesh much like we are today.  Resurrected and glorified spiritual flesh is eternal and void of any sin nature, which means that mankind has returned to what God intended for Adam - that Adam would have eternal uncreated life like God.  Adam blew that when he took part in the deception and ate the forbidden fruit. In essence, the whole purpose of what God has been doing for 6000 years plus is to bring man back into the Garden Of Eden. That will finally be accomplished on the 8th Day or the eternal age when we all live in the New Jerusalem. 

All of those Old Testament prophecies about Israel's future glory must be understood in the New Covenant doctrine of Christology.  All prophecy is fulfilled and consummated in Christ Jesus not in an earthly Israeli kingdom.

When you think about it, If God actually blinded all the Jews during the 2000 years of the Church Age, then those who died outside of Christ went to a devil's hell without a choice. On the other hand, if God is going to resurrect these dead unbelieving Jews and save them, then His Word is a confusing hodge-podge of preference, yet He says he has no favorites. He favors those who accept His Lamb - the Lord Jesus and makes them into "one body" and a "One New Man."  

All this attention to Israel as the Chosen People makes the Church a lessor entity and refocuses the message of the gospel away from Jesus and His Church. Again, He said, I WILL BUILD "MY CHURCH" AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT STAND AGAINST IT.  He did not say, I will build again the monarchy of the House of Israel and make her the glory of all the nations. When the Old Testament prophets said that God will raise up again the tabernacle of David, that was figurative and predictive of the Lord's succession to the throne of David.  Jesus told the Pharisees that they would destroy the temple, but He would raise it back up after three days.  He was speaking of His Body -  the spiritual temple of God for all must come to Him and through Him to become a spiritual temple connected to Him via union of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus also told the woman at the well that all who would worship God must do so in Spirit and Truth not in a physical earthly temple. 

The subject is not that confusing when we allow the whole context of Scripture to speak for itself and not clouded over by pseudo-theologians that prefer to protect their own dogmas.

Dr. Allen M. Barber