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September 28, 2008

Please read the following Protocol first before reading my commentary at the end.  If you need to read it several times to grasp the meaning, I strongly advise you to do so. Notice that I wrote this commentary over a year ago and much I what I predicted is coming to pass in the present financial debacle.

When you read my commentary, step back and compare what this Protocol says in relation to what is going on in our nation and you cannot help but understand that this financial crisis was not only fomented by the global elite (banking cartel), but is being promoted and guided by them as they meet and try to persuade the U.S. Congress to allow them to own and control the assets of privately held companies. Paulson and Bernanke are both secular Jews and I would be willing to bet they are also Kabbalists and members of the Illuminati. In fact, I know they are part of the Illuminati.  I am doing research to ascertain if they are Kabbalist - an esoteric religious group with political aspirations to create the "New Israel" in the Middle East with the far reaching goal of world dominance.  It is the Barren Fig Tree Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24. Now, do not misunderstand me, I am not saying all Jews are Kabbalists or part of a world conspiracy. While I love the Jewish people (also the Arabs) and have sought to lead them to saving faith in Jesus my entire 38 years of ministry, I am not uninformed to the fact that a world conspiracy does exist and those who sit on top of the ruling councils are secular Kabbalistic Jews , many which are cryptic Jews - Jews who hide behind Gentile names.

When you read this Protocol, it is clear that the global elite is following the 24 Protocols as their manual for the New World Order.

Dr. Allen Barber

Dr. Allen M. Barber
August 15, 2007


Ironically, as we continue our series on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (the men behind them are the global elite), Protocols 20-22 addresses what happened in the global money markets this past week, which saw an unprecedented insertion of world currencies into financial markets. This event was precipitated by investors withdrawing from the markets and refusing to finance or prop up the debt-ridden dollar weaken further by the crisis involved with sub-prime lenders (loaning money at very low interest rates to unqualified buyers in the mortgage industry).

The question is why would lending institutions take such a calculated risk knowing that “the chickens would come home to roost?” The answer is complicated and would take another newsletter. However, the simple answer is unknown to most. Banks do not actually lose money when consumers default on loans – the consumer is the only one who loses in a loan default or even credit card debt. While the banks have large credit card debt exposures, they do not lose a penny in terms of “real losses.” Why is that? Because there is no “real money” only fiat money (money printed by the Federal Reserve). The Feds determine the amount of the money supply and loan money to banks at a discount rate called “reserves.” Using a clever accounting system, they cover the debts of banks, which the banks do not have to repay. When a bank loses money from bad loans or bad debt, the Fed covers these bad debts by increasing the bank’s reserves and wiping out the debt as though it never existed. Consumers do not have that luxury.

If case you think your money is “real money,” take out a greenback and examine it. Where does it say it is money? It says it is a “Federal Reserve Note” (a debt note in the sense that the banks owe the feds and so do the American people with the exception the Fed’s erase the bank’s debts) that can be used “as money.” We went off the gold and silver standard a generation ago and our money today is as good as the Feds say it is by manipulating the interest rates and the Stock Market. At any time the Feds stop printing fiat money and propping up an artificial economy, the United States will become insolvent over night. Could this be the plan of the Illuminati and the global elite?

Let’s examine Protocol 20 and see if we can glean any insights into the global financial markets and how the globalist use “money” to manipulate and control the nations (Remember when the Protocols refer to the “Goyim” or Gentiles they mean non-Freemasons, not non-Jews):


1. To-day we shall touch upon the financial program, which I put off to the end of my report as being the most difficult, the crowning and the decisive point of our plans. Before entering upon it I will remind you that I have already spoken before by way of a hint when I said that the sum total of our actions is settled by the question of figures.

2. When we come into our kingdom our autocratic government will avoid, from a principle of self-preservation, sensibly burdening the masses of the people with taxes, remembering that it plays the part of father and protector. But as State organization cost dear it is necessary nevertheless to obtain the funds required for it. It will, therefore, elaborate with particular precaution the question of equilibrium in this matter.

3. Our rule, in which the king will enjoy the legal fiction that everything in his State belongs to him (which may easily be translated into fact), will be enabled to resort to the lawful confiscation of all sums of every kind for the regulation of their circulation in the State. From this follows that taxation will best be covered by a progressive tax on property. In this manner the dues will be paid without straitening or ruining anybody in the form of a percentage of the amount of property. The rich must be aware that it is their duty to place a part of their superfluities at the disposal of the State since the State guarantees them security of possession of the rest of their property and the right of honest gains, I say honest, for the control over property will do away with robbery on a legal basis.

4. This social reform must come from above, for the time is ripe for it - it is indispensable as a pledge of peace.


5. The tax upon the poor man is a seed of revolution and works to the detriment of the State which is hunting after the trifling is missing the big. Quite apart from this, a tax on capitalists diminishes the growth of wealth in private hands in which we have in these days concentrated it as a counterpoise to the government strength of the GOYIM - their State finances.

6. A tax increasing in a percentage ratio to capital will give much larger revenue than the present individual or property tax, which is useful to us now for the sole reason that it excites trouble and discontent among the GOYIM.

7. The force upon which our king will rest consists in the equilibrium and the guarantee of peace, for the sake of which things it is indispensable that the capitalists should yield up a portion of their incomes for the sake of the secure working of the machinery of the State. State needs must be paid by those who will not feel the burden and have enough to take from.

8. Such a measure will destroy the hatred of the poor man for the rich, in whom he will see a necessary financial support for the State, will see in him the organizer of peace and well-being since he will see that it is the rich man who is paying the necessary means to attain these things.

9. In order that payers of the educated classes should not too much distress themselves over the new payments they will have full accounts given them of the destination of those payments, with the exception of such sums as will be appropriated for the needs of the throne and the administrative institutions.

10. He who reigns will not have any properties of his own once all in the State represented his patrimony, or else the one would be in contradiction to the other; the fact of holding private means would destroy the right of property in the common possessions of all.

11. Relatives of him who reigns, his heirs excepted, who will be maintained by the resources of the State, must enter the ranks of servants of the State or must work to obtain the right to property; the privilege of royal blood must not serve for the spoiling of the treasury.

12. Purchase, receipt of money or inheritance will be subject to the payment of a stamp progressive tax. Any transfer of property, whether money or other, without evidence of payment of this tax which will be strictly registered by names, will render the former holder liable to pay interest on the tax from the moment of transfer of these sums up to the discovery of his evasion of declaration of the transfer. Transfer documents must be presented weekly at the local treasury office with notifications of the name, surname and permanent place of residence of the former and the new holder of the property. This transfer with register of names must begin from a definite sum which exceeds the ordinary expenses of buying and selling necessaries, and these will be subject to payment only by a stamp impost of a definite percentage of the unit.

13. Just strike an estimate of how many times such taxes as these will cover the revenue of the GOYIM States.


14. The State exchequer will have to maintain a definite complement of reserve sums, and all that is collected above that complement must be returned into circulation. On these sums will be organized public works. The initiative in works of this kind, proceeding from State sources, will blind the working class firmly to the interests of the State and to those who reign. From these same sums also a part will be set aside as rewards of inventiveness and productiveness.

15. On no account should so much as a single unit above the definite and freely estimated sums be retained in the State Treasuries, for money exists to be circulated and any kind of stagnation of money acts ruinously on the running of the State machinery, for which it is the lubricant; a stagnation of the lubricant may stop the regular working of the mechanism.

16. The substitution of interest-bearing paper for a part of the token of exchange has produced exactly this stagnation. The consequences of this circumstance are already sufficiently noticeable.

17. A court of account will also be instituted by us, and in it the ruler will find at any moment a full accounting for State income and expenditure, with the exception of the current monthly account, not yet made up, and that of the preceding month, which will not yet have been delivered.

18. The one and only person who will have no interest in robbing the State is its owner, the ruler. This is why his personal control will remove the possibility of leakages of extravagances.

19. The representative function of the ruler at receptions for the sake of etiquette, which absorbs so much invaluable time, will be abolished in order that the ruler may have time for control and consideration. His power will not then be split up into fractional parts among time-serving favorites who surround the throne for its pomp and splendor, and are interested only in their own and not in the common interests of the State.

20. Economic crises have been producer by us for the GOYIM by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals have stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals .... The concentration of industry in the hands of capitalists out of the hands of small masters has drained away all the juices of the peoples and with them also the States ....

21. The present issue of money in general does not correspond with the requirements per head, and cannot therefore satisfy all the needs of the workers. The issue of money ought to correspond with the growth of population and thereby children also must absolutely be reckoned as consumers of currency from the day of their birth. The revision of issue is a material question for the whole world.



23. With us the standard that must be introduced is the cost of working-man power, whether it be reckoned in paper or in wood. We shall make the issue of money in accordance with the normal requirements of each subject, adding to the quantity with every birth and subtracting with every death.

24. The accounts will be managed by each department (the French administrative division), each circle.

25. In order that there may be no delays in the paying our of money for State needs the sums and terms of such payments will be fixed by decree of the ruler; this will do away with the protection by a ministry of one institution to the detriment of others.

26. The budgets of income and expenditure will be carried out side by side that they may not be obscured by distance one to another.

27. The reforms projected by us in the financial institutions and principles of the GOYIM will be clothed by us in such forms as will alarm nobody. We shall point out the necessity of reforms in consequence of the disorderly darkness into which the GOYIM by their irregularities have plunged the finances. The first irregularity, as we shall point out, consists in their beginning with drawing up a single budget which year after year grows owing to the following cause: this budget is dragged out to half the year, then they demand a budget to put things right, and this they expend in three months, after which they ask for a supplementary budget, and all this ends with a liquidation budget. But, as the budget of the following year is drawn up in accordance with the sum of the total addition, the annual departure from the normal reaches as much as 50 per cent in a year, and so the annual budget is trebled in ten years. Thanks to such methods, allowed by the carelessness of the GOY States, their treasuries are empty. The period of loans supervenes, and that has swallowed up remainders and brought all the GOY States to bankruptcy.

28. You understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggested to the GOYIM by us, cannot be carried on by us.

29. Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the State and a want of understanding of the rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm of our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off of themselves or the State flings them off. But the GOY States do not tear them off; they go on in persisting in putting more on to themselves so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood-letting.


30. What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is - an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent, then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty - treble, and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.

31. From this calculation it is obvious that with any form of taxation per head the State is baling out the last coppers of the poor taxpayers in order to settle accounts with wealth foreigners, from whom it has borrowed money instead of collecting these coppers for its own needs without the additional interest.

32. So long as loans were internal the GOYIM only shuffled their money from the pockets of the poor to those of the rich, but when we bought up the necessary person in order to transfer loans into the external sphere, all the wealth of States flowed into our cash- boxes and all the GOYIM began to pay us the tribute of subjects.

33. If the superficiality of GOY kings on their thrones in regard to State affairs and the venality of ministers or the want of understanding of financial matters on the part of other ruling persons have made their countries debtors to our treasuries to amounts quite impossible to pay it has not been accomplished without, on our part, heavy expenditure of trouble and money.

34. Stagnation of money will not be allowed by us and therefore there will be no State interest-bearing paper, except a one per- cent series, so that there will be no payment of interest to leeches that suck all the strength out of the State. The right to issue interest-bearing paper will be given exclusively to industrial companies who will find no difficulty in paying interest out of profits, whereas the State does not make interest on borrowed money like these companies, for the State borrows to spend and not to use in operations.

35. Industrial papers will be bought also by the government which from being as now a paper of tribute by loan operations will be transformed into a lender of money at a profit. This measure will stop the stagnation of money, parasitic profits and idleness, all of which were useful for us among the GOYIM so long as they were independent but are not desirable under our rule.

36. How clear is the undeveloped power of thought of the purely brute brains of the GOYIM, as expressed in the fact that they have been borrowing from us with payment of interest without ever thinking that all the same these very moneys plus an addition for payment of interest must be got by them from their own State pockets in order to settle up with us. What could have been simpler than to take the money they wanted from their own people?

37. But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves.

38. Our accounts, which we shall present when the time comes, in the light of centuries of experience gained by experiments made by us on the GOY States, will be distinguished by clearness and definiteness and will show at a glance to all men the advantage of our innovations. They will put an end to those abuses to which we owe our mastery over the GOYIM, but which cannot be allowed in our kingdom.

39. We shall so hedge about our system of accounting that neither the ruler nor the most insignificant public servant will be in a position to divert even the smallest sum from its destination without detection or to direct it in another direction except that which will be once fixed in a definite plan of action.

40. And without a definite plan it is impossible to rule. Marching along an undetermined road and with undetermined resources brings to ruin by the way heroes and demigods.

41. The GOY rulers, whom we once upon a time advised should be distracted from State occupations by representative receptions, observances of etiquette, entertainments, were only screens for our rule. The accounts of favorite courtiers who replaced them in the sphere of affairs were drawn up for them by our agents, and every time gave satisfaction to short-sighted minds by promises that in the future economics and improvements were foreseen .... Economics from what? From new taxes? - were questions that might have been but were not asked by those who read our accounts and projects.

42. You know to what they have been brought by this carelessness, to what pitch of financial disorder they have arrived, notwithstanding the astonishing industry of their peoples.


In the previous newsletter, we examined each section or paragraph. However, to save time and space, we will summarize the highlights of this lengthy Protocol.

First Section, Paragraphs 1-4 – “THE INTRODUCTION”

As you read this protocol, notice the several references to the “king,” the “ruler” and the “state.” Obviously, whoever or whomever (the plural is used throughout the protocols implying they are the product of several minds) wrote the Protocols did so with the intention of promoting their Messiah – the Masonic Christ.

The introduction identifies the subject of the protocol – the financial system, which states that it is the genesis of all their [the elders] actions ((paragraph 1). They speak of their kingdom and autocratic form of government (dictatorship). While they demean the system of taxation, they admit they use it to obtain control over the Goyim states (the non-Judeo - Freemasons) and that it plays the part of “father and protector” (not of the people, but their interests).

Paragraph 3, which is a cumbersome text, implies the rule of their king gives him authority to confiscate all sums (money) and property of the State by regulation. This regulation will be in the form of some kind of progressive tax. It is my opinion that when reference is made to the “State” (in caps), it means the New World Order or world governance. The rich must pay the State for the protection and security of their possessions. The control, and this is important to understand, over property, will guarantee the outlawing of “robbery” on a legal basis. The implication is that the dictatorship will become the legal means for confiscation of all assets of the Goyim. Case in point; Chavez of Venezuela is promoting himself as the self-appointed dictator by controlling the property of both domestic and foreign assets. All dictators are types of the coming world ruler – the Antichrist.

The prophet Daniel tells us what kind of person the Antichrist will be in regard to finances:

Daniel 11:24 NASU

24 " In a time of tranquility he will enter the richest parts of the realm, and he will accomplish what his fathers never did, nor his ancestors; he will distribute plunder, booty and possessions among them, and he will devise his schemes against strongholds, but only for a time…

He will favor the rich by taking from both the rich and poor that are not part of his kingdom and distribute it among his subjects. This is what Protocol 20 implies their king and ruler will do. Did they mean the Antichrist? I think that is exactly what they mean, but he will be their Masonic Christ and king. He will be Antichrist in the sense he opposes the true Christ – the Lord Jesus.

Second Section – Paragraphs 5-13 – “WE SHALL DESTROY CAPITAL”

Again, this is a very confusing section and it took several readings before I grasped the central idea. While they pretend to hate taxation and that it is a detriment to the State, they claim it is necessary to destroy the capitalists or capital. A tax on the poor man they say is the “seeds of revolution” – it incites the poor to anarchy. In opposition to this, the learned elders contend that a tax on the rich capitalists diminishes the growth of wealth in the private sector, that is, it takes money out of private or individual hands. If the government, which uses taxation as its strength, places a heavy tax on the rich, then the rich invest less money in the economy, which private individuals are dependent.

Paragraph 6 says so in plain terms – a progressive or percentage tax on capital [money] provides more revenue than taxing the little guy via property taxes. Amazingly, they admit taxing the little guy is part of their plan to bring discontent in society.

Where have you heard a constant verbiage for taxing the rich – from the Democrats? What appears to be doublespeak or a false conspiracy is the notion of using capital or the capitalists to destroy a nation-state via a taxing authority. Why would you destroy a nation’s economy that is prospering due to capitalism? For the simple reason, capital or money in the hands of the private sector (in the case of the United States – the middle class) is a threat to a “pure dictatorship” for money is the venue for controlling the sheeple.

Paragraphs 7-11 deal with the relationship of the capitalist to the State (the capitalist must be taxed to support the State). Once the poor realize it is the rich that makes it possible for them to survive, there will be peace and harmony between the two classes - the rich and the poor (Note: In reading all 24 Protocols and their several paragraphs, it is abundantly clear the goal of the elders or global elite is to destroy the Middle Class).

For some reason, they thought it necessary to define how the relatives of the ruler would serve the State (world government). Except for the heirs of the royal bloodline (Could this be a reference to the Merovingian bloodline, which the Order of the Priory of Sion believes is their right to Solomon’s throne?) the relatives must be servants of the state, that is, they have no special privileges.

Paragraph 12 is interesting regarding property. Any transfer of property, money or otherwise must have a legal registration with the State, that is, the person holding the property must be assigned a registration number and without it, the property cannot be owned or transferred. Could this be the impetus for the “Mark” – that no one can engage in commerce unless he is yoked to the Beast system via an identifying mark? – Revelation 13:18. Remember the Beast System of Revelation 13 is all about controlling the masses. Therefore, every person including all assets will have to be registered by the New World Order. That day is already upon us.

It seems surreal that the global elite who own the banking cartel and are themselves extremely wealthy, would devise a plan to use “money to destroy money.” They are not actually going to do away with money, but rather control who can have it and how much. As we intimated in the current “News in Review,” the Black Horse of Revelation 6 implies that capital is used to create world economic depression – it is sucked out of the hands of the poor and middle class and transferred to a ruling class who already have most of the world’s money. These same global elitists will heap riches upon the coming world dictator according to the prophecies of Daniel.

Third Section – Paragraphs 14-22 – WE CAUSE DEPRESSIONS

I must say when you read this protocol carefully, it is very clear the minds behind it are of a Marxist Socialist ideology. It even smells of communism and that is understandable since the Protocols were transferred to Russia from France and were used to incite the Bolshevik Revolution.

This section begins by stating the working class (the common people) will be blinded by a public works program that will make them think the State is their security. This sounds much like FDR’s social programs of the 1930’s. FDR was a 33rd degree Freemason, which mean he sat on the Supreme Council of the Illuminati. Was the crash of 1929 the secret workings of the Illuminati to create order out of chaos by installing their Socialist agent in the White House, FDR, in order to guide the United States toward a Socialist form of government? You be the judge, but I think that is highly possible. During the Bush (43) administration, we have moved rapidly toward socialism – less individual freedoms and more government control. Actually, we have a form of Socialist - Fascism in which capitalism is permitted but with government controls.

While they say money exists to be circulated, Paragraph 20 states, “Economic crises have been produced by us (the elite) for the Goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capital has stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals…The concentration of industry in the hands of capitalists out of the hands of the small masters has drained away all the juices of the peoples and with them the States (the nation-states controlled by the Illuminati). “Draining the juices” implies creating economic depression among the lesser capitalists and the subservient states by planned indebtedness.

Paragraph 21 makes an interesting statement – “children must be considered a consumer of capital at birth because “money” must be tied to population growth – the more people in the world, the more capital is required. They contend this is an issue for the whole world, and therefore, the revision must be part of the thinking of the New World Order. While it is not apparent, the latent meaning is that there must be a “rethinking” of the relationship of money to the world population, that is, the population must be reduced so “money” is not wasted on the undesirables. In other protocols, they define the undesirables as those who will not submit to their rule. Global 2000, a UN document that globalist president, Jimmy Carter, signed, called for a planned population reduction of 2 billion people by the year 2000. What does that tell us about the minds that have governed our nation?

At first glance, Paragraphs 14-21 sound like these learned elders are opposed to interest bearing loans. However, that is the opposite of what they mean. The stated purpose is that through such a financial system of making the Goyim bond-slaves of the State via debt and high interest loans, they will in turn use the excuse of debt to withdraw money from circulation thereby creating economic depressions. Does this sound familiar? What was root cause of the recent money market crisis? Risky debt related sub prime loans that caused investors to withdraw funds from circulation. Read Protocol 20 carefully and it will be clear what happened last week in the global money markets was not an accident or the failed policy of greedy lenders to loan out money at ridiculously low rates, but the planned policy of a global elite following the Protocols.

Who removed the U.S. from the gold standard in 1971 – President Nixon or the Illuminati? Paragraph 22 says the Illuminati did if you are now convinced the Protocols are the bible of the Illuminati. By removing nations from the gold standard, the banking cartel created fiat money tied to debt in order to make the nations a slave of their money system – Mystery Babylon.

Fourth Section – Paragraphs 23-29 – GENTILE STATES BANKRUPT

In this section, the Protocols continue with their theme of leading the Goyim into financial bankruptcy by their carefully planned system of esoteric economics via debt and interest financing at both the private and “States” level.

Paragraph 27 says unequivocally the learned elders plan a disguised financial reform among the Goyim without their understanding who is behind it or where it is headed. In speaking of budgets (remember these protocols were originally written in the 18th century A.D. and the original meaning of budgets has obviously changed to conform to contemporary terminology), the implication is that the Goyim or nation states (that includes all the common people) through continual dependence on interest bearing loans that result over time paying through the nose for capital, created their own financial demise and eventual bankruptcy. Truer words could not be said about the United States government as well as the private sector, for we are a nation up to our eye balls in debt – both public and private. And guess what, we have been led like dumb sheep (a term these Protocols use in defining the Goyim) to live by debt instead of placing our faith and trust in the Lord who has promised to provide for our needs.

The last sentences of Paragraph 27 says, “Thanks to such methods of tier-financing (emphasis mine), allowed by the carelessness of the GOY States, their treasuries are empty. The period of loan supervenes and that has swallowed up remainders and brought all the GOY States to Bankruptcy.” The treasury of the United States may on paper have money, but when you apply the huge debt and deficits accumulated by decades of spending and waste, the United States treasury is bankrupt – we have more liabilities than assets.

Paragraph 29 warns of foreign loans and implies that such will lead to voluntary blood-letting, that is, foreign loans of which the States have little control will eventually suck the life-blood (financial stability) out of the economies. Again, this must be interpreted in the context of the Protocols, which clearly reveal the banking cartel of the global elite planned for such a financial collapse by making the Goyim States depend on debt for financial survival.

Any U.S. Congress man or woman who walks the halls of Congress, knows they are walking on real estate that is owned by foreign investors who have bought our assets and who finance daily our enormous debt. Does anyone come to mind? How about China? They recently threatened to dump their dollar reserves and stop financing our national debt. President Bush reacted by shrugging it off and saying he doubts China would actually do that? Why does he think that? One plausible answer is that when and if the U.S. becomes officially bankrupt (no one is willing to finance our debt), the Illuminati will step it and buy our nation for pennies on the dollar and then install their ruler over it – the biblical Antichrist. This may very well be the plan of the globalists – to take the U.S. to bankruptcy and then BUY THE COUNTRY!

Fifth Section – Paragraphs 30-42 – TYRANNY OF USURY

There is more in this section than can be covered in one newsletter and needs to be a separate article for there is a lot of important information linking the Protocols to present day global finances. However, for now we can only provide a brief summary.

Paragraphs 30-32 continue the subject of foreign loans, but has some amazing data. Principally that interest paid on foreign loans must be extracted from the Goyim or States via taxes. They admit this is their strategy by the following statement in Paragraph 32:

“So long as loans were internal the GOYIM only shuffled their money from the pockets of the poor to those of the rich, but when we (the learned elders) bought up the necessary person in order to transfer loans into the external sphere, all wealth of States flowed into our cash-boxes and all the GOYIM began to pay us the tribute of subjects.” The phrase “necessary person” may have a reference to Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild who created the modern international banking system. If this is the case, then again it gives strong evidence the Protocols are the product of the Priori of Sion.

Paragraph 36 shows the utter contempt of the learned elders toward the non-Judeo - Freemasons (GOYIM):

“How clear is the undeveloped power of thought of the purely brute brains of the GOYIM, as expressed in the fact that they have been borrowing from us with payment of interest without ever thinking that all the same these very money’s plus an addition for payment of interest must be got by them from their own State pockets in order to settle up with us. What could have been simpler than to take the money they wanted from their own people?”

In other words, the global elitists have convinced us to rob from each by the loan-usury-debt system and pay them for providing the means to do it – the banking cartel.

Paragraph 37 is even more degrading and stating that the globalists (bankers) have made us think the banking system is to our advantage when the truth is it makes us a slave to the New World Order – Mystery Babylon via DEBT:

“But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves.

Paragraphs 38-42 speak of a system of accounting that can detect the smallest financial transaction that can be diverted to suit the interests of the international bankers. Certainly, at the time the Protocols were originally written this was not possible, but with today’s technology, every financial transaction on the planet can be tracked via powerful computers. Under Patriot Act II, it is now legal for our government to screen all financial transactions coming into or going out of our country. Could the Patriot Act be more the result of the Protocols than the war on terrorism? Remember in the last newsletter we learned that terrorism is the strategy of the learned elders (Note: it is understood that the learned elders pass their secrets to the next generation of globalists who survive them in perpetuity).

WorldNetDaily’s Whistle Blower Magazine (July 2006 issue) addresses the accounting system the Federal Reserve uses to manipulate the money supply as well as hide the true debt situation from the public including non-repayment of default loans by the central banks. You can obtain a copy of this informative magazine via their website at

Paragraph 41 is especially interesting in that it says the rulers of the GOYIM States have in time been replaced by “their agents or favorite courtiers” who promised the dumb GOYIM improvement in future economics – FROM NEW TAXES! The reference to their agents and couriers I believe are the various branches of the Illuminati such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers to name a few. These organizations highly influence our government officials in carrying out their clandestine policies for global governance.

Paragraph 42 ends this long protocol by telegraphing to the Illuminists that they have brought the GOYIM to this state of disorder for what purpose – TO USHER IN THEIR KINGDOM OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

This Protocol makes is very clear that what takes place in global money markets is not happenstance or coincidence, but a careful thought out plan developed over two centuries ago and maintained by the faithful – the high adepts of the Jude0 - Freemasonry global elite.

God bless.

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