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Dr. Allen M. Barber
June 30, 2007
Any serious study of the New World Order must examine both the political and religious aspects, which will eventually come together under one head. What we are dealing with is a massive concerted cover-up to deceive the world including many in the Church. Jesus warned in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) that the elect could be deceived by the end-time delusion that will fill the earth:

Matthew 24:23-25 NKJV

23 "Then if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or 'There!' do not believe it. 24 For false Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect . 25 See, I have told you beforehand.

The literal Greek says, “And it is possible the elect can be deceived.” In a recent home Bible study I was teaching on the Illuminati and the New World Order, many refused to believe any kind of world conspiracy exists and dropped out of the class even though much evidence to the contrary was presented. These professing believers are not only gullible, but will join the unbelievers in accepting the government of the New World Order and the coming Antichrist. Notice in Verse 25 Jesus says that He has warned us beforehand of the grave danger in getting caught-up in the trappings of clever end-time deception. The trappings are very subtle and unless one has studied the prophetic Scriptures and is willing to test the spirits to know what sort they are (I John 4:1), they will be fooled. The “onus” is on the believer to discern the times in which we live and to recognize truth from error.

The World Community is Polarizing Against the United States and Israel

The world began to experience another paradigm shift after 9-11 and it is evident there is a polarization taking place against the United States and Israel. The United States is part of the problem by being joined to the hip by Zionist Israel and having a foreign policy that is heavily slanted toward the Israelis. Few evangelical Christians understand the prophetic Scriptures about the land of Israel and the secular nation. What is even worse, they completely ignore the New Covenant’s teaching that the Old Covenant has been abolished and is obsolete. God is no longer working through the nation of Israel and will never again. He is working with individuals to form the One New Man in the earth composed of both saved Jews and Gentiles – the true Israel of God and the Church of the redeemed. Judaism is a false religion on the same order as Islam and God will eventually destroy both (I will deal with this more in future newsletters).

The threat to isolate the United States and Israel is very grave and is the secret policy of the Global elite in order to gain control of the world’s so-called only superpower. The delusion that we are still the world’s only military superpower is working to deceive the American people for the Russians and Chinese have achieved military parity with us and in some situations superiority. A war with these two arch-enemies would wipe us off the face of the globe. Our politicians in Washington have no Biblical worldview as well as most of our military leaders. Even among the true believers in Congress, there is an obvious ignorance of prophecy. Of the many letters and emails I have traded with Congressional leaders of both parties, they have no concept of the real world that is being ruled over and guided by Satan. Many of them are closet globalists and belong to the secret societies. Therefore, they are part of the problem.

Globalism’s Goal is to Bring the U.S. to Its Knees

The global hierarchy (Shadow Government) working through the governments of Russia, China, North Korea, the EU, the Muslim nations, particularly Iran, India, and a growing number of South American nations led by Chavez are squeezing the United States into a tight box with no alternative but to acquiesce to their demands. It is interesting that the Bible mentions an end-time scenario involving the kings of the East (led by China), Russia, Central Asia, all of Europe, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, and northern Africa, but nothing is mentioned about the United States. Some prophecy teachers believe the reason the United States is not mentioned is that we are destroyed. It is my studied opinion that the U.S. is part of Mystery Babylon and is being used by the Illuminati to formulate their end-time plans. When that plan is fully in place, they will no longer need the United States and perhaps the U.S. is one of the three nations the Antichrist destroys when rising to power during the tribulation:

Daniel 7:8 NKJV

8 I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots.

The Hebrew meaning of “plucked up by the roots” ( et qaraah ) means to exterminate or to completely destroy. The Biblical meaning of a complete destruction does not necessarily mean the nation no longer exists, but that it ceases to exist in its former state. On the other hand, a complete destruction can mean that it no longer exists as was the case with Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed the House of Israel and Judah, but He did not make a full end of the people. Some are still around today as evidenced by the Zionist state. The context determines how the language is used.

How the Globalists Are Succeeding to Undermine the U.S.

The United States in one generation, beginning in the 1960’s, went from being a strong nation and the envy of the world to a weak nation and hated by the world. It began when our government and activist’s judges undermined the Christian faith by removing prayer and Bible reading from our public schools and more recently attacking traditional Christian icons in the public square. The name of the Lord Jesus has become the recipient of some of the most vile and vulgar speech that I have heard in my lifetime. The media has led the campaign to ouster Christianity from this nation while promoting gross immorality, pagan religion, especially Islam and New Age, illegal immigration, and Marxist liberalism.

There is a reason for all this end-time hatred of Christianity by the global elite. They must get rid of the three things that stand in their way of the official world government – patriotism, national sovereignty, and Christianity. These must be eradicated for the globalists to take control of our nation and the world community. As I mentioned in my last article, the Dialectic Process of creating order out of chaos ( Ordo Ab Chao ) is progressing rapidly toward the nuclear phase of WWIII and other not net seen WMD. In order to destroy Christianity, the globalists initiated a frontal assault against Christianity by luring our Congress to make homosexuality a legal lifestyle, and by passing laws to protect it from any opposition, especially the Christian Right. Homosexuality is not only an abomination to God and moral decent people, but it is the “big gun” of the Illuminists to do away with the traditional family. When the traditional family is finally gone from the American society so goes our so-called Christian nation. It will never be the same.

The second weapon the globalists are using to change the United States from within is the illegal invasion, which we wrote about in a current news alert. Massive illegal invasion has one purpose that any blind person can see – the eventual destruction of our national sovereignty. This is one of the goals of the Illuminati – fill the nation with many ethnic peoples who bring with them their native cultures and religions. Over time, former loyalty to the traditional history of the United States becomes secondary to a new form of “internationalism.” This is what is taking place with the North American Community Union – the merging of the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the purpose of creating a parliamentary form of government that replaces our Constitutional Republic.k

Have you wondered why the illegal invasion involves our neighbor to the south and not our neighbor to the north? Canada and the U.S. are very similar in culture, language, and people – primarily European Whites while Mexico is a very different culture and language. The SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement) illegally agreed to by the three national leaders in March of 2005, clearly allows for a greater involvement of Mexico in the new union. According to the SPP (, Mexicans will become the main police force of the lower one-third of our nation and especially the Southwestern United States. Do you think for a moment an illegal Hispanic who suddenly finds himself a citizen of a new union in the United States territories will hesitate exercising authority over American citizens, particularly if he or she believes the Southwestern United States belongs to Mexico? Do not kid yourself; they will eagerly carryout the globalist orders to subdue the American people.

The Sacred Month Adar II – A Sign of Occult Globalism

Before leaving this subject and moving on to other issues (My problem in writing these articles is where to stop for I have so much to share), it is interesting that the SPP was launched March 23, 2005 and the Iraq war began on March 20, 2003. Both events took place during the biblical sacred month of Adar II (13th month of the Hebrew calendar). In order to correct the Hebrew lunar year calendar (12 months of 29 and 30-day months) and bring it in sync with the solar year of 365-day years, an extra month was added between the 12th month, Adar, and the 1st month, Abib. Adar II is the month when wicked Haman was going to hang Mordecai on the gallows (Book of Esther). However, his plot backfired and he was hanged instead. The Jews celebrate this event in their Feast of Purim. According to Bullinger in his scholarly work, Numbers in Scripture, the number 13 throughout the Scriptures is symbolic of evil, rebellion, and wickedness. It is also associated with the Beast System introduced in Revelation 13, especially 13:18 where the Mark of the Beast is given. A careful examination of President George W. Bush’s presidency reveals some interesting occult symbols. He often announces policies and takes action in the month of March during Adar II as previously mentioned (Bush also announced the Road Map on March 14, 2003 from the Rose Garden, which is an Adar II event). I do not have time to go into all the detail in this newsletter, but Bush’s actions involving Adar II is proof of his involvement in Jewish Kabbalism and that apostate Jews are the primary adepts of the Illuminati. I will address this in future articles, the Lord willing. Remember Jesus called the apostate Jews in Revelation, “the synagogue of Satan” and they are. He also called the Kabbalistic Pharisees, “the children of the devil” and they were – See Revelation 2:9; 3:9 and John 8:44. Many Christian Zionists are supporting the synagogue of Satan with their money and political policies while they blindly misinterpret the Scriptures regarding the Zionist state of Israel. It is neither the chosen nation nor are the apostate Jews – those who hate the Lord Jesus - the chosen people (I recommend the chapter in my book on who and what is the Fig Tree).

This is not a coincidence or happenstance of history, but a carefully thought out strategy. As a Freemason, Skull and Bones initiate, and globalist, President Bush is personally involved with the secret societies that are all steeped in occult practices. Likewise, President Bill Clinton was infatuated with the number 13 and signed most of his executive orders on the 13th day of certain months. Anyone who is willing to spend the time to research our American presidents will be shocked to discover their involvement in the secret societies as well as the occult. However, because the American public is largely uninformed of a global conspiracy due to believing what they see on television, hear on the radio, read in liberal slanted newspapers and books, they shy away from anything that sounds or appears to be conspiratorial. Add to that the clever successful disinformation campaign by the globalists to discredit in the public eye any verbiage that speaks of a concerted effort to deceive the populace and you have the recipe for the mystery of iniquity Paul mentions in II Thessalonians 2. I am convinced the mystery of iniquity is the workings of the secret societies behind the scenes to usher in the New World Order and their Masonic Christ. The end-time apostasy, which the mystery of iniquity is the catalyst, is in full blown on planet earth. It is not waiting a future epiphany, but is already here and nearing its zenith when it will produce the Antichrist.

We Are the Generation Jesus Said Would Fulfill All Prophecies of the Last Days

Because I believe we can know when the final seven years begin (Personally, I believe the Lord gave me insight into the last generation simply because I wanted to know and asked Him – it is 120 years and the same number of years as the last generation of Noah’s day before the flood; did not Jesus tell us that the last days would be like the days of Noah? – Matthew 24:37; see my article in the Prophecy Section entitled, The End-time Generation of 120 Years ) and even when the mid-point of the tribulation occurs, and when the Great tribulation ends (I speak in reference to those living during these times), we do not have to grope about in darkness or be uninformed of where we are today on God’s prophetic timetable. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are the people of the last generation. Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that when the last generation began, it would not end until all the prophecies of the tribulation take place and His glorious return. May I say that many prophecy teachers fail to make it clear that the end-time generation, which Jesus covered in detail in His Olivet Discourse, begins long before the final seven-year tribulation. Therefore, much prophecy including the book of Revelation, is already being fulfilled. End-time prophecy is not waiting on the final seven-years to begin. That is the very last of the last days. Jesus called it “the end.” We are not at the end, but in “the beginning of sorrows” that lead to the end (Matthew 24:8).

While my goal is to keep my articles to five or less pages, it is often difficult when there is so much to report. In this issue, I want to address something very few Christians have any knowledge and for that matter most Americans, and that is a secret document exposed by William (Bill) Cooper, who wrote the best seller, Behold A Pale Horse . For those of you who visit Cutting Edge website, you are aware that host, David Bay, refers to this book often in writing about the end-time conspiracy. However, before, I do, let’s look briefly at some other news that proves a global elite is guiding the affairs of our nation and the global community.

The Bush Family Invest in the Country of Paraguay – Why?

I mentioned this in other articles, but it is worth covering it again. According to the Latin American News Agency, Prensa Latina, the Bush family has purchased several thousand acres of land in Paraguay – George and Barbara Bush own a 173,000 acre ranch and Bush, Jr. owns a 100,000 acre ranch. That is a combined total of nearly 300,000 acres – a large ranch by any means.

The question is, why has the Bush family purchased land in Paraguay and what about President Bush's sprawling 3000-acre ranch in Crawford, Texas? Is there no land to be purchased in the United States? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the government of Paraguay in 2005 granted U.S. troops and government official’s immunity from indictment and punishment by the ICC – the international criminal court headquartered in the Hague, Netherlands? I think so and perhaps explains why President George W. Bush continues to formulate policies that by-pass our Congress and that do not involve the people of the United States – the people he is supposed to represent. I started to say, who put him in office. However, the Illuminati put George W. in office by two rigged elections – I voted for him twice not realizing what really transpired in the elections of 2000 and 2004 until I conducted further research.

While President Bush is obviously being used by the Illuminati, he knows that after he leaves office, he may be tried by the Iraqi government for war crimes committed against the civilian populace. Wait until the U.S. Military leaves Iraq and the Iraqi people learn what all the Depleted Uranium has done to their country and people. DU has created a situation whereby millions of Iraqis will succumb to radioactive poisoning and die as well as their land become uninhabitable. DU settles in the dust of the ground and does not go away. The United States has expended tons of DU munitions in that illegal war that has set the nation up for a land without human inhabitants (Many thousands of our returning soldiers are sick with DU poisoning. I wrote the DOD about DU poisoning and they denied it).

Jeremiah 51:29, 37, 42-43 NLT

29 The earth trembles and writhes in pain, for everything the Lord has planned against Babylon stands unchanged. Babylon will be left desolate without a single inhabitant.

37 and Babylon will become a heap of ruins, haunted by jackals. She will be an object of horror and contempt, a place where no one lives.

42 The sea has risen over Babylon; she is covered by its crashing waves.

43 Her cities now lie in ruins; she is a dry wasteland where no one lives or even passes by.

Iraq is old Babylon and none of the above has yet been fulfilled. Even though ancient Babylon was conquered by the Medes and Persians, the land and people continued to exist through subsequent invasions by the Greeks and Romans. It is also my studied opinion that in the dual nature of prophecy, Jeremiah 50-51 spiritually speaks of the United States and its coming judgment and destruction. This also fits the destruction of Mystery Babylon in Revelation 18. It is not a coincidence that the United States is bogged down in a war in the land of old Babylon and near the Euphrates River. God has lured the U.S. there because of its great wickedness to judge her. There is no doubt in my mind this is what is taking place.  Have you considered that if the Iranian Shiites gain control of Iraq, the United States military could be forced back into Iraq?

The following events (signs) that prove a global elite is guiding world affairs, I mention briefly and trust you will follow-up for your own study and research:

U.S. Hires Hong Kong Company to Scan Nukes

President Bush continues to support efforts to sell American assets or involve them with foreign governments, especially Asian and Arab nations. Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd, with ties to the Chinese Communist military, is now running a sophisticated radiation detection operation at an overseas port to scan cargo coming into the U.S. without the presence of any U.S. customs officials – how dumb is that?

Dubai Won’t Discuss the Ports Transfer

When the U.S. Congress learned of President Bush’s secret deal to sell our ports authority to the government of Dubai, which by their own admission, revealed that Al Qaeda had penetrated both government and civilian authorities, Congress was livid and stopped the deal before it was consummated. Led by Senator Warner, the U.S. Senate instructed Dubai Ports Authority to transfer ownership to an American company within ninety days – that was in March 2006. To my knowledge this has not been done. I have written my U.S. Senators about it and so far no response. If you know anything about this, please send me an email.

UN Treaty Leads to Demise of U.S. Sovereignty

The Law of the Sea Treaty or LOST, which gives the UN agency, Seabed Authority, control of 70 percent of the earth’s surface and natural resources, undermines national sovereignty among the community of nations. In the past, the U.S. Senate has defeated efforts to join the U.S. with this UN treaty. However, the Bush administration wants it done. Condoleezza Rice is on record saying the president is in favor of the treaty and desires that we join it immediately. However, the energy companies fear it will prohibit them from needed exploration as the treaty has jurisdiction over where they can drill and what leases they can own. Why would the U.S. want to give our natural resources to the UN body as well as restrict where we can find new sources of energy especially at a time when Russia, China, and Argentina are exploring and finding large new energy fields. It makes no sense from an energy independence and national security position. This treaty also gives the UN the right to impose an international tax on the American people. To my knowledge, it is still stuck in committee in the U.S. Senate. CFR globalist and former head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Lugar, tried his best to get this treaty pass the U.S. Senate, but failed. According to Senate reports, he was angry when the bill was defeated led by former majority leader, Bill Frist. Keep you eye on this bill for it is the forerunner to a “Toban Tax” – UN tax on all member nations. The Antichrist will control the land mass of planet earth, if only for a short time, but he will control and distribute the land resources among the 10 nation superstates: (Note: LOST is back on the table in the U.S. Senate [7/2012] and Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are advocates).

Daniel 11:24 NASU

24 In a time of tranquility he will enter the richest parts of the realm, and he will accomplish what his fathers never did, nor his ancestors; he will distribute plunder, booty and possessions among them , and he will devise his schemes against strongholds, but only for a time…

United States Defense Factories Owned by Saudi Arabia

I have reported this before, but it is worth mentioning again. The major media is not reporting it, but the Bush administration allowed the Saudi financed Dubai Ports subsidiary, Doncasters Group, to purchase nine defense factories in the United States. That means the Saudi Government now owns a major part of our national military defense. Shortly after Bush took office, he also allowed the Chinese under great protest from the company, to purchase and move to China the last manufacturing facility that produces the materials for the "Smart bombs." The Illuminati is selling off our country's assets piece by piece using American globalist’s presidents for Bill Clinton did the same thing.

The apostle John said that even in his day the spirit of Antichrist was evident, and that one day it would produce the person of the Antichrist. When American president’s take actions the coming Antichrist will himself do, can there be any doubt the time for his appearing is nearer than we think or admit? This nonsense of selling critical U.S. industries both abroad and within our own country, prove that American president’s have sold us out to the globalists and that they only pretend to put our interests first.

The Bush Administration Mortgages Our Nation to the Chinese Communists

Since Bush has become president, the U.S. has lost over 3 million manufacturing jobs to overseas entities, many that will never return to the U.S. In addition, the trade deficit with the Chinese is higher than at anytime before the Bush White House. Moreover, the Chinese hold more U.S. dollars in reserve (They are beginning to dump dollars for the Euro) than any other nation thereby financing our enormous debt. This is all due to NAFTA that president Clinton signed into law in October 1994. It was supposed to establish free trade zones between the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Central American nations, but it has ended up taking jobs and income away from U.S. citizens. China has taken advantage of NAFTA by moving a huge amount of goods in the U.S. via ports in Long Beach, California and Mexico. Under the proposed NACU, even more Chinese goods will enter and move across the U.S. In reality, the U.S. has become a servant nation to the Chinese and third world countries and by doing so has mortgaged our future to the Chinese who could place us in financial bankruptcy overnight by no longer financing our huge debt and deficit. The Federal Reserve operates on debt, in fact, that is how they make money – off debt (fiat or artificial money). If the Federal Reserve ceased to operate today, the U.S. would have no money, for all of our money is fiat money. This is part of the Illuminati plan to take over the U.S.

Chinese Obtain Stealth Bomber Secrets From Indian Spy

There have been so many episodes of our commercial and military secrets stolen by the Chinese, Russians, and Israel during the Clinton and Bush (43) presidencies that you wonder if they are in the pocket of our enemies (perhaps they are). Time does not allow me to list all the accounts of international espionage whereby our national security has been jeopardized by international spy operations. Back in 2006, an Indian born citizen named, Noshir, S. Gowadia, sold to Chinese agents secret technology involving the engines on the B-2 stealth bomber. In addition, Mr. Gowadia, gave the Chinese extensive technical assistance for cruise missile engine exhaust systems that make it difficult for radar detection. As a result, the Chinese have been able to produce their own stealth technology regarding engine exhaust systems evidenced by the recent surfacing of a Chinese nuclear submarine near one of our aircraft carrier groups. The naval fleet commander had no idea the Chinese sub was anywhere nearby and greatly embarrassed the Pentagon. This should cause concern for any thinking American who realizes our military is no longer the world’s only superpower. This is all part of the globalists strategy to bring down the U.S. by empowering our enemies. However, I believe the Lord God is behind this because we have turned away from Him. Consequently, He is strengthening our enemies against us. For those who doubt this, I recommend that you study how God treated Israel’s enemies when they apostatized.

The U.S. Offers Advanced Missile System to Indian Navy

We just learned that an Indian Spy gave the Chinese critical secret information on our stealth technology and now the U.S. military wants to give our advanced missile programs to India. The advanced Ageis missile system can track up to 100 attacking missiles and destroy them. Why would we give a country that leans to the Russians and Chinese in military weapons systems one of our most advanced systems? It makes no sense unless the globalists are behind it and they are. Many of our military leaders belong to the secret societies, particularly the CFR and are adepts in the Illuminati. This is one of the reasons martial law will work when enacted because it has the backing of our military leaders.

More Illuminists (Occult) Symbols

After Katrina, FEMA launched a massive mobile home project and constructed thousands of them, most which sit in a vacant lot in Louisiana and have never been used. Ironically, they are spaced exactly 11 feet apart, even the ones in the FEMA cities are separated by the same distance (Bush established by executive order the FEMA cities after 9-11 and before Katrina). This was reported by the New York Times as early as September 2005. Why do they sit 11 feet apart? Because the Illuminati telegraphs to the brotherhood that these cities are of their making and part of the planned control of the human population once the official world government is in place (I believe by 2010). The number 11 is the number of the Antichrist and one of the three power numbers of the occult (11, 22, 33). (Note: According to the Theosophy Society of New York, their predicted pronounced official epiphany for t he New World Order was 2010. Obviously, they were not successful).

The next possible out-coming could be the spring of 2013 or as early as the fall of 2012. The flood of Noah's day took place in November for the pre-flood world operated on the secular civil calendar - read Genesis 7:11 where the flood commenced on the 17th day of the second month. The first month of the secular civil lunar calendar is September - October. Therefore the second month is October - November. Modern Israel operates according to the same calendar as Noah in defiance of God's commandment in Exodus 12:1; 13:4 and Deuteronomy 16:1-2 to change the calendar to make the month of Abib (NIV spells it Aviv) the first month (March- April on the Julian - Gregorian calendar).  This was the sacred calendar and the one God operates on according to earth time. With God there is no time for He is eternal with time or space always present time never pass or future. When God created the universe, He gave mankind the sun and moon as sort of big clocks in the heavens to mark days, weeks, months, and years.  Of course today we have atomic time when time can actually be precise down to the second.

Daniel 7:7-8 NLT

7 Then in my vision that night, I saw a fourth beast, terrifying, dreadful, and very strong. It devoured and crushed its victims with huge iron teeth and trampled what was left beneath its feet. It was different from any of the other beasts, and it had ten horns . 8 As I was looking at the horns, suddenly another small horn appeared among them. Three of the first horns were wrenched out, roots and all, to make room for it. This little horn had eyes like human eyes and a mouth that was boasting arrogantly.

Do not think the Illuminati does not communicate by esoteric signs, symbols, and numbers for they do. Texe Marrs book, Codex Magica, is an excellent source for understanding the hand signs the occult uses to convey messages to one another. I experienced this with my son when he was in college and part of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. They identify one another by a handshake in which the fingers of the right hand are in a curved downward position. When one member shakes hands with another and uses the Sigma Chi handshake, if the other person belongs to the same fraternity, they will respond with the same handshake. The Freemasons have their own handshake and signs to identify themselves with fellow adherents. We live and interact with occultist everyday without our knowledge.

New World Order Financial Accounting System Appears

We know from Revelation 13:18 the NWO is all about money and finance. Well, the initial stages are forming. The SEC voted unanimously to propose allowing companies outside the U.S. to file financial records using international financial reporting standards or IFRS as set by the International Accounting Standards Board without reconciling the figures to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles or GAAP and highlighting the differences are required. This is according to the Wall Street Journal. Obviously, this is preparing global companies for the New World Order and is another move by the globalists to put their agenda on the fast track.

Big Brother Is Gaining in the Ability to Track Everyone on the Globe 24/7

Lockheed Martin has announced a new weapon in global surveillance – the Predator B’s . The imaging technology on these drones is so advanced that they can identify people on board ships. According to research I have done on these drones, several are now flying the skies of the United States day and night. They fly at altitudes of 60,000 feet undetected by the American people. An official with Lockheed Martin admits Homeland Security uses them and who knows for what and for whom they are watching? In another article I read, these drones can tell how many people are in a house and what rooms they occupy. It is already common knowledge that Homeland Security Agents as well as some local law enforcement forces now have the ability via new audio technology to listen to conversations in homes, businesses, churches, etc. For example, if the hate crimes police suspected a fundamentalist Christian Church was preaching against homosexuality or the NWO all they would need to do is pull up in front of a church and listen to the services and record it. Then present it to the judges for punitive action. The pastors would be paid a visit by the DHS Gestapo agents and told to either curtail the “hate speech” or lose their tax-exempt status and go to jail. These kinds of things are coming to the United States once we become part of the NACU.

Pentagon’s NSA Wants Your Website

When the NSA Spy scandal became public, it was revealed that NSA has the largest database ever assembled in the world (USA Today). Perhaps you and I are in their database. According to a report by New Scientist, NSA is mining the internet in order to conduct research into the social issues of internet websites. They claim they want to study the social inter-connections of people who use the internet and how they interact with one another. If you believe that is their sole purpose, then I have some swamp land in the Florida Everglades I will sell you. This is a cover-up so the Shadow Government can obtain information on websites that oppose the New World Order and either shut them down or haul the owner to one of the internment camps ready to incarcerate dissidents. I do not doubt that NSA also uses this technology to locate Al Qaeda websites that plan to attack our country, but it conveniently provides them a perfect excuse to spy on American citizens.

Britain Now Has the Ability to Track Every Vehicle in Their Country

Britain has announced that it will begin to track the movement of every vehicle on their roads and hold the records for two years. The idea is to create a national database of every vehicle in England and analyze the driving records and journeys of their citizens and guests. Including in that would be illegal aliens, which British intelligence says is the main reason for the technology. The point is the technology now exists to track every person on the planet. In the United States, the GPS systems are now a requirement on all new vehicles built after 2006. In addition, cell phones have GPS devices, which mean cell phone users can be tracked 24/7.

All of the microwave towers we thought were to increase the quality of cell phone capabilities, may very well be to track us in our vehicles and as well as our persons. When my wife and bought our new SUV in 2006, we were scarred out of our wits when a voice came over the speakers in our car and said, “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Barber, is there anything we can do to help you with your GPS system? It was unexpected as well as unnerving. No doubt, it has good features in case you are stranded or lock yourself out of your car, but the Beast system will use it for keeping the population in check.

Well, I ran out of time and space without discussing the William Cooper article, but will do so in the next newsletter. You do not want to miss that issue for it will cause you to understand how very wicked and vile the globalists can be if they consider you a major obstacle to their plans. It proves without doubt that not only does a global elite control the affairs of world government, but also if you get in their way, they will not hesitate to remove you.

Remember, while big brother’s “All Seeing Eye” is watching us, we have a God in heaven whose eye is always on His people and His vision and capabilities are much greater than anything the global elite can imagine or do:

Psalms 33:18-19 NKJV

18 Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him,

On those who hope in His mercy,

19 To deliver their soul from death,

And to keep them alive in famine.

The Lord bless you and keep you in His Care.

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