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“Is There A Global Elite Guiding World Affairs?” Part 7
“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion” Part 2
Dr. Allen M. Barber
July 25, 2007

(Revised Version)

Believers Who Do Not Understand History Cannot Fully Understand Bible Prophecy

In the series on the Global Elite, Part 7, we are examining the relationship of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion , Part 2, (We will refer to the document in this article as the Protocols ) to secret organizations whose goal is world dominance. It is our studied opinion that a global elite does exist and has been patiently implementing their plan to usher in a New World Order for many years, perhaps dating back to the 4th century A.D. with the Merovingian Cult Dynasty, which some conspiracy theorists believe is the origin of the Priory of Sion. The 17th – 19th centuries provide a plethora of evidence that documents like the Protocols as well as the secret conclaves of powerful men are actively working and planning to take control of world governments and eventually crown their “King of Planet Earth.” This monarch will be the biblical Antichrist, which the books of Daniel and Revelation predict will come from the new world federation. Thus God’s Word, the Bible, is the most up-to-date book on the planet, but unfortunately few read it for its prophetic importance except perhaps to find support for an escape mechanism commonly known as the pretribulation rapture. The other unfortunate aspect of globalism is that the majority of professing Christians do not know anything about history either from a biblical or secular perspective. Moreover, they do not understand the relationship of biblical and world history, particularly the prophetic realm. Consequently, they do not recognize past and current events that have and are fulfilling prophecy including the book of Revelation.

The Study of Prophecy Uncovers the Hidden Darkness of the Global Elite

Revelation 17 and 18 clearly teach and advance the prophecies of Daniel that a global government is coming. Therefore, the onus is upon us to study and research all the available data that such is in progress and of itself is a major sign the end of the age is upon us. Why Christians cannot get excited about the study of prophecy, and I mean more than getting goose bumps about a pretrib rapture, is a mystery to me. Peter said the prophetic Word was like a light shining in a dark place and we would do well to pay attention (I Peter 1:19). This is the impetus for this series of Newsletters - to shine a light upon the dark places of the modern world that plan to create order out of chaos and in the process, manipulate and deceive mankind into believing the New World Order is the answer to man’s dilemma in bringing utopia – world peace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is our hope that when this series of articles are complete, you will understand that a conspiracy of mind-boggling proportions does in fact exists and is not hocus-pocus or a maniacal joke.

In the previous newsletter, we presented a brief history of the origins of the Protocols (the actual history would take more time and space that we can address in these weekly articles), and need to continue with that before we analyze the actual 24 Protocols. I am convinced that the Protocols are not a relic of the past, but are being used by the globalists to feign their clandestine operation. They are not the least bit bothered by all the hype to discredit the Protocols or brand them a Gentile forgery in order to foment global anti-Semitism. As long as the public domain dismisses them as a fraudulent document perpetrated against the Jewish race as world conspirators, their purpose of disguise and deceit is working. The global elite are using the Protocols to raise the war temperature of the Arabs against the Jews and is the seedbed of World War III. The Illuminists desire and plan a war between the Jews and the Arabs in the Middle East in order to gain control over the riches of that realm as well as the city of Jerusalem for the purpose of handing their plunder over to their Masonic Christ. You can read about it in Daniel’s prophecy, Chapters 2, 7-9, and 11.

Authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail Believe the Protocols are a Masonic Document

As John Daniel mentions in his book, Scarlet and the Beast, Volume I (third Edition) , “the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail , believe the Priory of Sion, not the Reform Jews” (the reform Jews are anti-Zionists) was behind the Protocols in Russia. In you remember in the previous newsletter, we showed how the Priory of Sion originated in France and probably is the source of the Protocols. Then the Protocols were stolen from a Masonic Lodge in France and transported to Russia, which helped foment anti-Semitism and create the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and the communist takeover of mother Russia.

Who do the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail (National Geographic has run extensive TV documentaries on Holy Blood, Holy Grail as well as the Protocols and while they titillate the audience with the possibility of a world conspiracy, they leave much to viewer discretion) believe the Priory of Sion was behind the Protocols in Russia and not the Jews? They believe the French Freemasons (Rosicrucian’s of English origin) befriended the Russian Czar, Nicholas II, by the likes of Monsieur Phillippe and a man named Papus (code name for Dr. Gerard Encausse, a 33rd degree Freemason) who was the Grand Master of both the Memphis and Mizraim Freemason organizations (both were Rosicrucian lodges that merged in 1875; remember Rosicrucianism is of English Freemasonry as opposed to French Freemasonry).

“Papus was also the Grand Master of the Martinist Masonic Supreme Council in Paris, which admitted both male and female members on equal terms.” What is interesting about Martinist Freemasonry is its symbolism of six dots, which resembles the six-pointed star of global Freemasonry. The six-pointed star is also the emblem of the Priory of Sion and modern Zionism. Because of this affiliation, many believed Martinism was a secret Jewish conclave. However, like the Mizraim lodges, the membership contained both Jews and Gentiles. What points to the Priori’s influence though is the “Rose-Croix capstone in Martinist Lodges.”

Nesta Webster, a controversial historian, occultist, and aristocratic author, believed the Illuminists secret societies were communist occultist plotting the takeover of the world using the Jewish Cabala, Masons, and Jesuits, as a patsy to disguise their intent, insisted that Martinist Freemasons inherited from their founder, Martines de Pasqually, several Jewish manuscripts, which were the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion . Webster’s claim of Judaist origin has never been proven.

Further evidence of the Priority of Sion’s involvement with Martinism is seen when a Gentile Freemason named Constant joined the Martinist order and took the Jewish name, Eliphas Levi. According to John Daniel in Scarlet and the Beast , Eliphas Levi had a major hand in compiling the stolen Templar documents from the Vatican by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is believed that Levi had access to the lost Protocols while a member of the Mizraim Lodges approximately a decade before they were found. What is rather interesting is Levi’s prophecy that in 1879 “a new political and religious ‘universal kingdom would be established and that it would be possessed by ‘him’ who would have the keys of the East.’” When we examine the Protocols in detail, it will be clear this prophecy is imbedded in Protocols 15, 17, and 24, which bear a striking resemblance to the Priory of Sion in that they claim to be of the seed of David from which the King of Jerusalem will one day sit on his throne in Jerusalem (Note: This not a reference to the Lord Jesus, but to Sion or Freemasonry’s Messiah).

Since Levi was a member of the same Martinist lodge as Victor Hugo and Hugo was associated with Adolphe Cremieux and Maurice Joly (Mizraim Lodge) who we learned in the previous newsletter plagiarized the Geneva Minutes into the Dialogues of Geneva (possibly the impetus for the Protocols), the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail believe the evidence is strong, though circumstantial that the Priory of Sion is the source of the Protocols as all these men were Gentiles except Cremieux. Included in this fraternity is Papus whom we have already mentioned was a Martinist and Claude Debussy, Hugo’s successor, both Gentiles.

There is much more history of the relationship of Martinist Freemasonry with the Priory of Sion, which we cannot deal with as time and space will permit in these newsletters. Our purpose in this newsletter is to give evidence for the Priory of Sion as the Gentile source of the Protocols and that they were purposely made to appear to be a Jewish plot to dominate the world. However, it must be understood that apostate Jews are part of the Priory of Sion as well as the global elite. (Note: based on further research from several credible sources, it is now my opinion that the Protocols were written by Kabbalistic Zionist Jews and cleverly promoted as a Gentile forgery in order to gain support and sympathy for the Zionist cause via a global anti-Semite crusade, that is, by creating the conditions that the Jews alone were hated  by the Goyim (Gentiles), the Kabbalistic Jews could hide among the secret societies and foment their world conspiracy incognito. Anyone opposing secular and religious Zionism would be branded as Anti-Semites, which is exactly what the Judeo-Freemasons who concocted the Protocols wanted. It is the clever of the cleverest conspiracies ever conceived by mankind and I almost bought into it. It was while re-studying the language of the Protocols that I realized no Gentile could have written such a document without having a thorough knowledge of the Jewish culture and particularly the mystic Jewish Kabbala. In addition, when I discovered other research documents, articles and speeches by Jewish political and religious personages whose statements were without doubt taken from the Protocols, I knew they were of Jewish origin.  Moreover, many Jews involved with Freemasonry are cryptic Jews, that is, they acquired Gentile names in order to conceal their true identity. It would shock you to know how many world figures with Gentile names are actually Jews. Therefore, the previous statement that apostate Jews are part of the Priory of Sion is inaccurate. Apostate Jews are the founders of the Priory of Sion and the Protocols. It is no coincidence of history that the Rothschild dynasty began its rise to power in Europe about the time the Protocols were believed to have been written (1754-1789)

The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail are convinced the Protocols are the product of Freemasonry, namely, the Priory of Sion. John Daniel in Scarlet and the Beast quotes from Holy Blood, Holy Grail as evidence for this conviction. Excerpts are as follows:

“Modern scholars have dismissed them [Protocols] as a total forgery, a wholly spurious document concocted by anti-Semitic interests intent on discrediting Judaism. And yet the Protocols themselves argue strongly against such a conclusion. They contain, for example a number of enigmatic references – references that are clearly not Judaic. But these references are so clearly not Judaic that they cannot plausibly have been fabricated by a forger, either. No anti-Semitic forger with even a modicum of intelligence would possibly have concocted such references in order to discredit Judaism. For no one would have believed these references to be of Judaic origin…Thus, for instance, the Protocols text ends with a single statement, ‘Signed by the representatives of Sion of the 33rd Degree’…Why would an anti-Semite forger have made up such a statement? Why would he not have attempted to incriminate all Jews, rather than just a few – ‘the few who constitute the ‘representatives of Sion of the 33rd Degree’? Why would he not declare that the document was signed by say, the representatives of the International Judaic congress? In fact, the ‘representatives of Sion of the 33rd Degree’, would hardly seem to refer to Judaism at all, or to any ‘international Jewish conspiracy.’ If anything, it would seem to refer to something specifically Masonic.”

They conclude “the original text on which the published version of the Protocols were based was not a forgery, but authentic and had nothing to do with Judaism or an international Jewish conspiracy.” On the contrary, they issued from some Masonic organization or Masonically oriented society that incorporated the word, ‘Sion.’” In addition, they believe “the Protocols originated from the 33rd Degree Supreme Council of the Rite of Mizraim which in turn is controlled by the Priory of Sion…”

Why the Protocols May Be of Gentile – Jewish Origin

While the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and John Daniel believe the Protocols are real authentic Masonry documents (actually one document comprised of 24 statements) as I do, I disagree that it is not possible the intent was to disguise or cover-up the purpose of a secret society of Gentile origin made to appear as a Jewish conspiracy to control the Goyim (Gentiles). Furthermore, the fact that Reform Jews (those against Zionism) and apostate Jews (secular and Kabbalistic Jews) are Freemasons and part of the global elite, they could easily have been involved in writing the original Protocols. I mean who would believe Jews would be part of any scheme to forge an anti-Semite document. A reading of the history of the Zionist state and the Zionist’s terrorist organizations that killed their own people and made it appear the Gentiles were responsible primarily the British, supports the position that Jewish Freemasons may have taken part in the creation of the Protocols, particularly, since Reform Jews hate Zionists Jews and are for assimilation with the Goyim nations.

The truth is that even with all the expert research and documentation supporting the Protocols as either a purely Gentile Masonic text with no intent to foment a Jewish world conspiracy or a Gentile Masonic forgery to foment global anti-Semitism, we do not know for certain the authors of the Protocols. However, as mentioned there is a considerable volume of research that strongly suggests the Protocols were written by Zionist Kabbalistic Jews. One thing we know for sure, the Protocols are alive and well on planet earth and are being used in many nations to stir-up anti-Semitism, especially in the Middle East, which again is exactly what the Zionist Jews desire in order to deflect attention away from their plan to rule the world via their Masonic Christ and establish the new kingdom of Israel that will dominate the Goyim - the Gentiles. The Kabbalistic Pharisees hated Jesus because He was a threat to their plans to establish Solomon's kingdom in Jerusalem according to mystic Kabbalism, which originated in Babylon during the Babylonian captivity. This became the quest of Kabbalistic Pharisaic Judaism and modern Zionism. It has evolved through the centuries and is now the root of Illuministic Globalism that will eventually produce the biblical Antichrist.

Next Weeks Newsletter – The Protocols Connection to WWIII and the Antichrist

In next weeks newsletter, we will trace the Protocols in the nations of the world and show how world leaders are currently influenced by them including the United States and Great Britain, but more so the communist and Arab nations. In fact, the Protocols are school textbooks in some Arab nations. Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as well as Venezuela’s Chavez believe the Protocols are a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world and is the basis for Ahmadinejad’s proclamation to destroy Israel.

From my research, I strongly believe the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion is the ‘bible” for the global elite and that they are following it toward world governance. As Satan used it to begin Hitler’s rise to power and the start of WWII, I believe it is being used today to usher in the Antichrist and WWIII, not necessarily in that order.

As mentioned in the last issue, I am indebted to John Daniel and his excellent book on the origin and history of Freemasonry, Scarlet and the Beast, Vol. I, Third Edition , for much of the research in this newsletter.

God bless.

Allen M. Barber, Ph.D
Director/Founder, The Biblical Worldview

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