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Book on Divorce and Remarriage entitled, Set My People Free, God's Position On Divorce And Remarriage, published by Xulon Press, is being re-published under a new title - God's Position On Divorce and Remarriage Freedom Through Jesus Christ.

When Xulon Press first published the book, they listed it with the various book stores including under the partial title, "Set My People Free," which resulted in the book not reaching the intended market - the divorce and remarried. The error was not caught until three months after the initial public announcement; by that time the freshness and appeal of a "new listing" was negatively impacted for marketability.

The new version is pending publication.

Reader Comments

"I have read your book on Divorce and Remarriage and it has opened my eyes as I had questions about divorce. It is very good and I want to order two more copies. It will truly set many free from bondage concerning divorce" - B. Texas

"I really appreciate your book, Allen. It's been very clarifying to see what the Scriptures teach about divorce and remarriage. It was fast reading, yet very informative and freeing. I appreciate you sharing your own experiences." - C. Texas

Thank you so much for the book on divorce and remarriage I finished reading it. It has liberated me. I was one of those who held the very legalistic view that for my own life divorce is sin and remarriage is adultery; and further that one should try by all means to reconcile with their spouse. I however had no problem with others divorcing and remarrying but I had this thing that it wasn't my portion and because I am still single I would not even consider marrying a divorcee.

Thank you so much once again.  I now have a better understanding of the Scriptures and God's heart on the matter.
   LC - Zimbabwe