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"What is the Illuminati - Part 2"
Dr. Allen M. Barber
March 7, 2008


If you have not read Part 1 in this series on the Illuminati, you should do so before reading Part 2 as I am giving an overview of this complex, but factual subject before jumping into the detail, which involves a mountain of information. I continue to be amazed in view of the strong evidence for a global conspiracy of those who deny such exist. If someone tells you they do not believe in a global conspiracy or the Illuminati, you should ask them the following questions: (1) how much study have they done on the subject not just read a couple of articles of those who deny the Illuminati is real? (2) How much study have they done on the secretive organizations such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Priory of Sion, The Knights Templars, Opus Dei, the Knights of Malta, the Bohemian Grove, O.T.O., Skull and Bones, the Thule Society, Freemasonry, especially Freemasonry, the Grant Orient Lodge, the Grand Alpina Lodge, Eastern Star, Royal Order of the Garter, the Great White Brotherhood, Argentium Astrum, (Silver Star), Guardians of the Grail, the Merovingian Blood Line, the Order of the Perfectibilists, Council of 300, Rosicrucians, the Society of Illumined Minds, the Invisible College, Lucis Trust, the Aspen Institute, the Theosophy Society, Zorasticism, Kabbalism, Talmudism, etc. (3) Why in spite of overwhelming evidence that a secretive organization does exist with multiple branches such as given here, do they choose to blindly ignore the evidence? All of these organizations are part of the Judeo-Masonic Illuminati.

If those who deny the Illuminati exist (again please understand the Illuminati is not one organization, but is a term that describes the primary ideology of the esoteric groups that comprise it, which is a special mystic knowledge of the so-called wise masters or enlightened ones), yet have no personal knowledge via research and study of these groups I have listed in the preceding paragraph, they are not only ignorant of the truth, but have no basis whatsoever for their position. They are willing blind by their own ignorance of failing to study the volume of material available on the Illuminati and the New World Order. An intellectually lazy person who refuses to spend the time it takes to research the facts about this Satanic cult play into the hands of Satan who prefers the sheep remain ignorant of his devices. The apostle Paul said, we are not to be ignorant of Satan's devices. (2 Cor. 2:11). As Dr. Stephen Jones says, prophecy want-a-bees who do not study history alongside the prophetic Word cannot possibly understand how prophecy has been and is being fulfilled today, wrongly thinking the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are waiting the final seven years to commence. I agree with that statement for current events prove the Seals of Revelation are already open to a certain degree, particularly the first five.

A study of the history of Freemasonry (all of these clandestine organizations are headed by Freemasons) proves without question that it is the principal secretive organization or the "grand daddy" if you will that is at the center of the Mystery of Iniquity (2 Thess. 2) and Mystery Babylon (Rev. 17). What do you think the Lord meant when He told John in Revelation 18:4 to tell His people (the saints) to come out of Mystery Babylon? Mystery Babylon is the end time New World Order, which I will prove in this series (hopefully you will have the patience to stay with the series), that the globalists or elite who sit atop the hierarchy of the Illuminati, rule the cosmetic governments of the nation states (the visible governments) from within a hidden Shadow Government. They are powerful wealthy men and women who have been deceived by Satan to believe a strictly secular society governed by an elite is preferable to one based on the principles of the Word of God. The Illuminati from top to bottom is not atheistic, but occultic and Antichrist. They believe in and worship Lucifer, the sun-god and the antitype of Jesus Christ.

You must understand that these people who compose the hierarchy of the Illuminati are highly educated, intelligent, family oriented, and even likeable folks -  you encounter them everyday and yet do not know them. They are also mystics and do things in secret that seems to defy their intellectualism. Spend some time studying the rituals and initiation rites of the various Freemasonry degrees and you will wonder how intelligent men could take part in such bizarre rituals. When presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush lay naked in a coffin in the Skull and Bones building on the Yale Campus and revealed their dark sexual secrets to the black hooded attendees, swearing allegiance to the New World Order, who would think such would become president of the United States of America. The Illuminists recruit and train their own for the purpose of using them to change visible governments into the invisible agenda of the New World Order waiting patiently for the day when they will come out of the shadows and declare the NWO the government of planet earth. That day is drawing closer everyday.

When I refer to mystics or mysticism, they are immersed in the political and religious process of world governments and use various secret methods to communicate their esoteric ideology, one of which is hand signals. Texe Marrs has written a book entitled, Codex Magica, which provides an abundance of graphics showing how world leaders engage in their games of concealment in order to mislead and deceive the masses. While you may not have a good opinion of Texe Marrs and may even consider him an ultra conspiracy nut, he has done some good research into the inner workings of the Illuminati. Before I read his book about the secretive hand signals the Illuminists use to communicate with the brotherhood, I knew that such existed because of my maternal grandfather who was a 32 degree Mason. In addition, my son was involved with the Sigma Chi Fraternity in college, which I learned later was immersed in Plato's ideology and included a secretive handshake to identity who the brothers are. Sigma Chi is a recruiting fraternity for Freemasonry. This organization programmed my son to accept Freemasonry and New Age philosophy. I am sad to report that he has completely turned away from Christianity and is involved with the New Age cult - the Unity Church. He was reared to believe in the Lord and the Christian Church, yet chose to apostatize. While we pray for his salvation, it is very dangerous to walk away from the truth. The path back is often difficult and many times impossible (See Hebrews 10: 26-31).

The hand signal that I refer to is the sign of the "Satanic Horned Goat," which involves the two middle fingers curved downward into the palm of the hand with the little finger and first finger extending upward in the image of a horn with the thumb extending outward. It resembles the "hook-em horns" sign the University of Texas students give as a symbol of the Texas Longhorn football team. All Illuminists recognize this hand signal as one of their own (they use many other hand symbols such as placing the right hand over the left breast with the right thumb extending upward. Marrs' book shows many world leaders giving the Illuminist hand signal of the "Horned Goat"  in order to telegraph to the brotherhood their esoteric intentions. (I was both alarmed and appalled to hear my son describe the bizarre rituals he was required to submit to in the woods late at night and in the early morning hours as his Sigma Chi brothers initiated him into the Fraternity). These kids are not morons, but intellectual college students just as the world leaders are not idiots, but highly educated intellectual men and women, yet are involved in mystical rituals in secret conclaves. These facts are undeniable!  In a future article, I will share the testimony of a woman who grew up in an Illuminati home (both parents were Illuminists) and was indoctrinated in the mystic religion and ideology of the Illuminati. She now is a born-again Christian and spends her time trying to rescue others caught-up in the tentacles of the Illuminati. Try telling her the Illuminati does not exist and she will quickly educate you on the stupidity of such unbelief.

I was watching a past forum on Fox News (July 2004) in which they were reporting on the popularity of the old Satanic Rock groups, KISS, AD/DC, the Rolling Stones, etc. making a come back (All of these groups including the Beatles were influenced to write lyrics based on the philosophy of Satanist, Aleister Crowley). As the camera showed the audience, many were holding up their hands giving the sign of the Satanic Horned Goat (it definitely was not the "hook-em horns" sign). Where did they learn to give the Satanic Horned Goat sign of the Illuminati - from the Illuminists who are involved in every segment of society worldwide and particularly among the occultists in the Rock Music industry. This occult icon of the Satanic Horned Goat fulfills I Timothy 4:1 that describes the end time generation's heavy involvement in demonology - listening to and accepting doctrines of demons. That is precisely what the Illuminati is - an organization steeped in demonic doctrine and worship of Satan.

While President Bush portrays himself as a Christian (Do you notice he never uses that term to describe himself), he has all the fruit of the illuminists ideology - Skull and Bones, liberal denomination, pro-ecumenical posture, kissing the ring of Pope John Paul II and bowing before him (I have a picture of President and Laura Bush in the presence of the Pope in the Vatican with both taking the hand of the Pope and kissing his ring; the picture was in  the Washington Post, June 4, 2004), giving the sign of the Satanic Horned Goat (I also have a picture of President Clinton giving the same Horned Goat sign), praising and exalting the Islamic religion, etc. If there is nothing to an Illuminati, then why do world leaders, even those of our own nation engage in occult symbolism? Are they just playing games or is there something more diabolical and sinister? I will let you be the judge of that as we examine in great detail the origin and composition of the Illuminati.

God is presently allowing Satan to fulfill prophecy as the prince and power of the air (world system). He is allowed to control certain events and occurrences in order to usher in the end time scenario and he works according to occultic symbols and numerology. The high adepts that occupy the top seats of the Illuminati believe special powers reside in certain numbers such as the numbers 11, 13, 19, 22, 33, etc. (I mentioned this previously). It is no coincidence that the North American headquarters for Freemasonry is located in Charleston, South Carolina and on the 33rd parallel (there are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry with the 33rd being the highest). The 33rd Masonic degree is the Luciferian Order and pure Satanism. In fact, the 29th -  33rd degrees are the top echelon of Freemasonry. By the time the initiates have been recruited and ascended to the 29th degree, they are sold out to Satan, although they believe their god is Lucifer and not Satan.

As I mentioned in the first article on the Illuminati, it was originally established in Germany (Some believe it actually began in France by the Rothschilds who later funded Adam Weishaupt to take credit for the organization as the Rothschild preferred not to be publicly identified with the clandestine entity) and soon afterward, inundated international Freemasonry. When the French attempted to abolish it from French soil, it moved to England and finally to the United States. Benjamin Franklin was both a member of English Freemasonry (Priory of Sion) and French Freemasonry (Knights Templar) and was introduced to the Illuminati when he was American minister to France. He tried to convince George Washington to join the Illuminati, but Washington refused and later warned of the Illuminati's influence on the young nation. Now if the Illuminati died out in France in the late 1700's as some teach, then why did Franklin attempt to convince Washington to join it and also why would Washington later write in 1789 warning against the Illuminati. This is all documented in the writings of George Washington that anyone can read about on the internet as well as in the memoirs of American presidents. This is no big secret.

Proof that the Illuminati considered the United States as its headquarters is seen on the one-dollar bill as we have shown previously in other articles, but is worthy of mentioning again. 33rd Degree Freemason, President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 designed the new American dollar bill (Why the dollar - at the time it was the principle currency and medium of financial transactions in the U.S. and a large part of the industrialized world). The year 1935 has the sum of 18 (666) so it was not a coincidence that it was the year chosen to identify the HQ of the Illuminati of the NWO. 1935 also happens to be 66 years before 2001 when the NWO entered the last phase before its epiphany, which I believe will take place in 2010. The "All Seeing Eye" atop the pyramid on the dollar is the symbol of the Illuminati and Freemasonry. The 13 steps on the Pyramid are another occult high number. The Roman numerals giving the date 1776 stands for the founding of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776 , not the United States independence from England. The eagle with its beak facing westward (the founding fathers who were both Freemasons and Illuminists wanted to put the two-headed eagle on the dollar, which symbolized the old Roman Empire with dual authority over Western and Eastern Europe and future revised Rome; it was also the symbol of Nazi Germany and even today Russia uses the two-headed eagle; more importantly, it is the symbol of Freemasonry). The star burst above the eagle's head forming the Satanic pentagram is the same symbol on the Israeli flag or the Star of David. The number 666 is cleverly woven into the Great Seal of the United States. The Latin phrase - Annuit Coeptis, Novus Ordor Seclorum means announcing the birth of the New Secular Order or New World Order.  All of these symbols or signatures are of the Illuminati as any true Illuminist will admit.

The New World Order was birthed right here in the United States and has been rising to prominence the past 73 years. It is interesting that Psalms 90:10 says normal human life is "70 years and if by strength 80 years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrow for it is soon cut off and we fly away." The number 70 is also an important number in God's prophetic program. There are only 7 years left to complete a full cycle of 80 years (two periods of testing as the number 40 is the number for testing; Jimmy Carter was elected president at the end of the first 40 years since President Roosevelt's ID-ing the New World Order and did everything within his power to move the U.S. into the New World Order. Carter was also a founding member of the Trilateral Commission, an Illuminist organization committed to globalism). Now we are facing an election year that begins the last seven years before the full 80 year cycle is complete in 2015. Does that mean the seven-year tribulation period may begin in 2009 -  Perhaps?  Pretribulationist and Prophecy teacher, Perry Stone, believes so. I personally think it is closer to 2010-11, but it could be 2009. The 44th President of the United States may very well be the last American president of the "United" States of America (notice where I placed the quotation marks) before we become the North American Community Union. Then we will be governed by a triumvirate, which will eventually evolve into a dictator setup by the Antichrist (the ten super states).

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan testified before the U.S. Senate in 2004 and when asked  why we were paying more for natural gas than any other country in the world - twice that of Europe, he said and I quote him, "We do not have the supply to meet the demand, therefore, we must import more liquefied natural gas brought to our shores by ships (tankers)." That was a blatant lie as every CEO of the energy companies knows the U.S. has an almost inexhaustive supply of natural gas (Texas alone has enough proven reserves according to the Texas Oil and Gas Industry Research Agency to make the U.S. independent of natural gas imports for well over 100 years. In addition, according to the Noah Project and the Eden company (Jewish organizations), the United States has rich supplies of proven oil reserves that if we allowed the drilling and production of the oil fields, the U.S. would be independent of all foreign energy sources with 5-10 years. However, energy independence does not fit the plans of the Illuminati for the United States. The reasons the Illuminati moved its HQ to the U.S. is to dominate and control it. One way they are doing it is by radical environmentalism pushed through the Congress by liberal Democrats who support the "green machine" of the special interests of which Al Gore is a prominent member. If the democrats gain the house (McCain seems to be leaning toward green energy), watch them dismantle the oil and gas industry in terms of exploration and extraction - drilling. 

Things do not happen by accident in our nation or the world. They take place according to the policies of the Shadow Government (the Illuminati) and the secret workings of an elite body of globalists who coerce, manipulate, and control the political and religious events of world governments. What we see on the TV is just the cosmetics not the substance.

When the Mystery of Iniquity is finally revealed by the coming age of the NWO and its leader the Antichrist (II Thessalonians 2), then what has been done in secret for centuries will be out in the open for the Illuminists will no longer need to hide behind closed doors and meet in secret conclaves. That day has been fast approaching, especially since 1913 when the world went on Mystery Babylon time with the creation of the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve System (the Central Bank of the U.S.) is the Illuminati's primary instrument for taking over the government and people of the United States when the dollar finally collapses and a regional currency takes its place - the Amero. Alan Greenspan told a European financial group last week that the world needed regional currencies  - how about ten?

As I wrote in another article, Bill Lambert, a leader in the Luciferian Order and the Theosophical Society told a meeting of Illuminists in New York in 2001 that the year 2010 has been decided as the year for the recognition of the NWO. That is less than three years if you take it to the end of 2010.  See my article on the 120-year generation in the Biblical Prophecy Section.

Many world leaders said that 9-11-2001 was a paradigm shift in world politics and that things will never be the same. President Bush said it was the beginning of WWIII. I am convinced the God of heaven and earth is giving the world His last warnings before the tribulation settles in upon the earth and once it does it will not end until all prophecy is fulfilled including the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls of the book of Revelation. The tribulation is about the New World Order and the Illuminati. The Illuminati is the key player in Mystery Babylon.

If there were no secret societies such as the Illuminati, the New World Order could not become a reality for the people would not fall for any kind of conspiracy they can see visibly among the nations. Neither could the Antichrist rise to power without a secret organization for him to establish a base. In my opinion, he is alive today and hiding among the Illuminist organization waiting for his epiphany.

As I said, this subject is complex and must be studied from A to Z not jump right into the middle of things for that would only confuse you.  For those who have been reading my articles since I went online in 2007 understand how I write and teach, that is, that I build a foundation for the teaching  - who builds a roof first without laying the foundation and walls?

God bless you.