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What is the Illuminati - Part 4?
Dr. Allen M. Barber
May 28, 2008

Before reading this article on the Illuminati, I recommend that you go back and read the first three articles as that will give you a somewhat detailed background into this complex secret organization. The terms Illuminati, Globalism, New World Order and Freemasonry are all synonymous terms in the sense of their agendas for world revolution and ultimate goal of a New World Order. The available research into this clandestine organization is voluminous including expert testimony of many who have come out of the secret societies, that is, an organization referred to as the Illuminati is real with many branches that hides in the shadows and threatens its initiatives with death if they break its oaths and reveal its secrets.

The list of able researches who have devoted their lives to expose the wickedness of the Illuminati with its many sub-organizations are too numerous to name, but the fact so many have found it not only interesting, but a mandate proves there must be something more than just a theory that a world conspiracy has been in progress for over 200 years and is about to reach its apex. 

One of those researches is Ralph Epperson who has written a large work entitled, The Unseen Hand; An Introduction to the Conspirational View of History. The book is 500 pages in small print and is well written in a chronological sequence of factual historical evidence that world events are the product of what he calls the "Conspirational View of History." It is one of the books referenced in the "Recommended Reading Section of this website.

Most will probably not read the book especially those who are easily bored by detail and do not care to read anything over a hundred pages; however, to not do so is to their lost for it proves in my opinion why a world conspiracy does exist and will not end until it has accomplished its goal of world government. Since the Bible teaches an end time world government, the Conspirational View is not only the correct one in contrast to the Accidental View, but is mandatory to fulfill Bible prophecy.

lIn the opening pages of the book, Epperson quotes Abraham Lincoln concerning a world conspiracy:

When we see a lot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different times and places and by different workmen, and when we see these timbers joined together and see that they exactly make the frame of a house or a mill, all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to their respective pieces, and not a piece too many or too few, not omitting even scaffolding or if a single piece be lacking, we can see the place in the frame exactly fitted and prepared to yet bring such piece in; in such case, we find it impossible to not believe that they all understood one another from the beginning and all worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first lick was struck.

Obviously, Abraham Lincoln was speaking metamorphically of a New World Order, even the Illuminati, which John Daniel in his three volume work, Scarlet and the Beast, shows how the Illuminati fomented the Civil War. In fact, Freemasonry Illuminati assassinated President Lincoln for opposing the central banking cartel. Another president, elected to the U.S. presidency exactly 100 years later was assassinated for the same reason and more. President Kennedy, a Catholic, knew that his administration was stacked with Masonic Illuminists and he wanted to get rid of them, yet a mole in the Kennedy White House leaked his plans to the Illuminists and they began to plot his death and carried it out in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 - a date especially chosen to reveal the Illuminists signature to the higher adepts.

Each time I read of someone denying a world conspiracy exist, I know the conspirators have succeeded in what Epperson states on page 7 of his book:

Not only must the Conspirators work in secret, they must make every effort to insure that their plans are not made public. The first task of a conspiracy, then, becomes that of convincing the people that the Conspiracy itself does not exist. This makes the task of uncovering the machinations of the conspiracy all the more difficult.

What drives men to band together in secret conclaves and plan diabolical schemes to overthrow governments and enslave people is power. In order to have power, they must have money and lots of it. That is why the Rothschild's are known to have said, "Give us control of the money and we do not care what laws a nation may pass." Have you stopped to think about the billions of dollars the greedy speculators are making from the present energy crisis as well as to why they need all that money. They cannot spent it in one lifetime, so why do they need that much money?  It is about power - the ability to control nations and people for money talks. By creating an energy crisis that foments a financial burden upon the working class, they succeed in funneling all the money into their coffers while robbing the middle and poor class of their income, savings, and retirement. The result is "control." The man who has one million dollars has certain economic and political abilities that another man with only a thousand dollars does not have, thus it comes down to the have and the have nots - the goal of the globalists. The United States is beginning to feel the power of the wealthy elite as well as the realization that nothing can be done about it.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion declare that the Goyim - the Gentile nation states will be helpless to oppose or to thwart the plans of the global elite. If no government and its laws are able to stop the unprecedented rise in global energy prices or the economic laws of supply and demand, then this scenario alone should awaken the sheeple that something powerful and beyond normal control is at work and it is. It is called the Illuminati headed by powerful Masonic Kabbalistic Jewish and Gentile high adepts who plot, plan, and move world events ever so patiently and esoterically. One reason I know the last of the last days are upon the human race is that the secret societies are becoming more visible, that is, they are boldly coming out of the shadows and owning up to their symbols and dogmas. Recently in Israel, certain Rabbis said that Judaism was not enough, but that the Kabbala should be taught in the Hebrew universities and recognized by the Knesset as the basis of all religious and political life in Israel.

The apostle Paul said in II Thessalonians 2 that the mystery of iniquity would produce two things: (1) the apostasy, which is a strong end time rebellion against the truths of Scripture and (2) the revelation of the biblical Antichrist. When these two events take place, then the mystery of iniquity, in which the secret societies presently conceal their full identities, will no longer have any need to operate in the shadows or remain mysterious, for such will have produced their leader for all the world to behold. Since we are already in the throngs of apostasy, the appearance of Antichrist cannot be far away.

Speaking of the secret societies, Ralph Epperson devotes one chapter in Unseen Hand by that title (Chapter 8).  In the chapter he quotes several sources, one in particular is former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1874-1880) who said:

There is in Italy a power which we seldom mention in this House (the house of Parliament)...I mean the secret societies...It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal, that a great part of Europe say nothing of other covered with a network of these secret societies...What are their objects?

They do not want constitutional government...They want to exchange the tenure of the land, to drive out the present owners of the soil and to put an end to ecclesiastical establishments.

Epperson points out that according to Disraeli the two goals of the secret societies are identical to organized communism (again the Protocols state the government of the New World Order will be communistic): (1) the abolition of private property and (2) the ending of the ecclesiastical establishments - the religions of the world.

The book of Daniel says that when the Antichrist comes to power, he will divide or distribute the land to his faithful followers who will rule over many:

Daniel 11:36-39 NASB

36 "Then the king will do as he pleases, and he will exalt and magnify himself above every god, and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods; and he will prosper until the indignation is finished, for that which is decreed will be done. 37 "And he will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all. 38 "But instead he will honor a god of fortresses, a god whom his fathers did not know; he will honor him with gold, silver, costly stones, and treasures. 39 "And he will take action against the strongest of fortresses with the help of a foreign god; he will give great honor to those who acknowledge him, and he will cause them to rule over the many, and will parcel out land for a price.

In order to distribute land, the Antichrist must have control over vast amounts of real estate. You must remember that he will have a global kingdom in which ten kings shall give him their power and allegiance. In my studied opinion, that will be the 10 superstates or world regions that comprise the New World Order. Those ten regions are nearing completion with Brazil announcing yesterday they will lead an effort to establish a South American Union patterned after the EU. The North American Community Union will become official in 2010 - the merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. [That was put on the back burner by President Bush when the sheeple got wind of it and began to voice their disapproval; however, Obama has been pursuing it under a different name and out of the public domain; when the time is right it will resurface, I guarantee you.]

For the Antichrist and his New World Order to control the nations and the sheeple, he must get his hands on "private property." Private land ownership is a threat to dictators for it gives the common folks independence and that is something a dictatorship cannot tolerate. Make no mistake about it, the secret Illuminist societies are headed by greedy bloodthirsty men who want all the power and all the money. There is only one way they can achieve that - take from the sheeple by fraud, deceit, confiscation, civil disobedience, assassinations and war if necessary. The learned elders of Sion teach that "morals" are a threat to the politic of their government. A weak politician is someone with morals.  Dictators must not rule according to morals, but according to power. Therefore, without a moral compass guiding the hierarchy of the secret societies, theft, robbery, and murder are not crimes or sins. In fact, Masons who achieve the Royal Arch degree or 7th Scottish Rite degree, swear to a blood oath that murder is not a crime or a sin if the craft deems it is necessary to purge their ranks or to remove an obstacle to their agenda. As I mentioned, president's Lincoln and Kennedy were gunned down by Freemasons who were Royal Arch degrees and above. They were a threat to the Kabbalistic Masonic New World Order. Their assassinations were not murders according to Masonic oaths, but a necessity to preserve the Masonic Order of which the Illuminati is the chief ideology and Kabbalism is the religion - the worship of the sun god - Lucifer.

On page 77 of Unseen Hand, Epperson writes "that communism as a form of government began with a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati." In addition, he quotes from the 1953 California Senate Investigation Committee on Education "that modern communism is the same as the Illuminati that raised its ugly head during the days when the original 13 colonies were adopting the Constitution."

On the following page he states "that if commentators are correct in their view that communism is a front for secret societies including the Illuminati, then it behooves the student of the conspirational view to examine the origins and history of this clandestine organization." (Note: the Conspirational View in contrast to the Accidental View takes the position that nothing happens accidentally, but by purposeful design; that is the position I have come to believe after 40 years of studying world and biblical history). President Franklin Roosevelt, himself a 32nd degree Mason and a globalist, said nothing takes place in Washington that has not been predetermined and planned.

The universe was not created by chance, but by purposeful design of a Supreme being - the God of the Bible and neither are major historical events by accident. Behind the events are humankind whether for good or evil. In the case of evil, Satan is the force that moves fallen humanity to deny accountability to an absolute authority who has power over the destiny of men's souls. Therefore, they are free in their own minds to do as they please. Since the Bible tells us that Satan is the dark angel who operates by lies and deceit, why do we think his followers would not organize and develop secret societies to carry out the wishes and mandates of their god - Lucifer?  It is difficult for some to believe that wicked and evil men would actually plot and plan a world conspiracy by hiding in the Shadows and concealing their identities while they foment murderous revolutions around the globe; however, anyone willing to take the time to research the abundance of evidence complied by able authors and commentators as well as to observe the uncommon phenomenon that cannot be easily explained except that an unseen forces are behind it, must conclude that secret societies do exist and not for the good of humanity, but for its demise. This is what Epperson proves in Unseen Hand and what I am endeavoring to do in these few articles on the Illuminati.

In an nutshell, the Illuminati can be defined both as an ideology and a religion based on intelligent reasoning. The word itself means the "illumined ones" or those possessing special esoteric knowledge. That knowledge is centered in Kabbalistic mysticism or the oral traditions of the Jewish religious hierarchy established during the Babylonian captivity. It supplanted the Torah - God's original Law given to Moses and compiled in five books also known as the Pentateuch. When Jesus came to earth in His first advent, Kabbalism was already the religion of the Pharisees, which He strongly condemned and rebuked them for setting aside the Law of God by their oral traditions. Modern Judaism is nothing less than Kabbalism with a Judaistic flair. This is why the Jewish people have difficulty believing  the gospel of the Old Testament such as Isaiah 53 because Kabbalism has corrupted the original Scriptures to conceal Messiah's true identity. They do not want the people to believe that Jesus fulfilled the Hebrew Scriptures in His first advent.

The early Church rejected the Masoretic text of the Old Testament (the Tenauch) and instead used the Septuagint version (the Greek translation of the Old  Testament) because they knew the Rabbinate had corrupted the original texts. All modern translations of the Old Testament are based on the Masoretic text except the old King James Version. This is why the Old King James is still the best study Bible available today even though the language is archaic and awkward. I still use it in my study, but I also use most of the translations such as the NIV, the NASB, the NKJV, the ESV, and the Living Bible Translation (not the paraphrase). The King James "only" proponents are foolish legalists and I can prove to them that even the Old King James has errors, scribal overwrites, and was tampered with by the editor who was both a Templar and a Sionist - the mother of modern Freemasonry. Are you aware that Freemasons claim that the Old King James Version is their Bible? Why, because the editor, Roger Fludd was one of them.

In Daniel 8:25, Fludd purposefully used the word "craft" to identify the Antichrist as the Messianic Christ. That verse says he will cause craft to prosper. When Freemasons read that verse, they believe their order will produce the Masonic Christ and that they will prosper under his reign. Freemasonry is known throughout the world as "the craft." The Kabbalistic Jews who superintend the Gentile lodges know the better meaning of Antichrist is to substitute. Therefore, they do not perceive the Antichrist as do Christians, but believe their Christ - Lucifer is superior to Jesus and in reality is the true God. Freemasons do not believe Lucifer is Satan. They are taught by the higher adepts (29th - 33rd degrees) that Satan is a invention of Christianity and therefore a myth. If you have friends or relatives who are Freemasons, know that they do not believe in a real Satan. Perhaps some of the lower degrees still do (first and second degrees), but by the time they reach the Master Mason degree (the 3rd degree), they are indoctrinated in Luciferianism.

The Illuminati and its many secret societies are steeped in Kabbalistic Masonic Luciferianism for by the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Rothschild's Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt credited with founding the Illuminati was nothing but a puppet of the Rothschild's who wanted to conceal their identity and association with the Illuminati) had penetrated all the European and American Masonic Lodges. Therefore, Freemasonry became the Illuminati. The Illuminati is the same as Freemasonry and vice-versa. Within Illuministic Freemasonry is a governing body known as the Council of 300. Only 33rd degrees can sit on this ruling council. They rule over all the secret societies and control the agendas of the conclaves in fomenting world conspiracy. The Illuminists are not republican, democratic, or independent, they are agents of Lucifer and care not about the political ideology of national leaders. They care about one thing - subverting all sovereign nations in order to usher in their kingdom (they refer to their order as  "the kingdom"), which shall be a communistic dictatorship that worships Lucifer or Satan. In order to achieve this goal they must eradicate Christianity from any leadership role or influence in governmental affairs. The majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices are high level Freemasons and this is the reason we are seeing an aggressive campaign against Christianity in this nation. The Illuminists decided in the early 1960's it was time to move the U.S. away from Christianity, so they began to methodically overturn long-held biblical positions such as prayer and bible reading in schools, sodomy, pro-life anti-abortion beliefs, and traditional family and marriage. This attack continues today unabated.

In further describing the origins and ideology of the Illuminati, Epperson writes on page 80 the following:

Weishaupt's contempt for religion manifested itself with his thought that man's ability to reason would set the moral tone of the society rather than the teachings of the Bible. This thought was not new.

The Bible teaches that the first man and first woman, Adam and Eve were instructed by God not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man was not to set his own moral precepts; he was to listen to the laws of God.  Man was tempted by Satan with the ability to be as gods knowing good and evil, capable of using his own mind to decide what was right and wrong.

So Weishaupt's call to man's reason to determine his morality was not new; it was the continuing battle between man's mind and the teachings of God.

...So man continued his rebellion against God. Weishaupt furthered the trend by teaching that man could free himself by emancipating himself from religion. Even the name of his organization, the Illuminati, revealed his concern about man's mind. The "Illuminated Ones" of the Illuminati would be those possessing the greatest ability to discern the truths of the universe gleaned from the workings of the human mind. Once unhindered by religion, pure reason would lead man out of the spiritual wilderness.

What does the Word of God say about man's unregenerate mind?

Romans 8:7-8 ESV

7 For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot. 8 Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

Contrary to Weishaupt's corrupted assumption, it is God's laws that set man free from himself, from sin, and from Satan's enslavement. The founding fathers of this nation, even though some were Illuminists like Franklin and Jefferson, knew the importance of a free society having come out of a tyrannical European environment so they were careful in writing a Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing the individual rights that could not be revoked by governments; however, the original constitution has been corrupted by all three branches of our government - the executive, legislative, and judicial especially since 9-11-2001 to where our freedoms and rights are being removed one at a time.

Epperson says, "that man becomes less free when his wife, his property and his very life belong to those who feel they have the right to take from him."  The Order of the Illuminati and its secret societies do not want us to be free - to own property and to worship the God of heaven, even the Lord Jesus Christ. They are working through the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, U.N. treaties, executive orders, stupid legislation, and corrupt judges to take away our basic freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They want to own and control us.  The brainless pundits of the New World Order (the liberal left) foolishly think it will give them utopian happiness and unbridled freedoms when in fact it will force them to honor and obey the dictatorship of Satan's Antichrist. The Mark of the Beast will not be voluntary, but forced upon the populace under the threat of death by beheading. No one living in the kingdom of Antichrist will be free, but slaves of his governance.

The Illuminati is all about mind religion, that is, the powers of reasoning to set man's moral compass and destiny. Unfortunately, it leads only to enslavement, judgment, and eternal punishment. We see this in our nation whereby so-called intelligent politicians and judges ruled by reasoning say and do things that do not make any common sense and are in direct opposition to God's moral standards.

In closing, I quote Epperson again who said:

...the ultimate goal of the Illuminati and hence all of its successors, becomes power: worldwide power. The power of government over all the people of the world.

There is no way on God's green earth to accomplish this except via a worldwide conspiracy of mammoth proportions hidden in a vast network of secret societies.

God bless.