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Dr. Allen Barber
May 5, 2010

While there are many things in this nation that disturb me, the current debate over the Arizona Immigration Law is a conundrum that will never be resolved until all the liberal left-wing nerds come to grip with reality and face the truth of what constitutes a nation-state. To say that America is a land of immigrants; therefore, we should not prosecute or profile the millions of illegal aliens living among us is a gross misunderstanding of federal immigration laws on the books such as the Immigration Act of 1940 which requires all aliens to register with the government and carry documentation on their persons at all times. In addition, aliens over 14 years of age must be fingerprinted. What the state of Arizona has done is to enforce the United States federal immigration laws. Do you think the liberals in Congress and in the press not to mention all the illegal Hispanics who defy our laws by their very presence in our country care about obeying the laws of the United States of America? Obviously by all the rhetoric coming from the left and the millions of illegal aliens protesting in our streets, the immigration laws of the United States mean nothing to them. The Governor of Arizona has been compared to Hitler and the immigration bill she signed into law as Nazism. The left used the same attack against the Tea Party movement.

The problem with the left whether the issue is healthcare or illegal immigration is they detest anything that is truthful, legal, moral and responsible. They seem to have a mental disease that causes their brains to short-circuit whenever the rule of law or whatever is morally and ethically right challenges their leftist agendas. If you listen to their statements in the media such as the one Senator Chuck Schumer made today in which he said the terrorist attempt to blow-up an SUV in New York city was all about opposition to healthcare, you have to seriously wonder about the mental state of the Democratic left. Schumer's psychotropic comment is void of any common sense or basic intelligence yet he is considered one of the leaders of the Democratic Congress.

When Apollo 13 ran into trouble on its ill-fated trip to the moon (April, 1970), the infamous message from the stricken spacecraft to Mission Control in Houston, Texas, was, "Houston, we have a problem." Well, we have a major problem in Washington, D.C. in that the left-wing democratic controlled government is completely out of touch with the American people and very little they say or do has any resemblance to common sense.  Why would those we elect to represent us in Washington continue to ignore the federal immigration laws that mandate we control our borders as well as arrest and deport all illegal aliens? Why do they demonize the governor, law enforcement and citizens of Arizona as well as anyone on the right for wanting to enforce the laws of this nation against the criminals that cross our borders illegally by the thousands and millions every year killing, robbing and raping our citizens?  There are basically two reasons: (1) they do not love this country enough to recognize and respect our borders as well as preserve its  rich history and culture as the land of freedom and opportunity for those who want to come here legally and assimilate as "Americans" - not the hyphenated brand. (2) they see an expanded democratic party via amnesty, which means even more power and a "turn-a-blind-eye" corporate America to the enormous profit potential of millions of Hispanics who become citizens overnight. It is all about power and money!

Returning to the ideology that we are all immigrants; therefore, we should be compassionate and lenient to those who invade our borders illegally, there is something no one in Congress or the media understands or at least will not discuss it, which is the legal definition of an independent nation state with recognized borders.  Why does the United States have a Constitutional Right to demand other nation states recognize and respect its borders? 

Although Columbus is credited with discovering America in 1493, the exact location of his landing is disputed with some saying he landed in the Carribean; others that he landed in the Bahamas or Puerto Rico. The truth is the first Europeans to set foot on land in the United States were a group of Spanish explorers under Juan Ponce de Leon who landed on the Florida coast near the city of St. Augustine in 1513. The British did not reach America until 1585 when a colony was founded in North Carolina, but later abandoned. It was not until 1607 that the British established a second colony at Jamestown. From 1607 until the United States declared independence from Great Britain in 1776, the vast territories of the United States were explored and colonies established by the British, the French, the Spanish and the Mexicans. It would take another 136 years and several wars for the Continental United States to form 48 contiguous states (New Mexico and Arizona the 47th and 48th states added in 1912) and to be recognized by the nation states as a growing power with distinguishable borders and a democratic-republic form of government based on Constitutional law and a bill of rights.

Technically, the United States no longer was a nation of immigrants when she declared independence from Great Britain in 1776 and adopted the Constitution in 1787 as the supreme law of the land; however, it took over a century for the young nation to grow into maturity as a major nation among the world of nation states. The point is that once the United States gained its independence as a separate nation with its own government and laws, it was no longer a loose territory of diverse immigrants vying for a place or legal residence. Every person living in the sovereign territories  of the free states of the United States of America became officially citizens of the new nation and such citizenship was automatically conferred as the new nation expanded its territory north, east, south and west.  Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration under the "Naturalization clause." Here is the law from Article 8, Section 1252c:

a) In general.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, to the extent permitted by relevant State and local law, State and local law enforcement officials are authorized to arrest and detain an individual who–

(1) is an alien illegally present in the United States; and

(2) has previously been convicted of a felony in the United States and deported or left the United States after such conviction, but only after the State or local law enforcement officials obtain appropriate confirmation from the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the status of such individual and only for such period of time as may be required for the Service to take the individual into Federal custody for purposes of deporting or removing the alien from the United States.

(b) Cooperation.  The Attorney General shall cooperate with the States to assure that information in the control of the Attorney General, including information in the National Crime Information Center, that would assist State and local law enforcement officials in carrying out duties under subsection (a) of this section is made available to such officials.

With the adjustments the Arizona legislature made to the Immigration Bill the governor signed into law last week, it is obvious the state is doing what is constitutionally mandated in enforcing our immigration laws against illegal aliens.  The problem is the Federal Government has not done its job for many years in controlling and enforcing illegal immigration. We are a separate independent nation of laws that include protecting our borders. Anyone who comes into our country illegally is a criminal and deserving of arrest and deportation. This cop out that we are all immigrants, therefore, our borders are open season for anyone who wants to come here is pure nonsense. We are a nation of laws and one of those is our borders are to be respected by other nations and peoples.

The liberals in Congress including several presidents and the greedy corporations have allowed our borders to be overrun with illegal aliens from Mexico all in the name of "power and money!"  Liberal clerics have added to the debacle by advocating compassion over law. We should just look the other way as the massive invasion from the South continues which is destroying our traditions and culture while imposing tremendous financial burdens upon the legal citizenry. There is no compassion in that and in the long run hurts the very people they want to give a "free ride." 

The Shadow Government of the global elite (a few very greedy and powerful men that are the movers and shakers of a New World Order) seeks control of this nation by inundated it with massive illegal aliens. Why? To fundamentally change the infrastructure of America from a majority of European White Americans to a hodge-podge of multi-nationals that have no generational roots in America's history and culture. This is evident when you see millions of illegal aliens carrying Mexican flags in the streets of America. This reality come home to me when I attended a Texas Ranger baseball game. Behind the first base dugout were a group of Hispanics waving a large Mexican flag each time a Mexican ball player made a key play.  What we have today in the United States is a bunch of hyphenated ethnic groups that prefer to be known by their foreign identities rather than as American citizens. It did not use to be this way.  Foreign nationals who came here legally and stood in line for citizenship were proud to be called "Americans," not a hyphenated brand. 

The vast majority of Mexicans living inside our borders illegally do not care to be assimilated into our culture. They take our jobs, ruin our hospitals and schools and send their money back home to prop-up the economy of Mexico.  The Mexican government is all to happy to keep sending large numbers of their population to the United States "illegally" for it benefits their economy and expands their influence and territory northward and westward. It is their Aztlan Policy and many Mexican legislators embrace it. The majority of the United States Congress has no backbone to call a spade a spade in passing strong and strict immigration laws, that is, make it clear that we will not tolerate people entering our nation illegally and breaking our laws.

Dr. Allen Barber