"The Manchild and His Mother - REVELATION 12"
By Chris Bland
The woman of REV. 12 is the worldwide church in general. Within the church, there is presently a very small corporate body of Spirit-led overcomers, referred to as the manchild, whose enlightening, Scripture-based truths expose various forms of darkness spread by the non-overcoming leadership. Those who comprise the manchild stand up for truth and righteousness at any cost knowing that people must hear the truth in order to be set free, but yet making them the most often persecuted, excluded, and rejected by various non-overcoming church leaders and the large bodies of people who follow them in the same darkness. JEREMIAH 5:30-31 reveals this condition of the church perfectly. It says, "An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule on their own authority; And My people love to have it so!" Jeremiah, who was the manchild of his day, endured much rejection and was nearly put to death as he declared the word of the Lord to God's apostate people whose leaders led them further into darkness, despising anyone who would dare to shine the light of God's truth to them. God promised that Jeremiah's life would be spared, and it was in spite of much opposition, and God even prevented "the beast" of Jeremiah's day (Babylon) from doing him any harm.
The manchild can be likened unto "David being persecuted by Saul." Saul was once a child of God, for he received the Spirit of God just as David did, and later, the Spirit of God departed from Saul, and an evil spirit indwelt him from that time on, and moved him to attempt to murder David, whom God was preserving alive to take Saul's place once the Philistines (and not David) removed Saul. Saul failed to overcome; 1CHRONICLES 10:13-14 declares, "God killed Saul and turned the kingdom over to David" because Saul (whom God chose "when he was little in his own eyes") did not keep the word of the Lord and because he asked counsel of a medium and did not inquire of the Lord. David, though he sinned greatly, repented greatly, and cried out that God would not take His Holy Spirit away from him as He did from Saul before him. David overcame because he knew God's Spirit could depart from him, while Saul had a sin-breeding, soul-stealing, ear-tickling form of "security" that dulled his ears to the warnings and rebukes of Samuel. What this tells us is that a large percentage of those who fall into the "Saul" category will be present-day leaders of God's people who spread such popular doctrines as "unconditional eternal security" ("once saved, always saved"), and therefore fail to overcome and lead God's people not to overcome - "the blind leading the blind," as Jesus put it, "both falling into a pit" which they do not believe God will ever let them fall into. When they fall, the Spirit of God will leave them, and the spirit of antichrist will reside in them, just like what happened to Saul, the non-overcoming leader of God's people.
On the other hand, the "manchild" ("David") exists because the "woman" (the church at large) cries out in pain to deliver him out of her tummy. He brings forth important Scripture-based teachings that are not welcome to the church in which he sits, and every time he tries to bring forth what God is revealing to him, "he brings pain to that momma!" As 2TIMOTHY 4:1-5 reveals, the people represented by "the woman giving birth to the manchild" are they who turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to a great number of teachers who feed them the fables they would rather hear. They have been sitting under "Saul" for so long now, that anything "David" (the manchild in the wilderness, seemingly by himself) has to say is not welcome. Yet, those who comprise the manchild are not at all tempted to change their message to suit their listeners, like the "Saul"s are. The "Saul"s teach as they do for money, as 2PETER 2 reveals; they, according to JUDE, follow Cain's way, Balaam's greed, and Korah's rebellion. Just as Korah rose up against Moses (the manchild in his day), so the "Saul"s will rise up against the manchild of the latter days. But God caused the earth to open up and swallow Korah and his followers, while Moses and all who did not follow Korah were preserved. "Judgment begins at the house of God" before it is taken to the world.
The manchild ("little, ruddy David") exposes the lies which "tall, handsome Saul" has been teaching. As a result, the people (the "woman" in REV. 12, the church who now sits under "Saul") have made it clear to this "manchild" that his teachings are not welcome, and they have sent him away into the wilderness. The manchild's message is not "the leaven of the Pharisees" but the unleavened word of God, and yet the Pharisees and their crowds say, "We don't believe that! We don't care what the Bible says. We believe this!" When "Saul" fails to overcome (and he will), then God will raise up the Philistines to take him out, so that the woman who delivered the manchild out into the wilderness may be forced into the wilderness herself to be nourished by the manchild for 3 1/2 years.
The manchild of REV. 12 is greatly detailed in REV. 14:1-5. This is a small body of saints who go into the tribulation already marked by God; they are blameless; they are the firstfruits (which implies there is more fruit to follow) to come into maturity, whose job is to bring the rest of God's crop into maturity; they have not been defiled with "women" but have kept themselves chaste. The "women" referred to here are the "seven women who take hold of one man" in ISAIAH 4:1 (a portrait of the various church denominations) who all say, "We'll eat our own bread, we'll wear our own clothes. Only let us be called by your name, and take away our reproach." While God loves these "seven women" (He has people in these many denominations), His Son prayed in JOHN 17 that we would all be one undivided church, and GALATIANS 5:19-21 calls these sects "works of the flesh." So, the manchild will be comprised of the few who are so blameless that they have not been defiled with these "women" - they refuse to "eat their own bread and wear their own clothes," and instead, they continue to eat the unleavened bread of life (Christ) and to "put on the Lord Jesus Christ," and the various "women" cannot stand them. "144,000" may actually be symbolic, although if it turns out to be literal, then so be it, but it can be dogmatically proven that the "144,000" of REV. 14 are the "firstfruits" who are sealed at the beginning of the tribulation, while the "144,000" of REV. 7 are sealed at the end of the tribulation when God's grace turns from the Gentiles back to a remnant of the natural Jews. The manchild of REV. 12 is the same as the 144,000 of REV. 14; time is running out for people to be counted in the manchild, because once the 7-year tribulation period begins, the "firstfruits" have already been picked by God; they have already been sealed in their forehead by God. They have been in the wilderness, undefiled with the various women (denominations) of Christianity, following the Lamb wherever He goes (instead of following the various denominations, created by men, wherever they go), blameless (perfect), no lie in their mouth (they love and declare the word of God in spite of what is popular), and in the position to bring the rest of God's people into the wilderness, where "Saul" has tried and failed to kill them. The manchild will be preserved alive until the coming of the Lord and will raise up and send out the two witnesses (a large body of saints who sit under the manchild and go out two-by-two to bring the gospel into all nations with the spirit and power of Moses and Elijah) who will be dying martyrs for 3 1/2 days (days are years, prophetically, so 3 1/2 years, during which time the mark of the beast will be in effect and the gospel will be going to all nations prior to the end).
What we read in REVELATION is time after time where God gives us an account of the tribulation period and/or the day of the Lord from start to finish, each time delivering a new parable with additional information each time. REV. 12 - 13 starts with the manchild being birthed from the woman and ends with the mark of the beast, while REV. 14 (the entire tribulation and day of the Lord in one chapter) starts with the firstfruits to come into perfection (the same manchild of REV. 12) and ends with the mark of the beast, followed by the resurrection/rapture and the day of the Lord's vengeance. Perfection is simply this: Christ in you! The few who comprise the manchild manifest Christ more than anyone else in the world, and have completely died to self so that no more "death" is necessary for them - they will be preserved alive, as Daniel in the lion's den was, as the three Hebrew children in the fire were. These men were persecuted by "the beast" of their day, and so will the manchild during the tribulation, but because they are on "the highway of holiness" (ISAIAH 35), no beast can kill them - as Daniel declared, "My God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths and they have not harmed me because I was found innocent in His sight..." That's the manchild! That's the Philadelphia church in REV. 3:7-13 (the dead in Christ are the Smyrna church in REV. 2:9-11)! That's the "144,000-firstfruits harvest" which is picked just before the tribulation begins. This "manchild" will most perfectly manifest "Christ" to the rest of God's people ("the woman" in REV. 12) after the tribulation begins, when all of a sudden, "the woman" will have to go out to where her manchild is, in the wilderness where he has already been raised up to perfection ahead of her. Tribulation will not be needed to perfect the manchild (and so we will see "Daniel"s who are innocent in God's sight being kept from dying or even suffering a scratch throughout the tribulation period); instead, tribulation will be necessary to perfect the woman who delivered forth the manchild, and the manchild's job will be to train her to get ready for her time of perfection. While most believe that the latter half of DANIEL was written for the time of the end, it should be evident in light of these truths that the first half (where we see Daniel and his three friends tried, tested, and preserved alive for their innocence) is also for the time of the end, for it reveals God's divine protection of the lives of the few who make up the manchild throughout the tribulation period, all the way to the rapture.
While most "prophecy teachers" declare that "the woman" in REV. 12 will (in the future) be "redeemed Israel" from which Christ (who they say is the manchild) came forth (in the past) into the world, it must be noted from REV. 4:1 that John was writing of "things which shall take place after these things." Obviously, something is wrong with supposing that John inserted a past-tense scenario into "the things which shall take place after these things." Hence, the conclusion is that "the woman" is the overall church which delivers out of herself "the manchild" and abandons him in the wilderness until the time comes when she is forced to leave "the false prophet" (her apostate leadership) and sit under her "manchild" (her new leadership) in the same wilderness where she left him.
There are many great benefits of being counted in the manchild (as you can see from studying about Daniel in the lion's den), and right now, you still have the opportunity to be counted in before the tribulation period begins. Realize this: Christ was the word made flesh, and since perfection is Christ in you, it is safe to say that the manchild is comprised of people who are being manifested as "the word made flesh." The true goal of Bible study is to believe the word of God and put it into practice more and more until you become "the word made flesh." So, yes, the manchild of REV. 12 is Christ as many say, but more accurately, the manchild is Christ (the word made flesh) manifesting Himself in a small body of end-time saints whose description is in REV. 14:1-5, the first to be perfected ahead of the rest of the church, following the Lamb wherever He goes, which is always beyond where the crowd stops. If you stop where the crowd stops, then you will not be in the manchild. Christ will work through the manchild to bring the rest of His people into the wilderness where they will have to learn to trust Him like they never trusted Him before; the manchild qualifies for this job, because right now, he is already in the wilderness trusting Christ to meet his needs. Some, who wait until they are forced into the wilderness, will gain strength from the manchild to endure the test, and some will abandon the manchild, saying, "We were better off in Egypt where we and our children were well fed!" This has always been the case every time God raised up a manchild figure to lead His people out to the place where they would have to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. The sooner you go into the wilderness, where others may abandon you and where you get to watch God meet your every need without help from some other source, the greater opportunity you have of being counted in the manchild. When the tribulation period begins, the woman will suddenly and desperately seek out her manchild to lead her through the wilderness and into the eternal promised land. All Christ wants in those trusted stewards (LUKE 12:42-43) in the manchild is the willingness to do the following job: Encourage the exhausted, strengthen the feeble, and say to those with an anxious heart, "Take courage, fear not. Your God will come with vengeance; the recompense of God will come, but He will save you" (ISAIAH 35:3-4). In a little while, Christ will begin ridding His church of the "Saul"s and greatly exalting the rejected "David's (and "Esther's). He desires to take you through the wilderness now so that He can send you to inform the rest of His people that He still miraculously provides there.
May Christ, "the word made flesh," be perfectly manifested in you!