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Mitt Romney And The White Horse Prophecy

Will Mitt Romney run again in 2016?  His wife says an emphatic NO!  However, this morning on Fox News Chris Wallace program, he was asked twice if he would consider running again in 2016 and Romney said he is not seeking the presidency and has no plans to run, but when Wallace said, so you are in agreement with your wife that you are DONE with that, Romney repeated that he is not seeking the presidency meaning he is not shutting the door as tight as his wife.

Two to three million evangelicals stayed home in 2012 and did not vote because they could not vote for a Mormon. Had they voted, Mitt Romney might be the president of the United States depending how he would have performed in his first term.

"There is a Mormon prophecy ascribed to Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, called the White Horse Prophecy and is so named for the White Horse in the Book of Revelation (Smith allegedly received the divination in 1843). It predicts a time when the U.S. Constitution will be in crisis only to saved by a LDS (Latter Day Saints) member or a Mormon. If Mitt Romney should run again in 2016, the White Horse prophecy allegedly made by Joseph Smith could have a way of coming to pass".

"According to Mormon and secular history, after the Mormon's were expelled from Missouri, in 1838 Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet made his way to Washington, D.C., to make an appeal to the government for redress of wrongs suffered in Missouri. Judge Elias Higbee traveled with him and there they were met by leading statesman of the United States including, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, President Martin Van Buren, different members of the Cabinet, Senators and Representatives. After hearing their grievances, Van Buren admitted their cause was just, but was afraid to do anything for fear of losing the vote in Missouri. Smith was livid and pronounced divine judgments against the United States government. Mormon historian, Marvin S. Hill, wrote that 'To secure legal sanction for his call to arms, Smith petitioned Congress to form Nauvoo [a small city established by early Mormons in Hancock County, Illinois, along a bend in the Mississippi River] into a federal district and grant him authority to command federal troops in defense of the city. He warned his close friends in the Nauvoo City Council that if Congress did not hear the petition, and grant them protection, the United States would be broken up as a government and God would damn them and there would be nothing left of them - not even a greasy spot. About four years later, Smith gave another prophecy that there would come a day when the U.S. Constitution would hang by a thread and barely be preserved and saved by a rider on a White Horse and a representative of the Mormon Church".

"The White Horse prophecy was not given in a public forum so its origin is debated as to its authenticity. However, two Mormons, Edwin Rushton and Theodore Turley claimed they wrote it down as Smith delivered the prophecy at his home in May, 1843. The following year, Smith would run as an independent candidate against James Polk and Whig Henry Clay for president of the United States. Smith advocated the overthrow of the U.S. government to be replaced by a Mormon-led theocracy with himself as the leader of the army of God. His hopes were cut short when he and his brother, Hyrum were attacked and killed by a mob. While the White Horse prophecy Smith gave (which also of contemporary interest, states that the two Popes, Greek and Catholic, will come together and be united) is not the belief of all Mormons, it has been in part, repeatedly affirmed as being genuine in general conference messages, including in October 1918, when the 6th LDS president, Joseph E. Smith (not the founder of Mormonism), said that Joseph Smith, the prophet, ...predicted that the time would come when the Constitution of our country would hang as it were by a thread and that the LDS above all other people would come to the rescue of that great and glorious palladium of our liberty".

"Other famous Mormons have also spoken in favor of the White Horse Prophecy:  'Brigham Young in 1855 and 1868; Apostle J. Reuben Clark in 1942; Mormon Apostle Ezra Taft Benson in 1961, who later became the 13th president of the LDS. Benson said the Lord told Prophet Smith there would be an attempt to overthrow the country by destroying the Constitution, but at that time 'this people' will step forth and save it from threatened destruction; again in 1963 Benson told the Mormon conference that for the past 30 years, Modern-Day Mormon prophets have been warning we were rapidly moving in that direction. He went on to say the Prophet Joseph Smith saw the part the elders of Israel (Mormons) would play in this crisis and that some Mormons won't care about saving the Constitution, others will be blinded by the craftiness of men, and some knowingly will work to destroy it. He concluded by repeating the Biblical refrain, 'He that has ears to hear and eyes to see' can discern by the Spirit and through the words of God's mouthpiece that our liberties are being taken'".

"Mormons throughout history have held to the White Horse Prophecy of a Constitutional crisis and its salvation by a Mormon to be true. In more recent years, Utah Senator, Orin Hatch, a Mormon, made a reference to the WHP in his 2000 bid for the presidency saying, 'I've never seen it worse than this, where our Constitution literally is hanging by a thread' and talk show host, Glenn Beck, mentioned 'the hang by a thread' portion of the WHP when he was on the Bill O'Reilly show on November 14, 2008".

"According to Thomas Horn in his book, Zenith 2016, which is the basis of this article, 'The clock is ticking down toward 2016 when some expect a constitutional crisis to unfold right in time for a Mormon savior to appear on his white horse . Romney has already made his 2016 presidential ambitions public (even though he denies he will run- emphasis mine), and he just isn't any Mormon. He is the miracle baby of a woman who was told by her doctor she could never bear a fourth child. Born anyway in 1947, he became the star-child of George W. Romney, the most prominent Mormon in American politics (as governor of Michigan) and a seventh-generation direct descendent of Parley Parker Pratt, Sr., one of Mormonism's founding twelve apostles. Named after the close family friend, John Willard Marriott (one of the riches Mormons in history), Romney received his patriarchal blessings at 19 years of age and was told by the Church that the Lord expected great things from him. Shortly thereafter, while helping his mother (Lenore Romney) in the 1970 campaign against Democrat Phillip A. Hart in the Michigan general election, 'Mitt' Romney--as he then began to be called and whose name can be made to equal 666--began hearing prophetic insinuations about his future role as a national leader. This included whispers among Mormons about the White Horse Prophecy..."

"Though Romney downplays the WHP whenever raised by the media, 'he is aware that fellow students at BYU not only idolized him as the 'alpha male' of their fraternity, but commonly referred to him as 'the One Mighty and Strong--a direct line from the prophecy of Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the LDS. This grandiose and prophetic title is taken from Isaiah 28:2, 'The Lord hath a mighty and strong one, which as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with the hand.' Smith predicted this Mighty and Strong One would not only save the Constitution, but use his political office to bring about the 'inheritance of the LDS.'  What that implies could be of significance for the future of the United States according to former candidate for Nevada governor and television newsman, Mike Moody".

"Moody was a personal friend of Romney and a member of the prestigious Cougar Club at Brigham Young University that held Romney in such high prophetic esteem. In his memoir, Mitt-Set My People Free, he describes how the WHP motivated him to to seek a career in government and politics because he believed that he and other Mormons were being divinely directed to expand the Mormon kingdom by helping Romney --whom he says is under a sacred blood-oath to the Mormon Church to actually replace the US Constitution --to advance the goal of a one-world government under Mormon paternalistic priesthood and the 'political Kingdom of God and Joseph Smith's version of the Millennial Kingdom on Earth.'  He further said that America is the Promised Land and told the author of Zenith 2016, Tom Horn, that the Mormons believe they are the Chosen People and the time has come for a Mormon leader to usher in the second coming of Christ and a political Kingdom of God in Washington, D.C."

In Zenith 2016, Horn says 'Whether it be Mitt Romney or another LDS member, the chances of a Mormon American president in 2016 is stronger than many think as this religion --once widely held as a cult (and it is, emphasis mine) --is among the fastest growing in the world. What makes this prophetically interesting in light of the larger scope of Zenith 2016 and the occultist dream of a defied man in the role of a national leader (the second coming of Apollo) is how perfectly fitting Mormon theology balances with scriptural revelations concerning the arrival of the Antichrist. As with Joseph Smith's prophecy, the Man of Sin will ride in on a White Horse (Revelation 6:2), having preexisted before the coming again in a body of flesh (Revelation 17:8). He will be a god-man, as Mormonism aspires to, and the embodiment of Jesus' bad-boy brother, the Devil. Yes, despite the flack presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took in 2007 for asking the question--members of the LDS do believe Jesus and Satan are brothers and you can read this for yourself on the LDS website in chapter 3 of their 'Gospel Principles' (I have read that - emphasis mine).  Mike Moody adds, 'Mormons were taught as children that Lucifer is our big brother--the second born after Jesus-- who presented God the Father with an earthly plan to force humanity into righteousness and mandatory salvation. In response, Jesus countered with His plan of 'free agency', which our Heavenly Father accepted for His spirit children over [the other son] Lucifer's plan. Mormonism even provides for the post-human technology known as 'transhumanism' that some believe is necessary to incarnate the 'Lord's brother' as the end-times Man of Sin, and a Mormon Transhumanist Association exists to syncretize LDS religion with these gods".

Source: Zenith 2016, by Tom Horn, pages 406-414. I have read the book and highly recommend it to my reader audience. Pages 414-424 go into more detail on the link between the two cults - Mormonism and Freemasonry. Their goal of a one-world government and a one-world religion are similar.  They both deny the deity of Jesus Christ, His substitutionary death for humanity sins and His coming Kingdom reign in which He and He alone will rule as the sovereign potentate of planet earth for 1000 years.

If Mitt Romney believes he is the one to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy and if he sees Obama further destroying the Constitution in the remaining two years of his administration, he may run again in 2016 which means he would have to announce his candidacy sometime in 2015 or early 2016. Even though his wife said they are done, done, done with running for the presidency, the men rule in Mormonism and especially if a Mitt Romney believes he has a divine mandate to fulfill Joseph Smith's WHP of 1843, his Mormon wife will have no choice but to follow her husband's decision.

Now as what Christians should do in voting for a Republican Mormon candidate, we must remember that Mormonism is a cult and in direct opposition to Christianity no matter what Mormons try to say or teach otherwise. We are warned in the Scriptures not to have anything to do with the kingdom of darkness that Satan rules over and Mormonism is part of that kingdom.(See Ephesians 5:11). We are to get behind a Christian candidate such as Mike Huckabee if he decides to run or some other godly moral candidate such as Dr. Ben Carson. In whatever the situation, we are not to vote for a Mormon candidate for president.  I feel quite sure this was the reason some 2-3 million evangelical Christians did not vote in 2012 for they could not vote for a Mormon or Barack Obama. However in 2016 we have several good candidates we can support, two I have just named. We need to pray for the man God wants to lead this nation out of the morass we are in. Hopefully, he will be a man that like Abraham Lincoln will call the nation to repentance for our national and personal sins.

If it should come down to a Mitt Romney or Hillary presidency, it would be nigh impossible for a genuine Christian to vote for either candidate so we need the wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our choice or not to vote at all. I think that if it comes down to those two choices, that would be a sign the judgment of God is forth-coming. Note: Admittedly, I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 in order to defeat Barack Obama. However, I did not fully understand the WHP then as I do now even though I knew Mormonism is a cult. I was wrong in voting for Romney as a Christian. Would Romney have destroyed our Constitution as Obama has done? Probably not, but if the WHP is true, then the Mormon who fulfills it will seek to replace it will the Mormon Kingdom according to Joseph Smith. Remember what the Lord Jesus told us - deception will be rampant in the end-time with many false prophets claiming to be the Messiah and if Christians (the elect) are not discerning the times by the Holy Spirit, they can be deceived (See Matthew 24). 

We are to pray for God's choice of president in 2016 and get behind him win or lose (he would lose if Christians do not vote). Remember also that Saul was not God's choice to be the King of Israel, but God allowed him to be the first King of Israel because the people wanted a human king to rule over them like the other nations instead of the Lord God. They got what they wanted, but Saul was a wicked king who disobeyed the Lord and sought out evil divination to guide him. Joseph Smith started a false religion, Mormonism, by evil divination so to vote for a Mormon is to partake of that evil divination. We shall all have to give an account before the Judgment Bar of God for what we do in this life - good or bad.