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Correction: The chokehold is not illegal in NY, but it is against NYC police rules and was banned 20 years ago. 


Barber's Corner

This format is reserved for my "soap box" commentary - those things that rouse righteousness indignation for injustice in the public square usually directed toward Christians, conservatives and patriots. 

First, the Ferguson fiasco for that is what it turned out to be. Michael Brown, the Black youth who was killed by police officer Darrell Wilson, committed a crime, actually two crimes before he was shot and killed by officer Wilson, but race baiter, Al Sharpton, the Black caucus, Jesse Jackson, Obama and Eric Holder and many in the Ferguson Black community discount that as meaningless, of no account - that Michael Brown is just some innocent angel the White cop picked on and killed without any justification. In addition, in their mind, the Grand Jury was also bias toward officer Wilson when they failed to indict him. The forensic evidence and the testimony of 60 witnesses including several Blacks said Michael Brown charged officer Wilson who was yelling for him to stop. Keep in mind that Brown was 6'4" and 300 pounds and could easily kill a man with his shear size and strength who in fact struck officer Wilson several times and apparently was trying to get his gun. The officer had every right to defend himself fearing that his own life was in danger. 

The truth is, and something the Black community does not want to admit, Michael Brown would be alive today if he had obeyed officer Wilson's command to get on the ground, but no he charged officer Wilson like the big bully he was as evidenced by his earlier assaulting the store clerk where he stole a pack of cigars. There also may have been drugs involved.  For every effect, there is always a cause and in this case, a young Black man died as a result of his own actions. Officer Wilson did not just wake up that day and decide he was going to kill a Black man because he was a White racist. He did what his training taught him to do in making an arrest and defending himself. 

In spite of all the facts beginning with media reports of Brown's crime before he encountered officer Wilson, the Blacks in Ferguson (there were some that called for peaceful protests) decided to tear up the town, looting, destroying businesses, burning police cars and acting like wild animals on a rampage. Then they wonder why they are often branded with "law of the jungle" language. 

One of the reasons I feel the way I do about this situation is that for going on two years, young Black thugs started what they called, "The Knockout Game", in which they would target innocent victims, usually White, and try to knock them out with one punch. Sometimes, it turned into a brawl with several Black youth, hitting and kicking their victims until they were either unconscious or dead. In one case several Black youth shot a White jogger in the back who died on the scene while they drove away laughing and jesting they had just killed a "cracker"!  Included in this same time frame, Black gangs, descended on beach fronts, shopping malls and White establishments, rioting and destroying property. There were so many Black youth involved that local police had to request assistance from neighboring communities. What was really disturbing, is that the media failed to report these crimes as well as the local police. If they did report it, the race of the perpetrators was omitted. It was as if the media and the local police were in essence giving license to Black youth to commit crimes without impunity. 

When this was going on, I wrote a letter (email form) to Eric Holder and asked him to publicly condemn the Knockout Game as well as the Black gangs that were rioting and looting in several major cities along the East Coast. He or his staff never responded to my letter. Holder throughout his term as AG of the United States has ignored Black on White crime, but when it comes to White on Black crime, he holds press conferences and pledges his support to prosecute the criminals to the fullest extent of the law. He and his buddy, Obama, took personal interest in the Travon Martin case as well as the Ferguson incident (Holder even flew to Ferguson on taxpayer dollars [Whites pay a large percentage of the taxes in this nation] to speak with the Black community and to assure them he was conducting his own investigation of Michael Brown's death; I don't think he met with Officer Wilson, who has suffered immensely along with his pregnant wife and has resigned from the police force; he and his wife can no longer live in Ferguson because of threats upon his life). Anyway you slice the pie, it is a double-standard. Blacks demand justice for an unjust act committed by Michael Brown that led to his death. Had he been a law-abiding citizen, he would be alive and well, but no he chose the dark side of rebellion against authority. 

One thing is very clear, race was not the issue in Ferguson. The issue was that a crime had been committed and Officer Wilson was responding to it. Had Michael Brown been a White man who acted the same way Brown did, Officer Wilson would have responded the same way and a White man would be dead. However, I guarantee you had that been the case, there would be no outcry among the citizens of Ferguson and the media would have ignored it completely. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson or other liberals would have remained silent because to them Whites have no value!  Obama and Holder are both Black racists as evidenced by their actions in these types of cases. Holder recently took the dead sentence off the table for four Black men who killed a police officer. Had he been White, Holder no doubt would have left it on the table. Obama and Holder came into office with a chip on their shoulder against Whites and were determined to use their bully pulpits to "right" the civil rights wrongs against Blacks for the past 200 plus years while totally ignoring crimes against Whites by young Black thugs. Both Obama and Holder are dividers not uniters. 

Second, the decision of a New York City grand jury not to indict the New York City policeman that choked to death a Black man for resisting arrest was the wrong decision in my opinion. I have looked at the video countless times and it is unmistakable the Black man was choked to death by overly aggressive police. The choke hold is against the law in NYC, but in this case the Grand Jury looked the other way. 

Eric Garner, the Black man, was 43 years of age and aside from being obese (6'3" and 350 pounds) had asthma and kept telling the police officer applying the choke hold that he could not breathe. The officer should have released his hold on Garner and handcuffed him. There was no need for Eric Garner to have died. It is a plain case of police brutality. Witnesses who knew Garner said he was a big teddy bear and a gentle person. Should he have resisted arrest - No, but that did not mean the police had to kill him over a misdemeanor - selling cigarettes illegally. 

In this case, Blacks have every right to be upset and to protest the decision by the Grand Jury. Justice was not served in this case. Police Officer, Pantaleo, should be tried for murdering an unarmed man and for violating the choke-hold law. This case does need to be investigated and Holder has already said he intends to do just that. 

As a White man, I was once treated with disrespect by an overzealous White police officer for running a stop sign. I had stopped at an intersection on a bridge adjacent to a feeder road and turned right into a service station to fill-up my car.  The intersection was on a down slope so you had to stop before making a right turn.  I was already out of my car and pumping gas when this police officer drove up behind me and started yelling for me to face my car and assume the spread position.  I was startled by his outburst of yelling and screaming at me. When I tried to ask him what I had done wrong, he just kept yelling and threatened to put the cuffs on me and take me to jail. Now mind you, I was pumping gas in my car.  I finally told him he was out of line and that I was going to report him to the chief of police. By this time, several people at the gas station were watching the scene.  When he realized a crowd had gathered, he settled down and wrote me a ticket.  However, he told me that if he ever stopped me again, he would not be so lenient. That statement was also out of line. When he left I finished filling my car and went to the police station and filed a written complaint against this officer. About a month later he was fired for another overzealous traffic stop. My ticket was dismissed. 

I shared that to say that some White police officers are overzealous and treat Whites with the same contempt as they do Blacks. These are the ones that need to weeded out of the police force. There are other incidences on record of Black police officers treating Whites in an abusive manner. In fact, in a recent situation, a Black police officer shot and killed a young White man at a fast food restaurant, but nothing was said by the media or Black leaders. He was White, so he had no value. Holder did not come out and hold a press conference to speak to the issue nor did Obama address it in a public forum. 

Is there racism in America, Yes, but it cuts both ways. There are Blacks that hate White "crackers "as well as Whites that hate Blacks. However, to deny that much progress has been made in America since the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 1960's is to ignore the truth. Blacks to do not sit in the back of buses anymore; they do not use segregated water fountains or restrooms; they patronize the same public facilities as Whites; they attend the same churches as Whites if that is their preference; they attend the same colleges and universities as Whites; they dominate most sports - football, basketball and track from high school to the pros and command large salaries; several White universities that were once considered sacrosanct for White coaches now have Black coaches such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M; Blacks hold the majority of jobs in the federal government; they live among Whites in middle class and upper class neighborhoods without discrimination; Blacks are also making inroads in middle and upper management employment as well as an increasing number owning and starting their own businesses; there are a number of Black anchor persons in the media. 

I could go on and on of the advances and opportunities afforded Blacks in corporate America, the military and in politics.  Racism is keep alive by the likes of Al Sharpton who makes his living as a race baiter (I think that is why MSNBC hired him - to give a public forum to incite racial hatred). As soon as an incident like Ferguson happens, Sharpton wastes no time in arriving on the scene and stirring up the pot of racial hatred. It has now become known that he has visited the White House 83 times during the Obama administration - he has Obama's ear on racial issues and not that Obama needed an Al Sharpton to advise him on race relations for he is as big a race baiter as Sharpton. 

If Sharpton would focus on the positive advances made by Blacks in the last 50 years instead of the negative instances that are more isolated than the norm, it would improve the confidence of the Black communities as well as encourage Black youth to stay in school and get an education. Why doesn't Sharpton spend more time in the Black urban ghettos teaching and encouraging young Black men to be responsible for the babies they bring into the world via illicit sex instead of leaving them to the Black women to raise and support. Why doesn't he spend more time in Chicago where Black-on-Black crime is epidemic? I tell you why. It doesn't serve his social and political agendas that keeps him in the public eye as well as line his pockets with money donated to him by corporate America and in some cases the result of duress. All it takes is for Al Sharpton to threaten a Black boycott and some corporations are more than willing to make him go away with donations to his cause. 

If the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackson's would vanish from the scene and allow more positive Black leaders like Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott and many others unmentioned to influence the Black communities, we would see a cooling down of racial tensions and a corresponding decline in racial violence, but as long as they are around stroking racial tensions, things will not get any better.