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(2) Red Notice, written by the main character of the book, William Browder, is a "true story of high finance, murder and one man's fight for justice".  One critic of the book writes that "it reads like a classic thriller with an everyman hero alone and in danger in a hostile foreign city and it is all true". 

My wife who knows I love books and reading, bought the book for me over a year ago, but at the time I had several new books to read so put it on the back burner. My mistake. From the time I read the 20-Volume set of the Hardy Boy books at age 8, I have always loved reading suspense novels as well as non-fiction espionage thrillers.  Red Notice is a book that will make you think you are living the drama William Browder experienced as a successful hedge fund manager in Communist Russia. I found myself unable to put the book down and read it until the early morning hours.  My wife would often ask, "What time did you come to bed?" 

Browder was an American citizen who worked on Wall Street, but was not a graduate of the more elite prestigious Ivy league schools.  However, due to God-given talents and relentless discipline, he became a recognized expert in foreign investments particularly Russia. He convinced his American employer, Solomon Brothers, to give him an assignment in the former Soviet Union as his research (Browder was a research addict) showed the new Russia was a lucrative investment market. 

The book traces his primitive beginnings in Russia to establish a credible investment company with loyal Russian colleagues to the many ups and downs of trying to cope with the Russian governmental rules for operating in Putin controlled Russia. While he made billions for him and his business partners, when the old Soviet Union collapsed and Putin eventually took over the reigns of government, his businesses came under attack when he tried to expose the torture and death of one of his most faithful partners, Sergei Magnitsky.  

If you really want to know how deplorable Communist Russia is even to this day then you need to read Red Notice.  Browder gave up a lucrative financial career to bring to justice Sergei Magnitsky's torment and death by the Putin assassins.  

The book was written and published in 2015 so Browder is still sought out by Russia/Putin to assassinate him.

Browder, while not an expert intelligence spy has taken on President Putin in exposing his corrupt government.   

I would  recommend President-elect Trump read the book before dealing with Russian Putin.