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The Democratic Alt-Left's Attempt To Bring Down President Trump And To Change The History Of Our Nation - Part 2

The left-wing element of the DNC plus liberal Black organizations are seizing upon the Charlottsville incident as though it represents the majority of the American people. It does not. 

Of course you can count on old Al Sharpton to take full advantage of anything resembling racism - that is how he has been able to stay in the forefront of Black versus White causes. Unfortunately, White owned and led corporations have given in to his racist threats. There he was on liberal left-leaning Charlie Rose's program bashing White's and demanding the Jefferson Memorial be torn down because it hurts his family - I say bull-crap!  Al Sharpton cannot untie President Jefferson's shoe laces - the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence. 

Black politicians and Black ministers are coming out and demanding ALL CONFEDERATE SYMBOLS AND MONUMENTS BE TORN DOWN AND REMOVED FROM THE PUBLIC DOMAIN!  They are still living the days of pre-Civil War Slavery when in fact no White person alive today had anything to do with slavery - not my generation, not my parents generation, not even my grandparents generation. 

BLACKS HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS AND IN SOME CASES SUPERIOR RIGHTS IN OUR NATION TODAY!  Black slavery or even racial inequality is no longer an issue in American society. If you do not believe me, just check out who is getting the jobs in government. It is not Whitey!  The NBA and NFL is predominantly Blacks. Blacks are getting more of the jobs Middle Class White males used to get and it was not because of race, but qualifications. Last time I checked Whites are the still the majority ethnic group in America.  I know what I am talking about for I was in professional recruiting for many years and things began to change during the Obama administration to down-grade White males in the workplace. It continues today.

There is a movement supported by the elite (many White men) to change the demographics of America - make Whitey a minority and Black - Brown a majority. You know why? The globalist kingpins think the Black - Brown race is easier to control than Whitey so you Black and Brown protesters, think about how you are being used to foment a revolution that White Kingpins instigated because they think you are really inferior. So when you lump all Whites into a supremacy Nazi superior race you are showing your stupidity and ignorance of the truth. 

The irony of the Anti-White Supremacy protest is totally ludicrous and without merit! To demonize all White people into a leftist handbag of social tricks (Must be Halloween and trick or treat time) that support the skin-head Nazi's or the KKK is absolutely deceptive and a BIG LIE!  White people wake-up and quit feeling guilty for the period of slavery and mistreatment of Blacks over 100 years ago of which you had nothing to do with. These Black instigators of hatred toward White's such as Al Sharpton and the Black Lives Matter Movement are being promoted and paid for by the likes of George Soros who wants to tear down our country and rebuild it on Marxist principles. 

Furthermore, to attack President Trump as supporting Nazi White Supremacists and the KKK is born not out or actual facts, but hatred. Show me the proof that President Trump has ever supported the Neo-Nazi Movement or the KKK or SHUT UP! 

You bunch of Alt-Left protesters know the liberal media will be there to televise your protests and rhetoric, so you take advantage or free air time and what is so pathetic of your low character is YOU DO NOT CARE IF YOU LIE OR NOT!  You just want to bring President Trump down as well as to change the history of our nation.  There were some very great men that fought for the Confederacy, my great-grandfather was one of them and he owned no slaves - he was fighting for a way of life in the South as contrasted by the North and it had nothing to do with slavery. 

Okay you know-it-all protesters that are pulling down statues of General Robert E. Lee, tell me if you knew that he taught Blacks how to read and write from his estate in Virginia or how he helped Black slaves escape to Liberia - both of which were illegal in that time. How about Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest, a distant relative of my wife, how after the war he denounced the KKK and worked to free the slaves. 

Put this one on for size; the South was already working on legally freeing the slaves before the war broke out, bet you did not read that in your history books. And by the way all those confederate monuments you want to pull down - they were erected by Democrats. 

Someone sent me the following statement:

Black people who were never slaves are fighting White people who were never Nazi's over Confederate statues erected by DEMOCRATS because democrats cannot stand their own history anymore.

The people and legislators behind slavery were DEMOCRATS NOT REPUBLICANS!  You ignorant people that are protesting White Supremacy and blaming President Trump and White People need to study and learn history for you are the real morons!  You should be protesting against the democratic party. 

Let me ask you a question; suppose in the wee hours of the morning you and your family are awakened by a loud noise from your front door, the next thing you know black clad people with automatic weapons are shining lights in your face, throwing you on the floor and handcuffing you. Your children are ushered in another room. You are dragged out of your bedroom and made to sit on the floor in your living room while you are yelled at and interrogated. This goes on for hours until one of the policemen receives a call and is told they invaded the wrong house. They un-cuff you and leave without even a word of apology. How would you feel?  

Perhaps that is the way most Whites are feeling as well as the President when they are being branded as Neo-Nazi's (White Supremacists) and supporters of the KKK when in fact it is/was the Democrats that were pro-slavery and the statues you are tearing down are images of democrats of the Confederacy. 

Get a life and go back home and try to make needed changes through the legislative and rule of law process and STOP demonizing White's as the root of all your Black problems in society!  Whitey is not your problem. The breakdown of the Black family is - multiple illegitimate babies, fatherless homes, drug addiction, dropping out of school to join gangs, high unemployment among Black youth because they have no education and no skills to hold a job. Blacks you are you own problem. Take responsibility for you life. Tearing down Confederate statues that have never hurt you in any way is not going to get you a job or help you live the American dream. The same goes for the White protesters who were spitting on and kicking the statues. I wonder how many Black friends they have?

This is not in any way condemning the many Blacks that have stayed in school, learned a trade or excelled in athletics, become lawyers, doctors, teachers, business owners, corporate executives, military officers and pilots, etc., etc. They did not did wait for someone to give them a handout, they worked hard even to overcome the prejudice that is today a small minority. And if I remember Whitey helped elect a Black man as president of the United States to two terms! 

We live in an upscale Middle Class community in North Texas of which are many Black families. Where were the White supremacists that held them back? There weren't any.  They were given equal opportunity to have a good paying job and to achieve Middle Class prosperity. There are more Black millionaires in America today than ever in the history of our nation, so again, where is the White supremacists that prevented them from integrating into American society and achieving equal status with Middle Class Whites?  THERE IS NONE!

The few skin-heads and KKK that showed-up in Charlottsville are the MINORITY and should be ignored!  They are outcasts of our society and will never have a prominent place among us. 

No doubt the Nancy Pelosi's, Chuck Schumer's, Al Sharpton's and the Soros sponsored Black Lives Matter Movement will continue to kindle the fires of Charlottsville to further divide the nation until the country becomes involved in another Civil War, but even worse than the first one. 

As far as monuments go, they are all monuments to man and I could care less whether they do and don't exist. The history of the Civil War can be taught in the educational history books. I don't have a problem with States having a separate park or place where the Civil War can be memorialized as a history lesson of a dark time in our nation. Let them be like the Holocaust Museum in Israel,which I have seen as a reminder of how evil people treat their fellowman and a determination BY ALL OF US never to let it happen again! 

Allen Barber




My Soap Box Articles

The Democratic Alt-Left's Attempt To Bring Down President Trump And To Change The History Of Our Nation

While I have written a few articles about President Trump's presidency - some pro and some con, what is happening to him from the liberal media and Alt-Left democrats is unfair, unjust, shameful, disgusting, reprehensible and unprecedented in the annals of American history. The liberal "fake" news networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC attack him 24/7 and much of their bickering is nothing but lies. Chris Wallace of Fox News has been critical of the President on his Sunday morning program. 

The NY Times, the Washington Post, Politico and the Wall Street Journal also take daily pop-shots at him and it doesn't matter if their reporting is "fake" news, they know if they tell lies to the public long enough, the gullible public will believe their lies. It is not just their attacks on President Trump, but also Whites (particularly White men), conservatives, republicans, and Bible-believing Christians. I will address this later in the article.

Our President (Trump is our duly elected president whether the democrats accept that or not) has been called "Hitler" (the news media also called President Bush [43) Hitler and a Nazi), a racist, bigot, [Maxine Waters referred to President Trump and his entire administration as "scumbags"], a fascist, and a white supremacist to name just a few - there are many more disgusting disrespectful names the President has been called (some I cannot mention because of the vulgarity). 

The situation that took place in Charlottsville, Virginia last weekend was unfortunate, but the President was correct when he said, there were two groups causing the violence. When the complete facts are in, we will learn several of the protesters that were of the Alt-Left (those clad in Black clothing wearing black masks and carrying clubs (the Antifa gang) are the same thugs that showed-up in Berkley and Ferguson. They are paid protesters from the globalist kingpins that are wanting to gain control of this nation via the Hegelian Principle - Ordo Ab Chaos - order out or chaos. Create chaos to divide the nation and what better way to do that than make it about RACE. A divided nation is easily conquered than one united.  Christ Jesus is quoted in the Gospels as saying a house or nation divided cannot stand. 

The thing that reveals the unrealistic attitude those on the left have against the President is their attacking him on how he responded to the violence in Charlottsville. What he said the very day it happened was in the minds of most intelligent sane people accurate and certainly acceptable or should have been. In his statement he plainly said there is no place in American for racism, bigotry, and hatred of any kind and he strongly decried the violence. However, to the Trump haters that wasn't enough, they demanded that he be more specific in naming the Neo-Nazi's the KKK, and the White Supremacists. Even when he did the next day, the liberal media, democrats and some republicans were calling for his head. 

I saw one Black Congressmen on Fox say because the President did not specifically identify the so-called Alt-Right groups, he is not fit to be president and demanded republicans in Congress step away from him. What he really meant was to impeach him. Come on, give me a break!  Because the President did not address the incident in the preferred democratic liberal-left language doesn't make him unfit to be president and certainly not grounds for impeachment. The intense hatred for this President is DEMONIC! There is no other way to describe it but of the devil. 

When he held the brief press meeting to discuss his infrastructure policy, he was bombarded with questions and comments about his response to Charlottsville - not one question about infrastructure.  I watched the press meeting at the Trump Tower and most of the questions yelled at him came from angry female reporters. There is no secret liberal female reporters from the liberal networks hate this president with an ungodly passion.   

This month's Whistle Blower Magazine produced by WorldNetDaily (WND) is entitled, "D" For Delusion, The Democratic Party's Deceitful And Deranged Alternate Reality.  The articles in this issue hit the nail on the head at the sick mental state of the DNC in rejecting the President. For the democratic left to call the president mentally ill is like the pot calling the kettle black. Time does not allow me to list and comment on the bizarre things democrats have said and done since Trump announced his candidacy for president - things that are not in the realm of reasonable sane competent people. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. And it is not just democrats, but also statis republicans. I thought it was unfortunate and un-presidential for the Bush presidents to put out a statement in regard to Charlottsville that was clearly a jab at President Trump. There was nothing classy about it. 

David Kupelian, the VP and Managing Editor of WB Magazine has an excellent article, Why So Many On The Left Are Genuinely Delusional. He defines delusional as a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact. (Rush Limbaugh has said many times not to present the facts to democrats because they are not interested). 

Kupelian writes that "it's a deeply perplexing story line, and yet we hear it - or parts of it - repeated and reinforced daily in today's America: Donald Trump is a fascist and white supremacist whose political rise is ominously reminiscent of Hitler's." He stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton by secretly colluding with the Russia to hack America's democracy".  His fellow Republicans are selfish, mean-spirited people who only care about themselves and their super-rich friends and want to deny healthcare to poor children. Republicans are also racist and anti-immigrant (after all, Trump once claimed all Mexicans are rapists) and are always trying to prevent minorities from voting. Republicans likewise have contempt for the environment and are content to pollute or overheat it until it's uninhabitable by the human race and we all die."

"Democrats on the other hand are enlightened, tolerate, peace-loving and morally superior folk, champions of the common man, especially the many minority groups cruelly oppressed by Republicans. Abortion, a cherished constitutional right that simply involves the removal of unwanted tissue from a woman's body, is constantly under attack by intolerant anti-choice religious fanatics. The same oppressive bigots also target LGBTQ Americans, even though everyone knows homosexuality and same-sex marriage are perfectly normal and wholesome. Likewise, transgenderism is absolutely normal, with gender identity now understood by science to be fluid, encompassing many possible gender choices far beyond Western society's oppressive binary male-female paradigm. Single-payer healthcare is the most enlightened and humane system on earth, already embraced by the rest of the civilized world, although America to its everlasting shame has not - thanks to selfish Republicans. Islam, a religion of peace, has nothing to do with terrorism; in fact, studies prove that most terror attacks are actually perpetrated by right-wing extremists. This great divide in America - between ignorant, racist, Bible-thumping right-wingers and genuinely moral, compassionate, enlightened progressives - has been playing out for generations. In fact, Adolf Hitler was a far-right Christian whose ultraconservative racist views led to the Nazi Holocaust, which brings us back to Donald Trump".

"Such is the fabric of today's wildly delusional left-wing mindscape, the 'story line' so many Democrats embrace. Or to use the popular term, their 'narrative.'"  

"Yet these views and others of similar ilk, which comprise the very warp and weft of the narrative espoused daily by college students, life-long progressives, Democrat politicians and 'mainstream' journalists - are reflective not of reality, but of a fantastic Alice-in-Wonderland realm in which the left increasingly dwells". 

Well put, David Kupelian - truthful, factual and more practical than anything you will see and read coming from the liberal left-wingers. As I have done many times, I urge all my readers to subscribe to Whistleblower Magazine (go to and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage for subscriptions). You will love the monthly publications which are conservative, biblically based and full of truth. 

Rush Limbaugh says, the left has developed a genuine hatred for this country, which is increasing evident. They don't like the First and Second Amendments, in fact if they had their way, they would do away with the Constitution and replace it with something like Islamic Sharia law. Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg said the American Constitution is out of date and other forms of governance are better than it - really what would that be? 

Also writing in WB Magazine, Dennis Prager said, "Leftism is the primary racist ideology of our time, seeing everything in terms of race, whereas mainstream liberalism and conservatism advocate a race-blind society as manifest in Martin Luther King, Jr's famous 'content of their character ' line. The left disdains this view".

Dinesh D'Souza's new book, The Big Lie; Exposing The Nazi Roots of the American Left is a must read by all serious concerned America's that know all the smoke and fire coming from the left to demean and attack our President and our biblically-based values are total hogwash from the pits of hell. While those on the left accuse President Trump of being a fascist, Dinesh's book proves who the real fascists are and it is not President Trump and right-wing republicans and conservative Christians!  You might want to look to the LEFT! 

Who does the Bible say is the author of delusion and deception?

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 NASB

10 and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11 For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12 in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

Hosea 4:1-2 NASB

1 Listen to the word of the Lord, O sons of Israel,
For the Lord has a case against the inhabitants of the land,
Because there is no faithfulness or kindness
Or knowledge of God in the land.
2 There is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery.
They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed.

Notice in 2 Thessalonians 2 deception is called the deception of wickedness. Why is it called that?  Because all deception and delusion has at its roots lying and lying is wickedness and one of the 7 sins God especially hates. 

In the Hosea passage, he says the Lord has a case or controversy with Israel and two of the issues were deception and violence - the spilling of blood. 

The majority of the violence today in the various protests are from the left not the right.  The left's modus operandi in silencing their opposition (the right) is to use lying, violence and bloodshed. We saw this at Ferguson, at Berkley and last weekend at Charlottsville. 

Satan is God's messenger boy, so when it says God sends them a deluding influence so they believe what is false, it is actually Satan who fills the wicked with a lying spirit. Rejecting the truth is always dangerous for it open's one up to lying demonic spirits. 

I Kings 22:19-23  NLT

19 Then Micaiah continued, “Listen to what the Lord says! I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the armies of heaven around him, on his right and on his left. 20 And the Lord said, ‘Who can entice Ahab to go into battle against Ramoth-gilead so he can be killed?’ “There were many suggestions, 21 and finally a spiritapproached the Lord and said, ‘I can do it!’ 22 “‘How will you do this?’ the Lord asked. “And the spirit replied, ‘I will go out and inspire all of Ahab’s prophets to speak lies.’  “‘You will succeed,’ said the Lord. ‘Go ahead and do it.’  23 “So you see, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all your prophets.   For the Lord has pronounced your doom.” 

Most Bible expositors are of the opinion "the spirit" was none other than Satan. That is my opinion because Jesus said Satan is the author of all lies. 

Barack Obama is a chronic liar as were many in his administration to include Hillary Clinton. Politicians have always been liars, but it was the order of the day under Barack Obama. How many times did we see Susan Rice come out and tell one lie after another?  The same was true of Obama - he lied and often.

Remember what David Kupelian said about delusion - a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

This describes precisely what we are witnessing from the democratic left toward President Trump - believing what is false as FACT then acting upon it with violent protest, even blaming the right-wing as the source of the violence.  This is delusion par excellence. 

This is all I have time for today, but will continue the topics in Part 2.