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Evil Twins of Kabbalist Israel

This is an article many are not going to like and I can already count on the "hate emails" each time I broach this subject. However, truth is truth no matter if we like it or not.  It is amazing to me that if I criticize a Gentile nation or a Gentile world leader that is accepted and even applauded, but if I dare write about a world conspiracy at the highest levels of government propagated by the Global elitists, which happen to be Kabbalistic Talmudic Jews (I challenge my Christian friends to purchase a copy of the Jewish Talmud [English version] - the principal document taught in Synagogues today - and read it; you will be shocked to learn how the Rabbinate describe Gentiles, Christians and Jesus), I am castigated as a Jew hater and an Anti-Semite. I have news for those who think that - I don't hate anyone, not Jews, Arabs, or whatever ethnic class. However, I am not blind to the truth either and have spent forty plus years studying and researching thousands of articles, etc. on the fact that a world conspiracy does exist and the powers that are behind it. An honest endeavor into this subject soon discovers that the Rothschild dynasty is the principal agenteur behind this Satanic attempt to rule the world. This is a fact that cannot be denied. If you are willing to take a close look at who's who in Washington, D.C. and and the CEO's of major corporations, the news media, and the entertainment industry, you will find many with Jewish last names as well as some who are cryptic Jews (those hiding behind Gentile names).  

Look who is advising Barack Hussein Obama past and current:

Current Staff Members

Valarie Jarrett - Senior Advisor to Obama - Iranian born but Jewish 
Jack Lew - Chief of Staff to Obama
David Ploufee - Senior Advisor to Obama
Danielle Borrin - Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement; Special Assistant to the VP
Gary Gensler - Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Dan Shapiro - Ambassador to Israel
Gene Sperling - Director National Economic Council
Mary Schapiro - Chairperson of the SEC
Steven Simon - Head of Middle East/North Africa Desk at the NSC
Eric Lynn - Middle East Policy Advisor

Past Staff Members, but still advise Obama

Rahm Emanuel - former Chief of Staff and an Israeli citizen
David Axelrod - Senior Advisor to Obama
Elena Kagan - Solicitor General of the U.S. and now a Supreme Court Justice
Peter Orszag - Director of OMB
Lawrence Summers - Director National Economic Council
Mona Sutphen - Deputy White House Chief
James Steinberg - Deputy Secretary of State
Dennis Ross - Special Assistant to Obama
Jared Bernstein - Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the VP
Susan Sher - Chief of Staff to the First lady
Lee Feinstein - Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor
Mara Rudman - Foreign Policy Advisor

Source: The White House

What do the above have in common? They are all Jewish. How is it that an ethnic group so small in number (13.4 million and 0.2% of the world population) have such a large number of representatives advising our government and other governments of the world, particularly Europe? After WWII and the holocaust, the Jewish leadership determined that to survive in a Gentile dominated world they would seek a homeland in the land of their ancestors (Israel) as well as to acquire positions of authority and influence within the Goyim nations(Gentiles). They have done a marvelous job at achieving their goals. It is also true the Jewish people are some of the most gifted people on the planet, so I am not denying that. However, as a nation, in rejecting Jesus as the Messiah and the only true Lord and God, they are allowing Satan to blind and deceive them to the truth.

Now, this is not the meaning of Romans 11:7 where Paul speaks about judicial blindness for he says the nation has not found what they were seeking, but the election has and the rest were blinded. Who are the elect? The elect Jews are those who have responded to the preaching of the gospel and have made Jesus Lord of their lives. These are the true Jews.  The elect Jews are not waiting around to be delivered at the coming of the Lord, but are responding to the gospel now. In my Day of the Lord book, I explain how the Abrahamic Covenant contained both a physical and a spiritual element for the Jews, that is, they have a choice to choose the greater blessing of accepting the Lord Jesus and becoming part of the One New Man (the Judah Church) and the Bride of Christ or denying Him to the 11th hour before their deliverance and receiving the lessor blessing of inheriting the physical land of Israel. Their present occupation of the land of Israel is only temporary for they will be expelled one more time in which God is going to purge the rebels out of the land and gather the remnant. This is the true in-gathering (Amos 9:14-15) and will take place on the posttrib Day of the Lord. Note: this does not mean there will be no Jews in Israel when the expulsion takes place by the Antichrist for Jesus said there would be some remaining in Jerusalem when He returned. Even in the Babylonian captivity, the poor Jews were allowed to remain in the land and in the city of Jerusalem to work the crops, etc. 

The question is with so many Jewish advisors why has Obama taken a hard line against Israel? If you listen to him, he denies that he has. The truth is that many secular Jews are not that supportive of the so-called "chosen people" status particularly as it pertains to the religious orthodox position. George Soros, the Jewish Billionaire, has made public statements that he cares little for the Jewish state. The Rothschild's created the modern state of Israel for the purpose of building a platform to eventually enthrone "their Messiah" on the throne in Jerusalem - not the Lord Jesus Christ. That temporary Jewish Messiah will be the Antichrist contrary to Joel Richardson's position he will be a Muslim. 

Whatever you think of Texe Marrs, he has done some amazing valuable research into the world conspiracy and discovered what most serious truth-seeking researchers find - deep Kabbalistic Jewish roots at the helm of the Masonic New World Order. 

Traditional Dispensationalists that hold to dual covenant theology, that is, God has two chosen people - the earthly Jews and the heavenly Church - blindly follow the Anti-Semitism movement as Israel can do no wrong and that the United States must support Israel at all costs or we will be cursed according to Genesis 12:1-3. That passage has been so taken out of context that it has lost its true meaning. It must be understood by the fuller revelation of the New Testament - the words of Jesus in the gospels, the writings of the apostles, particularly Paul and Peter and the Book of Hebrews (writer supposedly unknown).

As I have written in my articles on this site, Israel and the United States are linked at the hip and are part of the New World Order.  Thus so are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Satan purposely chose to use the Kabbalistic Jews to foment his evil wicked plan to conquer the world via economic and military wars just as he chose the Kabbalistic Pharisees and Judas to betray and murder the Lord Jesus and in addition to persecute Christians (Both the ACLU and the ADA - Jewish organizations are strongly opposed to America's Christian roots and attack Christian causes every chance they get). 

Now before I end this article, I want to make it clear that not all Jews are Kabbalists and not all Jews hate Christians.  In my lifetime I have witnessed to many Jews and befriended some particularly those who became real Jews by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. I have also worked with many Jewish businessmen whose superior arrogance was unmistakeable. In addition, the madman of Iran is not going to destroy Israel. In fact, in a war probably taking place at the beginning of the Great Tribulation of perhaps near the end, Iran is part of a large invading army whom God Himself destroys. 

As mentioned, there will be a remnant of Jews delivered from annihilation by the Antichrist when Jesus returns in power and great glory. However, they are not part of the Church, but servants allowed to enter the millennium and live in their land in peace because of God's covenant promise to Abraham. You can read about this in my book - The Day of the Lord, The Key To Understanding End-Time Prophecy.  For any donation to this ministry, I will give you a copy of the book regardless of the amount. 

The greatest deception in the world today is the Anti-Semitic movement for very few know the truth behind it. If people do not read history (the real history of the world) they cannot have a full understanding of Bible prophecy because much of it has already been fulfilled and is the foundation for future prophecy.  In the series I am about to do from Daniel 11, the first 35 verses have already been fulfilled.

Dr. Allen Barber