The Importance of Rhema
Dr. Allen Barber
February 13, 2012

A reader asked me what rhema means and after responding to her request I felt led to share my comments with my readers because many perhaps either have never heard of it or not certain what it means. I have edited my comments in order not to reveal the personal nature. Any information from my readers is kept confidential unless I am given permission to post it.  

Her specific question was, "What did I mean by confessing the Word over my wife's body" who had all the symptoms of breast cancer.


Rhema is personalized revelation of the Word. It is what God is revealing to your spirit from the "logos" - the general revelation of the written Word. When we need to hear from God to know His specific will in any matter confronting us whether it is for healing or some other problem or direction - We go to the Lord and ask Him for a rhema word or specific word that we may know His will. Actually faith is based on rhema not logos.

There is a Bible Study series on my website entitled, "The Highest Calling of God in the Church", which is about faith. You might want to check it out."

Romans 10:17 says, Faith come by hearing and hearing by the word (rhema) of God." 

Ephesians 6:17 - "And take the helmet of salvation salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word (rhema) of God." 

There are many other Scriptures that teach rhema.

We confessed the healing Scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments over my wife's body every day. The Word of faith must be spoken out the mouth for it to work. 

Romans 10:8-10 - "But what does it say? The Word (rhema) is near you, in your mouth and in your heart (that is, the Word [rhema] of faith which we preach. 9 that if you confess with your mouth (words) the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him (Jesus) from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." 

Breaking this verse down into its contextual parts, it has great meaning.  (1) each English word for "word" is rhema (what the Holy Spirit is revealing to your human reborn spirit [note: this has no application to lost people; while this verse is often applied to how lost people are saved, the actual Greek and contextual meaning is for believers -  those already saved for Paul is telling the Roman Christians how they were saved not how to become saved even though technically it applies to initial salvation)] (2) the Greek meaning of confess with your mouth is to acknowledge by faith covenant truth. 

What is covenant truth and which covenant? The Covenant is the New Covenant in the blood of Jesus, that is the foundation of the Covenant - what it is based on. The written words are the text of the Covenant, but they are more than just words - they are words divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and given to man to write down -  they are not original with man (See 1 Peter 1: 20-21). This is why it is dangerous and damning for any religion to change or alter the Word of God as some religions have done.  The religious leaders who are responsible for that as well as those who continue to follow a corrupt doctrine shall be severely punished on the day of judgment. 

Confession is to agree with the Word of God not debate or argue and it must come out of your mouth for it to be real genuine faith. (3) heart is Kadia in Greek and means the thoughts and decisions thus involving the third eye or mind and the will. See my article on "Discovering the Illuminati in the Bible" in the NWO section about the third eye. This is not hocus-pocus for medical science has discovered the third eye in the human brain. 

The bottom line in order to be genuinely saved, which is not religious ritual or some catechism, is you must be led of the Holy Spirit to admit to God not some Pope or priest, that you are a lost sinner (born in sin) and are willing to repent (turn from sin) and to be born again by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, when you do this, the Holy Spirit baptizes you spiritually into Jesus, then He (Holy Spirit) takes up abode in your now reborn spirit. If this has not happened in your life no matter how many good religious feelings you may have, you are not born again. There will be millions on the day of judgment who thought they were saved only to learn they were never truly born again. This is why I ask my readers to read my article on genuine salvation in the top navigation bar. I have witnessed to many religious people who thought they were saved including deacons, Sunday School teachers, etc.. and won many to saving faith in Jesus. I have been shown the door several times when doing door-to-door evangelism - they could not and were not willing to listen to the truth. One lady got so upset with me that she opened the front door and told me to get out of her djf;afpajflpjdf house. As I was leaving, I looked back and said, "The Lord sent me to tell you the truth." After staring at me for about a minute, she said, please come back in. I won her to Christ. 

The reason God requires that we confess out our mouths what we say we believe in our hearts is in order to complete faith. We say everyday what we believe or don't believe and our life is the product of our confessions. Proverbs 18:21 says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue And those who love it will eat its fruit."  We are daily confessing life or death whether we realize it or not. Death confessions are anything contrary to the will of God as revealed in His Word. Since most do not really know the Word via lack of studying it or being involved in a false religion that does not teach the plain truth, they are unaware how much of what they say is not of faith. Hebrews 11 teaches that there is only one thing that pleases God - genuine faith. 

Jesus said we will all give an account of every idle word we speak - which means words of unbelief, untruths and evil jesting. 

Unless you are born again of the Holy Spirit, you may not understand what I have written. 

Let me give you an example.  An elderly lady (in her 60's and a Baptist) was attending a home Bible study in our home that I was teaching. Because I was teaching from revelation of the Word (what the Holy Spirit had taught me over 40 years about the Word of God, not some seminary or denominational doctrine), she could not understand what I was teaching.  Of course I already knew that in my spirit for I could see the teaching was going pass her. It was not that it was too complicated because I go to great extent to make sure my teaching is such that any true believer can understand it. In addition, I make the gospel plain and simple and many have come to faith in Jesus sitting under my teaching as many as 120 in one service - to God be the glory for the great things He has done for I am just His messenger. 

I told her that perhaps she should make sure she was saved (the apostle Peter warned believers to do the same in his day - 2 Peter 1:10). The truth is she was not saved and even though she was convicted, she was too proud and embarrassed to admit she had attended Church all her life and yet was not born again. She did not come back to the Bible study.  Truth is often hard to swallow and she was not willing to affirm it. 

On the other hand, when I was pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, there was an attractive elderly lady in the Church whose husband was a Christian but she was not and had a very bad attitude  toward the Church. One Sunday morning as I gave the invitation (don't remember what text  I was speaking from), she came walking down the aisle and was saved. The church had been praying for her for a long time. Looking out at the congregation, it was almost as if they were in shock and unbelief.  Her attitude and demeanor completely changed and she became a dear friend even after we left the church. 

I hope this helps to understand rhema even though it is a brief version, for it is the only genuine basis of faith - to be saved or to live by.

God bless.