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Dr. Allen M. Barber

As I have written in previous articles, the true Church (Judah Church) has always been in the world, but Satan has succeeded in dividing it into a Gentile and Jewish only church as well as keeping the understanding of it hidden from the majority.   The true Israelites are the ones who are coming into the Judah Church and accepting Yeshua Jesus along with the wild olive tree - the Gentiles.   Paul understood this and that is why the Jews rejected his message that not all Israel was Israel and that a true Jew was one of the heart not of the flesh.  They could not understand that revelation for they were as Jesus said, "They had eyes that could not see and ears that could not hear."  They were spiritually blind like many Christians are today.

World-wide Jewy apart from faith in Jesus Christ God does not recognize as the Israel of God.  Only the Jews who accept Jesus as Messiah and God are true Jews.  If you are saved (born again of the Holy Spirit), you are a true Jew. Paul made that clear in his letters as well as the book of Hebrews.

The House of Israel was destroyed in 721 B.C. by the Assyrians and absorbed into the Gentile nations of Europe.  When the Lord said in Matthew 23, "Your house is left unto you desolate,” He was referring to the House of Judah.  Only when Jesus returns will the House of Israel and the House of Judah be reunited, that is a remnant who accept Jesus as Messiah and God.  Only the House of Judah (tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi) has remained pure blood and not all for many are mixed blood  as the House of Israel commingled with the Gentiles after the Assyrian captivity.  Likewise, only the House of Israel (The tribe of Joseph, that is, Ephraim) has the right to the birthright and name of "Israel."  The House of Judah was given the dominion mandate from which the Messiah King would come.  The present Zionist nation will never unite the two Houses of Israel. Only Messiah can do that.

God never said that the whole nation of Israel was blinded - only a partial blinding and that was primarily among the leaders of Judaism and/or the secular Jews who hold no religious convictions.

There is only one way for Israel to get into the kingdom when Jesus returns and that is to become a believer in the crucified risen Lord Jesus and a remnant will.  As I mentioned, what has confused many in understanding the Covenant of Abraham is that it has both a spiritual and a physical fulfillment.  Christian Zionists mainly see only a physical fulfillment when Jesus returns. The physical remnant who are delivered from Antichrist at the end of the tribulation are not part of the spiritual body of
Christ. They will be allowed into the Kingdom reign as servants but they are not part of the inner kingdom. The Jews who accept Jesus today are spiritual Israel and part of the Church (Judah Church).

The spiritual Israel of God is the overcoming Bride of Christ composed of all the saved people of all nations. These will rule and reign with Jesus when He returns.  Common sense tells us that many will survive the tribulation (The world's population will be thinned out on the Posttrib Day of the Lord, which is the Wrath of the Lamb) and then the "survivors of the survivors" will be judged at the Sheep and Goat Judgment, which is the judgment that determines who gets into the millennial kingdom, that is, those who survived who were not part of the Bride of Christ and who were not part of the First Resurrection. I cover this in more detail in my book, The Day of the Lord, The Key To Understanding End-Time Prophecy.

This is the meaning of the Parable of the Wedding Feast when the man was discovered without having on the proper wedding garment. He was cast into outer darkness (not hell).  Outer darkness is outside the Kingdom.  Contrary to what theologians teach, it will take the whole millennium for the kingdom to cover the earth.  It will begin at Jerusalem, which is in ruins from the tribulation and will be rebuilt, that is, the New Jerusalem (Isaiah says the Messiah will rebuild Jerusalem upon its ruins).  Jerusalem is now Sodom and Egypt and the glory of God departed the Mount of Olives when Jesus returned to heaven after the resurrection.  During Ezekiel's day, the glory departed the temple and city of Jerusalem and hovered over the Mount of Olives. It stayed there until Jesus came and took it with him back to heaven. Since the ascension, Jerusalem has been strictly a secular city and is today.  The glory of God returned to the earth on the day of Pentecost in the form of the Holy Spirit and began to reside in "living temples," which is the Israel of God - The Church and the One New Man.  However, Paul told us even this glory was presently veiled and not seen as it will be when Jesus returns. Note: See my detailed article on the Outer Darkness in the topical section.

The main effort of Christian’s who claim they love the Jews should not be focused upon the Land and temple, but in converting the Jews to Messiah.  God has already decreed that He is going to destroy the majority of the Jews who returned to the land of Israel (The 2/3 that are rebels) in violation of the Torah, which forbids a return without repentance and acceptance of Messiah.  The Lord is allowing this illegal nation to fulfill the prophecy of the barren Fig Tree - leaves with no spiritual fruit.  The Fig Tree has always been symbolic of physical Israel (The House of Judah). God gave Jeremiah the revelation of the good and bad figs in chapter 24.  The good figs are those who obey the Covenants and remain in exile and who accept Jesus as Messiah. The bad figs are those who rebel against the covenants and who promote Judaism.  Judaism was destroyed and done away with by the first advent of Christ, and it is as much a false religion as Islam, that is, in God's eyes.  It is a shame that Christians have no revelation of this.

Read the book of Hebrews, which clearly says Christ did away with Judaism in His cross and resurrection.

If Pretribbers had revelation of the Word instead of an intellectual and an emotional understanding, they would know the true prophetic program of God and be more concerned about bringing Jews into the New Covenant as we all wait the return of Messiah than getting all caught up with a non-biblical infatuation of the so-called Holy Land.

From now and until Jesus returns, the land and people of Israel will experience nothing but violence, war, bloodshed and much destruction.  Antichrist will seem to protect them at first, but as you know, he will turn against them and try to annihilate them.

We should not hate either Jew or Arab, but love them and witness to them of Messiah's saving grace.  God loves the Arab people as much as he does the Jews. However, the physical land of Israel God surely gave to Israel, that is, those descendents of Abraham who are in covenant with Him.  Keeping covenant with God has always been the prerequisite for remaining in the land.  Each time the Jews rebelled against the covenant and worshiped idols, God kicked them off the land. As I said, God permitted the Jews to return to the land of Israel to fulfill his prophecy of the Fig Tree in Matthew 24 - leaves but no fruit.  This situation is what is necessary for the House of Esau to throw the yoke of Jacob from their neck and to allow the Palestinian State to exist alongside Israel, but only for a very short time as God will destroy the House of Esau and He will use the House of Judah to do it.

Everything I have written in this and other emails I could not have written 10 years ago for I had no revelation of it.  I was a die-hard pretribber and had no real revelation or understanding of false dispensationalism (actually there are 3 Ages in God’s plan of redemption and kingdom rule).  From Isaiah 50:4, the Holy Spirit began to give me revelation of the Word and the prophetic Scriptures harmonized in a way I had not understood previously.

I know it is not popular and will be rejected by most, but I am not the only one God has given this revelation. Dr. Stephen Jones of God's Kingdom Ministries has been given great insight into all this and has written several excellent books on all these topics.  In fact, I have learned much from him; however, we do disagree on some aspects.  For example, he teaches the crucifixion of Jesus was atonement for sin and only a partial covering until the First Resurrection when we receive our glorified bodies.  I strongly reject that and the Lord led me to show him the Blood Covenant of Jesus blotted out our sin, not covered them. If our sins were only covered then we would be in no better situation than a believer in the Old Covenant and our sins would only be covered from year to year.   

The Lord has not atoned for out sins, but took them completely away as though they never existed.  Under the Old Covenant, the recognition of sin was always there as the sacrificial system attested.   The Lord is the final sacrifice for sin; therefore, no other sacrifices are needed to atone for sin.  This is why all the attention about the Jews getting ready to build the temple and reinstate the blood sacrificial system is much to do about nothing.   God is not going to re-institute a blood sacrificial system for that would completely nullify the meaning and purpose of the cross.  The Jews may re-institute some kind of blood sacrificial system, but God will not recognize it. It will be the temple of the Antichrist.

The whole focus of the book of Hebrews is to show the superiority of the New Blood Covenant over the Old Covenant, which was entirely fulfilled in Jesus.  Trying to return to a physical temple and blood sacrificial system is blasphemy of the highest order and the 10th chapter of Hebrews makes that very plain.

All of this end time attention toward Judaism; the rebuilding of the temple and reinstating the blood sacrifices (Only necessary to fulfill Bible prophecy in order for God to purge out the rebels and Judaism once and for all), is missing the mark of God's purpose and intent for the Israel of God.  God's purpose is REDEMPTION AND RESTORING AND MAKING CARNAL FLESH ONCE AGAIN SPIRITUAL.

What we lost when Adam sinned is our spiritual flesh.  Adam was human, but his flesh was spiritual.  We get back our spiritual body of flesh in the Redemption of our bodies when Jesus returns at the First Resurrection.  Christ was spiritual flesh - He could come and go through walls and eat if He wanted to.  When we are glorified, we shall have a body like Jesus, for we will be like Him.  We can materialize and interact with the fleshly human race in the millennium, eating and drinking with them if we prefer and we can also operate strictly in the spiritual realm and not be seen by the naked eye.  Ruling and reigning with Jesus doesn't mean we are just an apparition. On the contrary, we will be very human and have spiritual flesh like Adam before the fall.

The great hosts of people who become believers in the millennium will not get their spiritual bodies until the millennium ends and the Eternal Age begins. It is then that death is finally defeated.  The New Jerusalem will be the capital city of the universe.

The Judah Church is a revelation of the Holy Spirit and unfortunately, the majority of believers have no revelation and understanding of this vital truth, that the Judah Church has always been in the world since the Day of Pentecost composed of saved Jews and Gentiles and in that sense has no part in a man-made doctrine of “Replacement Theology.”  If anything, modern Zionism in conjunction with Christian Zionism is an attempt to replace the true Church – the Israel of God and the Judah Church with a heretical two-covenant theology.

This ought not to be!

God bless