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Ridiculous Comments By Democrats Prove They Are The Party Of Violence And Destruction

Listening to the comments being made by democrats such as the "Republican Party is destroying our democracy"; "there cannot be any civility in politics until the democrats win back control of the government - all three branches" or how about this one, when they (GOP) go low, "we kick them", makes you wonder what they are putting in their koolaid because there is no truth to such verbal nonsense. In fact, it is the democrats that are inciting violence and being uncivil. Anyone sane person can see that. 

Democrats will say and do anything to get their power back. They accuse the GOP of being power hungry simply because they control all branches of government and how did that happen? The American people are tired of politics as usual and wanted a change so they put Donald Trump in the White House much to the chagrin of liberals. They still have not gotten over the 2016 election. Hillary and friends (top officials in the intel agencies) concocted a lame strategy to keep Trump from being elected and when that didn't work, they tried to remove him from office via the Russian witch hunt (don't know why Robert Mueller is still trying to dig up dirt on the President as he knows there was no collusion as well as no obstruction of Justice).  If AG Sessions had any backbone, he would end the Mueller investigation, but he has turned out to be a wimp. 

The Democrats showed how ruthless and wicked they are in the Kavanaugh hearings and even came up with a new rule - the accused is guilty on the basis of credible testimony not factual evidence.  They threw the long-held presumption of innocencebefore being proven guilty out the window. I wonder how many of the democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee believe the credibility nonsense over evidence if they found themselves victims of baseless accusations?  I bet they would reinstate the presumption of innocence in a New York minute. The rookie Senator from Hawaii, Ms. Hirono, who seems to be the new speaker for the donkey party, is the one who came up with thiscredibility over evidence stupidityand the other dems grabbed it like it was the law of the land. She also told the men to shut-up and sit down. Who the heck does she think she is!  She is the one who needs to shut her foolish mouth. 

If the Holder's, Clinton's, Water's and Booker's think they can con the American people with "fear tactics" to win elections, then I think they are in for a surprise come November 6, 2018.  There could be a red tsunami!  Democrats and liberals think America is East Coast - West Coast and everyone else trash. Remember Hillary called Trump supporters a "basket of deplorables".  Why does anyone listen to her anyway or take what she says seriously? She is an old has-been and she and hubby Bill need to retire from politics for good. We have had enough of the Clinton's dirty politics!  

It is downright laughable to hear the "demoncrats" accuse President Trump of destroying our country. Does anyone really believe that in light of what Trump has accomplished in a short two years? The economy is red hot and there is peace on the Korean peninsula. He is making deals with our allies, Mexico and Canada, to replace NAFTA which was a bad policy for the U.S. He also is in the process of stopping China from taking advantage of us by unfair trade as well as stealing our intellectual property. He is making NATO members pay their share of defending Europe from the Russians and he has reduced the amount of funding to the UN saving millions of dollars. In addition, he is building back our military that Obama practically dismantled. Do you remember during his administration, our fighter jets had to find parts from the scrap yard to keep flying because he cut back on production. Our army and navy were the smallest since before WWII and the top Generals warned that we could not fight a two or three theater war much less win it. For much of his administration, Obama tried to contain ISIS instead of destroying and defeating them all the while they were beheading countless people primarily Christians and ruling Iraq. What did President Trump do, he gave the military battlefield authority to destroy ISIS and they did. Today ISIS is holed up in Syria while our ground and air forces are doing mop-up operations. You may not like Trump, but is a man of action and both our allies and enemies know it. That may be why Kim Jung Ung decided to work with Trump instead of threatening us.  Trump was not afraid to tell "rocket man" that if he continued to threaten us or our allies - Japan and South Korea, we would wipe him off the face of the earth. 

As I said the economy is red hot - Black, Hispanic and female employment is the highest in the history of our nation. The nation's total available workforce of 190 million is also the highest it has been in decades. Over a million people have come off food stamps and contrary to what the democrats repeat ad nauseam,Trump's tax cut was not for just the top 1%, but for the middle and lower classes as well. The truth is the democrats cannot compete with Trump's domestic and foreign policies and they know it so they have decided the only game plan is "gutter dirty" tactics.  They are the "low" party not the GOP and Trump is beating them at every turn.  Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on Fox News this week that President Trump has an uncanny ability to see things no one else does, even long before they happen. He makes statements the left condemns him for, but a month or two later what he said comes true.

I hope lying Holder (first AG in the history of our country to be in contempt of Congress) does run for president as President Trump will bury him. Kamala Harris is a lightweight (not much upstairs). Corey Booker is trying to be another Obama and I doubt he makes it to the DNC convention. The young Socialist from New York is a total nutcase (America is not going to elect a Socialist to the White House, at least not now). Old Joe Biden makes noise like he is running for president, but I don't think he really wants the job. Sanders is another Socialist idiot the Dems will not take seriously.  Some think Hillary will try a third time to be president. The Dems are not going to place their political future on a loser again so I doubt she will run. 

Rand Paul is right, if the democrats don't stop this "violence rhetoric" someone is going to be killed. They already tried that with Steve Scalise and almost succeeded.  Justice Kavanaugh's wife and children received death threats during the Senate hearings. 

Last, do the Dems really think they can impeach and remove Justice Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court?  It has never been done in the history of our nation. One Supreme Court Justice was impeached in 1805, but not removed by the Senate. As Judge Napolitano said recently, it is really difficult to remove a President or a Supreme Court Justice because the Senate has to prove "intent". 

Will the Dems take back the House and Senate on November 6?  They will win some seats, but I think the House and Senate will remain with the GOP. Why do I believe that?  The American people are not stupid. They see through the Democratic rhetoric and they don't want an angry, hateful party in charge of our government.