Attention Readers And Guests

Finally got a straight word from my web host. They are phasing out Version 5 which is the one I use so will need to find another host, that is, if I continue with the BWV. I may do something else more in line with biblical teaching - writing/teaching books of the bible and related topical articles. 

I've been teaching prophecy since 1971 and have seen many things that indicate we are living the last years of the end generation.  I once thought it was possible to know the beginning and ending of the last generation before the Lord returns and did a lot of study/research from Matthew 24 where Jesu said to learn the budding of the fig tree, so I went looking for buds and thought I had found several for the period 1897-2017-8.  Turns out my analysis was incorrect.  As a result I don't bother with such speculation. 

Date setters those who think they have figured out the precise time of the tribulation, the appearing of the Antichrist, Armageddon, and the Second Coming, i.e., for example - September 29, 2020, only confuse the saints and cast a doubtful shadow on the prophetic scriptures.

We are not going to know anything until whatever sparks the beginning of the 7-year tribulation and the appearing of the Anti-Christ (the great end-time falling away from biblical truth is already taking place right here in the good old United States of America). This falling away will bring the Anti-Christ on the scene. 

Three times in the Book of Revelation, Jesus tells the tribulation saints to be patient while they wait His coming.  The tribulation saints are all believers alive on the earth when the tribulation begins that includes the Church as there is no such thing as a secret snatching away of believers. The few saints that survive the tribulation (Anti-Christ is going to kill many believers) will be raptured at the beginning of the Day of the Lord about the time of the first bowl judgment for that is the time of the day of wrath to which believers are not appointed.

I would admonish all true believers in Christ Jesus to read and study the bible and pray like never before, but look for the Lord's return with patience.  He will come at the appointed time which no one Knows but Him. Instead of trying to predict a date for the return, be a witness for the Lord and share the gospel with the lost.

I will take my site down in the next couple of weeks.   We are moving on 6/11/19 so will tied up with that for a while.

God bless you all.

Allen Barber