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RNC: Impressed With Speakers

While I may not agree with Donald Trump on some issues, you have to admire his family - extremely talented and devoted to their husband and father. In addition, I have been impressed by the quality of the speakers, which reflect more mainstream America than the far-left leaning democrats.  The blend of speakers and the choice reflects on Trump's ability to recognize great talent as well as patriotism.  Donald, Jr. did a superb job last night in promoting his father's character, work ethic, and vision for America.

I imagine the Hillary camp is furious this morning with Governor Christie who prosecuted Hillary via the GOP convention and the millions watching. That is okay and I hope the RNC/GOP will stay on her case until election day for as Governor Christie said, "She is not qualified to be president." 

The 99 so-called top Republicans that sat out the convention and several who plan not to vote in the election need to get a life and stand with the Republican ticket in order to stop Hillary.  I have voted Republican in the national election when I did not especially care for the nominee like McCain and Romney for example, but I thought they would be better than Obama.  I was right on that! 

I read where President George W. Bush is afraid he may be the last Republican president - spoken like a true establishment statis.  The Republican Party needs to change to align itself again with the people and not the elites. Perhaps Trump is the person to make that change occur.

The GOP has spoken and Trump is their choice for president and maybe God's.  We should pray for him and Governor Pence that they will listen not only to the people, but to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Trump has a steep mountain to climb and some fences to mend if he is successful and is elected president.  He is going to need much more than the White male vote to win and as I have mentioned, the global elitists who are aggressively trying to "rig" the election. 

What Trump does from now until election day will determine his success or failure.  He should fire the speech writers for inserting words from Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech into Melania's speech. That was a dumb decision.  Trump could lose because of dumb things like Melania's speech and his interview with 60 Minutes. He has got to work hard at eliminating these kinds of mistakes and I imagine he will.