Attention Readers And Guests

Recently my website host advised they will no longer host/support their Version 5, but will devote all their resources to the new Version 7.  Version 6 was a complete disaster which is why they had to come out with Version 7 in a short time. Unfortunately I still use Version 5 because it is a better web design with more capabilities (better whistles and bells) than the new Version 7.  I tried to upgrade to Version 7, but realized it did not have the features I needed for a professional website. In fact Version 7 is really a blog and not a website. 

The difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is a web log that makes us of a chronological listings of blog posts (most recent first followed by previous updated blogs).  A website has limitless possibilities, but generally a website has a definitive Home Page of what the site is about that directs you to other pages much like what I do with  A website can have a blog page, but why do that if you really want a blog. Both blog's and websites can be used to make money, but it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful. 

That all said, since my web host will no longer provide technical support for my website (I cannot even communicate with them except for selected topics many of which do not address other issues), I will take down my site as soon as I have copied the articles I want to keep. I should have made duplicate copies, but unfortunately I did not. I anticipate this will take about a week or two, so if you want any of my articles I recommend you print them off as soon as you can. 

If I go back online with the BWV, I will have to find another web host. My wife and I are in the process of setting up a blog to show people have to save money and time. We hope this will become a source of financial security. Therefore, much of my time will be devoted to this new venture so I doubt I will have time to set up a new BWV site - maybe down the road. 

I have enjoyed writing and posting articles on my website for over a decade and I appreciate all those who were loyal readers and financial supporters.  Your many emails of encouragement were a blessing, particularly those who wrote they were saved or they grew in faith and knowledge of the Word of God by reading the articles. 

May God richly bless all of you. 

Allen Barber