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Call me a prophet of doom or a moron, but I really do not care for I know the Word of God that He is not overlooking America's great sins anymore than He overlooked Sodom and Gomorrah.

I sent emails tonight to personal friends about the imminent judgment of God coming upon this nation for its love affair with perversion. I sense a deep foreboding in my spirit that a terrible judgment of God is coming  upon this nation and the bathroom decadence is the last straw.  In all of my life now 7 decades, I have never seen the moral decay and defiance of a holy God that I see today. It is mind blogging and beyond the pale. My forefathers would recoil in disbelief of what is taking place in our nation. Who would in their wildest dreams have contemplated a situation in which innocent children and women would be exposed to perverse deviant behavior with the laws of the federal government and states supporting it?

It is gross and ungodly! 

When the nations premier evangelist, Franklin Graham, has to speak out against this moral wickedness supported by Barack Obama, the president of the United States, you know God is watching what is going on and ready to send judgment upon this nation. It will be a righteous judgment for we continue to flaunt our sins in His face.

Hug your family tight and close for what is coming will be difficult and trying of our faith.

 When Judah became so decadent and defiant of God's moral laws, God told Jeremiah to stop praying that the judgment of God would be withheld. He told Jeremiah Judah had passed the point of no return and that judgment would not be delayed.  It came precisely 70 years after God gave him the revelation - See Jeremiah 7:16, 11:14 and 14:11.

I strongly believe America has passed the point of no return to abate judgment. Remember the judgment of God no matter how terrible is the mercy of God to turn a nation back to Him.  All praise and glory belong to Him who sits on His throne ready to bless the people that love Him and obey His laws, but also ready to judge the impenitent! 

By the way, some I sent emails to mocked me!  All I can say is, stand by and witness the hand of God.

Brother Allen Barber


Daniel's 70 Weeks

I am going to post an article (actually several) on Daniel's 70 Weeks and rather than get into a theological debate on the different theories of the issue such as Preterism, Historianism and Futurism, I am going to present the biblical text with the original languages for emphasis as well as historical evidence where it applies.  I think you will find this teaching both informative and challenging to traditional interpretations.  In fact, I was surprised at myself for not paying closer attention to the text in Daniel 9 that provides a clear understanding to the meaning of the seven sevens, the sixty-two sevens and last seven. 

Hope you will stop by and read the posts.