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Feds Trying To Shut Down Report ISIS Is Near Our Southern Border

["The FBI has huddled with Mexican authorities in Ciudad Juarez to develop a “press strategy” in response to reports of an ISIS presence just across the border in Mexico, according to a Washington watchdog.

Judicial Watch, which has a long history of exposing government misbehavior, has released a new report claiming ISIS activities near America’s southern border.

WND reported earlier this week Judicial Watch’s claim that ISIS is running a camp just a few miles from the Texas border.

“A high-level intelligence source, who must remain anonymous for safety reasons, confirmed that the meeting was convened specifically to address a press strategy to deny Judicial Watch’s accurate reporting and identify who is providing information to JW,” the watchdog now has said.

Federal officials, meanwhile, are denying the Judicial Watch report."]

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No surprise here; when Obama wants to deny the facts, he sends his attack dogs to undermine and falsify the truth. What will he do when ISIS hits a target inside our Homeland and claims responsibility for it?  We already know what he does when he wants to cover-up and hide the facts as he did in the Benghazi episode. 

This administration since day one has operated on lies, cover-ups and innuendo's.  He just told a big whopper yesterday when he said the House Bill to remove the Estate (Death) Tax was a tax break only for the wealthy!  What poppy-cock! Anyone that owns a home, a business, land, etc. including both Middle and Lower classes benefit by eradicating the "Death Tax".  The Democratic Party is so hung-up on the Wealthy Class as being "the" villains that anytime the American people or Congress attempts to reduce taxes,  they demonize the wealthy and at the same time screw the Middle and Lower classes they need and deserve tax breaks.  

Obama doesn't have a truthful bone in his body!  
ISIS Training Camp Discovered 8 Miles From The Border Of My Home State - Texas

["Judicial Watch reported on Tuesday that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is operating a training camp just south of the US/Mexican border, near El Paso, Texas. Sources, identified as a Mexican Army field grade officer and Mexican federal police inspector, told Judicial Watch that the camp is about 8 miles south of the border, just west of Ciudad Juarez in an area called “Anapra.”

Mexican officials also uncovered a second cell also west of Ciudad Juarez in Puerto Palomas, which is targeting the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming as a path to easily access the United States."]

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BWV Comment

The Obama administration has told us repeatedly that we are in no danger of ISIS penetrating our Southern borders,  now we find out they are operating a training camp inside Mexico less than 10 miles from the Texas border.  I would wager they already have dozens of sleeper cells, maybe hundreds inside our country ready to attack selected targets. The question is, what type of weapons to do they have - dirty bombs, roadside bombs, truck bombs, etc.?  They will attack when they think the time is right to afflict the most casualties.

The DHS is nothing but a big joke and should be disbanded.  Instead we should beef up the FBI and the border guards. The National Guard should be placed on the border in massive numbers all the way from Texas to California.  In addition we should place heavy equipment there such as tanks and rocket armed vehicles.  Instead of spying on American citizens with drones, they should be transferred to the border with 24/7 operations.

We should also increase helicopter patrols just inside our borders. During the Vietnam conflict we kept thousands of helicopters in the air - night and day.  We could easily do that today.

The more important thing is that the United States has the capacity to destroy ISIS in Iraq and around the world in a matter of a few months or less if we used our full military force to do so.  While Obama prefers that the Middle East nations deal with ISIS, the facts are they are coming into our nation. Congress needs to declare war on ISIS and give our military the authority to destroy them with all our might. It could be done.

The Wisdom Of Omar Bradley, Five-Star General of the Army and WWII Hero

["General Bradley stated in an Armistice Day speech, November 10, 1948 (published in Omar Bradley’s collected writings, Volume 1, 1967):

'To ignore the danger of aggression is simply to invite it… We shall doom our children to a struggle that may take their lives…

We know that unless free peoples stand boldly and united against the forces of aggression, they may fall wretchedly, one by one, into the web of oppression.

General Bradley stated:

We have men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.

The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants…

If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.

In contrast to the totalitarian dictators he fought against, General Bradley stated in his Armistice Day Address, November 10, 1948:

In the United States it is THE PEOPLE who are SOVEREIGN…

The Government is THEIRS – to speak THEIR voice and to voice THEIR will."]
President Hillary Clinton - Very Bad For America!

When Obama announced he was running for president in 2007, I had already conducted research into his background because when he gave his infamous speech at the DNC in 2004, I told my wife that we were looking at the next president of the United States. As it turned out I was right. In addition, I wrote many articles in 2007 and 2008 that I posted on my website warning the electorate what we could expect with an Obama presidency - Socialist, Marxist reform, disastrous economic policies, national health insurance that would destroy our medical system, lower wages, higher taxes, a weakened military (check out this link to see all the high-ranking military personnel Obama has fired - , promotion of homosexuality, etc. to name a few. I also said he would give us more pain than gain and he has done everything I predicted and even more.  

One thing I did not predict was his lawless end-runs around Congress and trampling of the Constitution because I did not think he could get away with it, but boy was I wrong.  Not only has he gotten away with his narcissistic power grab, but thumbs his nose at Congress and attacks anyone who opposes him.  Hillary Rodham Clinton will be no different. In fact, she could even be worse if that is possible.

I lived in Arkansas for a brief time during the Clinton's governorship. A lawyer and a former Congressman from Arkansas who knew the Clinton's well told me there was not anything the Clinton's would not do to get what they wanted - Bill or Hillary.  From what we have seen of their public service, we know that is true regardless that Bill Clinton was a popular president and still so among a majority of Americans.

Bill Clinton gave the Chinese access to our commercial, military and space secrets, which is expertly written about in Gordon Thomas' book, Seeds of Fire. He also illegally accepted money from the Chinese to help finance his presidential campaign in what became known as China-gate.  There is more than circumstantial evidence that he had a hand in the death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown even though he was killed in a plane crash because first responders at the crash scene reported Brown had two bullet wounds to his head (was he killed before or after the plane crashed?).  Brown had threatened to take Clinton down with him if he was ever linked to China-gate or the Chinese access to our trade secrets via the Commerce Department (At one time the Pentagon controlled trade access to highly classified military equipment including weapon systems, but Clinton moved it to the Commerce Department making it easier for the Chinese to steal it).

Then there was the situation involving the death of several high-ranking military generals who were killed in a plane crash. They were allegedly taking part in a military coup to overthrow the Clinton presidency. An unknown informant leaked it to the White House. An investigation into the plane crash revealed some suspicious clues to the cause of the crash.  The pro-Clinton left-leaning media kept it out of the news the same as they protect Obama today.

Clinton Deputy Counsel, Vince Foster, committed suicide in July 1993. The rumor mill suspected there was foul play in his death and that the Clinton's  had something to do with it, but it has never been proven. See this link ( that discloses excerpts from Foster's diary and memoirs that cast Hillary as an ego-maniac, hot-tempered and difficult to get along with. Foster had been the Clinton's legal counsel since their governorship in Arkansas and was embroiled with them in the White Water and Travel-gate scandals. In the article, Foster reveals that he was distraught and hurt by Hillary's constant yelling at him to fix the scandals. In other words, cover them up.  In addition, Arkansas State Troopers assigned to protect the Clinton's commented that Bill and Hillary's marriage was a rough ride and there were numerous heated arguments between them. The troopers also said Hillary looked down her nose at them and on several occasions spoke rudely and demeaned them with the "F" word.  During the Clinton presidency, the Secret Service reported hearing Bill and Hillary arguing loudly in the White House presidential residence and checked to see if they were okay. It seems Bill and Hillary have a platonic pact to put up with each other in order to facilitate their political ambitions.

Both Bill and Hillary were educated on Socialist - Marxist ideology (Bill was a Rhodes scholar and it is no secret Oxford University in England is a seed-bed of liberal left-wing elitist ideology). Hillary received her law degree from Yale University,  a bastion of liberalism, and the Political Insider ( has uncovered communications she had with Saul Alinsky, a community organizer that wrote Rules For Radicals, a book he devoted to Lucifer (the devil). This is the same Saul Alinsky that mentored Barack Obama in Socialist Communist idealism.  A Hillary presidency would be a third Obama administration. Remember she introduced national healthcare during Bill's first term in office that was categorically rejected by Congress, corporate America and the American people. Hillary would continue Obamacare as well as strongly oppose any GOP effort to scuttle it.  

As someone commented, everything Hillary has done in her career was for one overall purpose - to ascend the White House.  She told Vince Foster when Bill was elected president in 1992 that she wanted an equal voice in his presidency.  However, old Bill turned out to be his "own man", which was probably the source of some of their heated arguments in the White House residency.  Of course Monica-gate didn't help their situation either.  During that scandal,  Hillary receded somewhat to the background but in the end, stood by her man, which was more proof they have a platonic relationship centered in their quest for power and greed.

Hillary became a U.S. Senator from New York not just to serve the people of that liberal state, but as a stepping stone to the White House when the timing was right. The same can be said for her tenure as Obama's Secretary of State. In all of her positions what has she really accomplished? She flew a million miles representing the United States to foreign nations, but can anyone point to a single major accomplishment she achieved that improved our relations with allies and foes?  One of the young women that works for the State Department was asked by a press corps reporter to name one thing Hillary did as Secretary of State.  She couldn't name a single accomplishment.

If anything, Hillary is infamous for her trite remark to Congress about the Benghazi scandal, "What difference does it make" how Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed? 

In recent days we have learned that she illegally conducted government business on her personal home computers and selectively provided the State Department with copies of her emails. Then she wiped her hard drives clean thereby destroying evidence of what was in the emails she did not provide to the State Department or to Congressman Trey Gowdy's committee investigating Benghazi.  Obviously, Hillary is protecting her behind by the cover-up. However, she is experienced at cover-ups going back to her days in Arkansas politics.

Hillary is such a narcissist that she has announced her candidacy for president confident the email scandal will fade into the night and she will ride into the White House on her White steed as a victorious warrior reaping the spoils of war.  It is true she has name recognition and Bill's legacy to back her, but she also has a lot of negative baggage to overcome the voters may just not overlook - democrat, independents and republican women that might vote for a democratic woman.

Our nation has many problems and at the top of the list is a moral spiritual decline - something that Hillary will do nothing about. Remember she blamed Right-wing Christians for Bill's impeachment.  She is not a friend of fundamental conservative Christians. In fact, she detests them.

She has been out front as the democratic attack dog against the GOP in the so-called "war against women".  She is going to make hay with that in her run for the presidency, which will only polarize the nation even more - women against men! 

Perhaps an alarming issue with Hillary that is a feature of the Obama administration is her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood via her top aide, Huma Abedin and Nagla Mahmoud, wife of Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Morsi and former President of Egypt who has been incarcerated by the present Egyptian government.  In fact, the Egyptian government accused Hillary Clinton of interfering in Egyptian elections by backing Mohammad Morsi.  Morsi's wife, Nagla, threatened to expose letters Hillary wrote to him when it appeared she changed horses in the middle of the stream.

Hillary has spoken with ardent praise for Muslim causes while blasting Christians for daring speak the truth about her tainted political career - the same thing Obama has done repeatedly.  She and Obama are made of the same liberal left-wing cloth and again I say a Hillary presidency would be a continuation of the Obama administration, but Hillary might be more shrewd than Obama particularly with old Bill as her soul-mate advisor.

The people of America and particularly the women who want a woman president had better think long and hard about electing another Socialist, Marxist to the White House.  While Bill Clinton governed from the middle as a moderate democrat, Hillary will be more to the left as an advocate of big government, big spending, high taxes, etc. She will also promote gay rights and abortion, but maybe not as aggressive as Obama. She might even be more hawkish on national security than Obama. 

Overall, she will not be good for America!