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Russ Limbaugh Says The So-Called Russian-Trump Collusion Was All About Protecting Obama

"The corruption of the FBI, the Justice Department and intelligence agencies to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election was all about protecting Barack Obama, contends talk-radio superstar Rush Limbaugh".

“All of this is,” he said. “It was Obama that was policing, directing, informing, permitting the spying and whatever else happened to Donald Trump and his campaign.”

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BWV Comment

Notice in the article the following comment:  "Some of the material in the dossier used to allege the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia came from Russian government sources".

This lends credibility to my article below about Christopher Steele colluding with the Russians to write the dossier in the first place. Therefore my hypothetical may be more factual than not. Just makes practical sense to me that a British Spy with M-16 that lived in Russia for two years and headed up the M-16 office in Moscow - literally the seat of the Russian government and Putin's backdoor would be a primary suspect in the fake dossier.  Steele apparently let it be known he hated Donald Trump. Do you suppose that may have been picked up by Russian's intelligence network and a meeting with Steele was arranged to see if he would cooperate in a fake take-down of Donald Trump. I mean how did the material from the Russians find its way into the dossier?  The most logical assumption is Christopher Steele!  Then Hillary and the DNC pays him $160,000 for access to the dossier which was then given to James Comey and the FBI to be used as evidence in a FISA Court to spy on Trump's campaign staff. Now we know Barack Obama was up to his armpits in directing this sordid scheme to prevent an American citizen the right to be both a candidate for the presidency and the president of the United States. It stinks to hog-hell and is much worse than Watergate.

Obama, Hillary, Comey, Holder, Lynch, Brennan, Clapper and a bunch more at Justice and the FBI should be facing a grand jury and possible prison time for maybe the highest levels of corruption ever in our government. 

Let's see if the GOP has the backbone to bring criminal charges against these unjust democratic officials for no one is above the law - not presidents or heads of the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department.

Our government is never going to function as a moral righteous governing body until the bad seeds are removed!  I read today that former FBI agents are calling for a house cleaning at the top levels of this austere agency. The same must take place at the Justice and State Departments.


Should The House and Senate Intelligence Committee's Be Looking At Christopher Steele's Russian Connection?

Up to now I have not written anything about the infamous "dossier" as I was waiting for the GOP Memo to be released. That does not mean I have not been following closely the dubious Trump - Russian collusion dating back to 2016. In my opinion, Robert Mueller should never have been appointed special prosecutor to look into whether or not President Trump and/or his campaign staff had anything to do with the Russians attempted interference in the 2016 elections. How he came to be the SP is highly suspicious. 

President Trump fires FBI Director, James Comey, who in turn leaks a memo of his conversations with the President to a Columbia Law Professor. The Law Professor then gives the memo's to the media. Shortly afterward, Mueller is appointed SP by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and hired 15 democratic pro-Hillary attorney's to investigate the President and his administration and family. Next the infamous Steele Dossier turns the investigation into a 12-month plus witch hunt by Mueller who to this date has found neither collusion or obstruction of justice by President Trump.

The dossier is "a private intelligence dossier composed of 17 memo's that were consecutively written from June to December 2016 by former British M16 intelligence officer, Christopher Steele". We now know it was all a pack of lies that attempted to link President Trump to the Russians involving a conspiracy to undermine Hillary and give the presidency to Donald Trump. The democrats and the media have obsessed over this with child-like immaturity to put it mildly. They remind me of a child who wants a certain toy and will give his parents no rest until they buy it for him. Then when he gets it, he becomes so obsessed with it that he plays with nothing else and will not allow his playmates to share his new toy.

The democrats are much like that - they decided to own the Russian - Trump collusion scandal and were determined to prove Trump was guilty of an impeachable fine come hell or high-water and it did not make any difference that as time moved forward the evidence for such malfeasance died out.  As reassigned FBI agent, Peter Strzok, said in an email to his paramour, Lisa Page, in regard to the Trump-Russian scandal, "There is nothing there!  However, former FBI Director Comey, the Obama DOJ and Mueller paid no attention to Strzok, a very high level FBI intelligence officer and went full steam ahead in order to try to indict President Trump and remove him from office. The GOP memo, if proven factual (I understand there is much more to come) could very well end up with high level officials at both the FBI and DOJ going to prison. Of course as expected the democrats, the media, and named culprits in the memo are in FULL DENIAL there ever was a conspiracy to frame President Trump using a bogus dossier that was submitted to the FISA court via a deceptive application (The FISA court judges were not told much of the so-called evidence was strictly political and not independent intelligence gathering by the FBI and that is a criminal act).

Now here is something I haven't heard anyone talk about in regard to a motive as to why Christopher Steele, a British citizen, hates President Trump so much that he was willing to be bought-off to frame the President and keep him out of the White House. I mean why was this British spy INVOLVED in the American election of 2016? Why was it any of his business to try to destroy an American presidential candidate?  I think I have a possible reason.

Steele worked for M16 for two decades in various foreign assignments. What is interesting is that he was a field agent and head of M16's Russian desk in Moscow for 2 years in the 1990's. Then he was in Paris for four years and ended his career with M16 as an advisor to British Special Forces in Afghanistan. After retiring from British intelligence in 2009, he co-founded Orbis Business Intelligence, a London-based Intelligence consulting firm.  Their website promotes the firm as extensive experience at boardroom level in government, multilateral diplomacy and international business. 

Here is where it gets interesting from a hypothetical scenario (I have a brief background in military intelligence during the Vietnam era so have always been interested in intelligence formats). It is my opinion that Putin has played the United States like a fiddle. After reading Red Notice by William Browder (see Book Reviews in the left side bar), it was clear that Vladamir Putin, Russian President and former head of the KGB, knows what is going on in every knook and cranny not only in Russia, but around the world. He is very intelligent and is an expert at espionage and hiding his tracks.

Putin did not want Trump to win the presidency, but preferred Hillary?  Why?  He knows our military was greatly weakened under Obama - all branches, while at the same time he was beefing up the Russian military arsenal with many new high tech weapons - some of which the United States has little or no defense against. Putin knew a Donald Trump presidency would be a repeat of the Reagan ideology and would build back our military particularly our Navy (aircraft carriers) and modernize our nuclear inventory. Now let's suppose Putin was aware how much Steele hated Trump so he saw an opportunity to discredit Trump and prevent him from becoming president. I'm sticking my neck out here, but what if Putin offered Steele a sizable reward if he cooperated with Russia in framing Trump - here is where the dossier enters the picture. Putin is too smart to have done this in person, but would have sent some high-level officials with the FIS (foreign intelligence service) formerly the KGB to approach him. No doubt Steele having been an agent for British Intelligence and head of the Moscow office for M16, he knew several of the Russian FIS agents. Who knows maybe Steele is even a double agent?

The next hypothetical is where it sounds like a spy novel which is, Putin was willing to make it appear Russia interfered in America's elections to help Trump win in order to undermine Hillary when the opposite was true. He wanted Hillary to win and was pitting the democrats against the republicans by starting a smear Trump scandal believing the hostile political environment in the U.S. would eventually either stop Trump from being elected or end in impeachment and removal from office early in his first term. Therefore, Putin wins by his choice of the 45th American president - Hillary Clinton knowing America would remain weak as a military power under her presidency and not a match for the much improved Russian war machine. Putin wants to regain the hegemony and superpower status of the old Soviet Union, but a strong United States stands in his way.

All of the hype about the Mueller investigation and the GOP memo and I suppose a coming democratic memo is nothing but a distraction to prevent any ties back to Russia via the Steele dossier, the Hillary campaign and the DNC involvement as well as the FBI and DOJ.  Putin has also deceived and tricked James Comey and our whole intelligence community by having them chase the Trump-Russian scandal down a rabbit hole  - as to again quote Peter Strzok, "There is nothing there". Putin expertly covered his tracks and just stood back and watched the foolish Americans chew each other up. I imagine he goes to bed every night laughing his head off of how he pulled the wool over the American politicians and intel agencies!  

When all the dust settles in this Watergate-like scandal, perhaps some people will go to prison and President Trump will be absolved of any wrong doing. The democrats will lick their wounds like a sick dog and reform their ailing party. The GOP may trounce the Democrats in 2018 and Trump re-elected in 2020, but one thing is certain, Putin will never be indicted by the world court for creating a political fiasco in American politics and yes, he did interfere in the 2016 elections but not how we thought. 

May I reiterate, this is a hypothetical version of what may have happened, but I would suggest our intelligence services investigate Steele's ties to Russia and Vladamir Putin as I think there is real smoke there and where there is smoke there is fire!  The investigations to date have been a waste of time and money for they are looking in the wrong places.